10 Things I Love Sunday

Hello friends! I’m having a busy week and excited to travel to Palm Springs with my family this weekend. Then, next week my sister and I will be speaking at Alt Summit. I am very excited for our little getaway!

1. SO excited to watch Shrill.

2. My favorite household gadget.

3. Daily gratitude reminder—love this!

4. This photo editing tutorial is so good for anyone who wants better interior photos.

5. I’m loving the giant hair clip trend. These, these and these are too cute!

6. Currently reading The Handmaid’s Tale. I wasn’t planning to since I’ve seen the show, but when I found out about the sequel coming I knew I had to. It’s been really good, totally worth it even though I already know spoilers. I’m also obsessed with Margaret Atwood and wish I could meet her!

7. Love this Etsy shop for toddler hats. I know it’s awful, but I’m already mentally shopping for next fall. It’s my favorite season and I just can’t help it with Marigold on the way.

8. This glass set is the next thing on my wishlist.

9. My favorite IG account. Everyone who always says there are no cute little boys clothes should look at her account (sorry, I can’t help with that—haha).

10. How we’re surviving the post match wait (aka how I don’t cry all day, every day).

P.S. Find our matching sunnies here.

  • I’ve never left a comment here before. Used to read your blog all the time and am just getting back into it lately.

    I adore Margaret Atwood. She was in my town a few years back, and I was able to see her talk at the local university. She is an amazing woman, and basically my idol. I refused to talk to her in person though, because I believe you shouldn’t meet your idols (also, physically I don’t think I could have without making myself look foolish). If you ever get the chance, go to an event with her speaking. She is so eloquent and interesting. Her work is always so unique. I think it’s super fascinating to see someone weave science and religion and nature the way she does so often in her works.

    I find I have to slowly digest her more intense novels. For that reason I’m more of a fan of her short stories. Same with watching the Handmaid’s Tale, I don’t think you should binge watch it since it deals with such a raw subject matter. Super important topics to think about, but if you were to binge watch it, it may be a bit too much and could get you into a bad head space. (PS: Did you notice how she did cameos in both the Handmaid’s Tale and Alias Grace?)

    I’m rambling — I just adore Margaret Atwood so much. She’s probably my favourite author and such an inspiring woman. Bonus points for being from Canada too! She’s a role model for sure. If my youngest child was a girl instead, I was considering giving a middle name of “Atwood” or something similar as a nod to her.

    I enjoy reading your blog by the way! Kudos for being able to stay at it for so many years!

  • Great post! That little label maker is so cool. Also, I loved your adoption post. That is so exciting, I am so happy for you guys. I hope you are having a lovely day.


  • Any tips on finding goodness spring topiaries like you have? I can’t seem to locate spring ones that are this size. Also, I may finally have to sign up for Hulu just for Shrill. ❤️

  • Margaret Atwood is also one of my favourite writers. I am currently reading the last book in the Oryx & Crake triology. Highly recommended 🙂

  • I just switched back to iPhone after a few years and I was so excited to get my abm back on my phone and restore all my purchased content. However I see it’s not available anymore, I can restore it from my purchased apps but the app won’t let me upload any pictures. Is there a way to fix this? ABM was my favorite app to edit all my photos.

  • I am making your hammock chair. Just cut it out. This thing looks huge. How WIDE was your canvas? Mine is 72. I’m thinking yours was narrower. I probably need to cut more off the sides.

    • Try messaging Rachel on IG. I wish I could help, but you need to speak with the person who wrote the post. 🙂 XX!

  • would you guys consider doing a spring bucket list? I can make one on my list but it won’t be nearly as fun 🙂

  • This is such a cute picture, Elsie! I love the matching sunnies! 🙂 Hope you have a lovely Sunday ????

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