10 things i love Sundays [Father’s Day Edition!!!]

ello loves.

first of all i’d like to share 10 things i love because they remind me of my dad:

Dad Dad21. The Simpsons.


it’s soooo cute. i’ve been looking for cool Simpson’s t-shirts from the early 90s, lately. love them.

2. vegetable gardens… my dad keeps an awesome garden in the summertime. he’s had it since i was a baby and the fresh vegetables are so great!


3. oooh & orchids. he has an amazing little orchid collection as well.


4. vinyl.

(cute illustration found here.)

my dad has the most beautiful vinyl collection. makes us all happy & maybe a little bit jealous.

5. frech toast.

beause my dad makes it better than anyone in the world.

(adorable magnet here )

6. Jurassic Park.

my favorite movie of my childhood & also a really happy memory of time spent with my dad. 😀

7. coffee from el gas station.

ok, so i don’t really love it. but i love it that my dad loves it. right? right.

8. songs that my dad used to sing…

the beatles or cat stevens.

when i hear certain songs… it’s like magic.

my dad is a guitar player & so talented!

9. star trek.

like the old ones. he loved them and they make me happy. 😀

10. quotes… everything he says makes amazing quotes.

“it’s not my gig”…”Nexxxxxxxxxt”…

awe… we have a whole list of favorites. in fact, it never ends.

I LOVE YOU, dad.

and a few photos from our trip to KC yesterday….

the wedding was b-eautiful. we had the best bubble tea ever.

IMG_8213 Boba-small (from Tea Drops. loveeee it.)


played with wedding bubbles…

Bubbles Mostcutestcoupleevers took lots of photos (mostly Holgas… can’t wait to develop!)

Jeremy-redshoes and shopped for cute clothes (%100 for the Mr. because i already have enough clothes for all 9 of my cat lives… like seriously.) plus, i love shopping for boy clothes! look at the new glasses that i talked him into here.

<3 you….this week is going to be magical. Let’s make it an amazing one!! Elsie

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