10 Tutorials That Will Get You in the Mood to Sew!

Fabric Planter DIY (click through for tutorial)Maybe you’ve got the sewing bug too? Either way I thought it could be fun to showcase some really great sewing tutorials we’ve shared here on the blog over the years. First up are these super cute fabric planters!

Felt palm leaf pillow DIY (click through for tutorial) Or this adorable felt palm leaf throw pillow.

Square apronsAnyone could make these square aprons, there’s even a no-sew version too.

Make your own mermaid doll! (click through for downloadable pattern) Here’s a cute kiddo gift project – handmade mermaid plushes! There’s a downloadable pattern with this tutorial as well.

Magnetic ironing matIf you’re looking to make something practical, try making your own magnetic ironing board – perfect for any size laundry room.

Pin cushionsI love these little cactus pin cushions Laura made – such a fun touch for your sewing space.

OMG! I want one! Emoji clutch DIY (click through for tutorial) Wanna learn to make your own Emoji clutch?!?!?

PillowsAnd if you’re planning to spruce up your outdoor space this summer, why not learn to make your own outdoor pillows.

SkirtGet ready for a fancy date night with this tutorial to make your own tulle circle skirt.

Update a chairAnd if you consider yourself a moderate to advanced level sewer, then challenge yourself to reupholster or makeover a piece of furniture this season – love Laura’s chair update found here.

We have LOTS more (totally free) sewing ideas and tutorials in our archives – get inspired to make something soon! xoxoxoxo. Emma

  • these are so great! I love the palm leaf pillow <3

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  • I love These All Hairstyles
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    Thank You <3

  • Okay, I totally need to make that apron. I’ve been wanting one for so long so I may as well make my own!

    Lisa Favre

  • I love the skirt! It looks quite simple and the results are so impressive! Definitely I will try!

  • I wouldn’t have thought of the cactus pin cushions! That makes sense, when you think of it… Actually really funny, at least I wouldn’t hurt myself! XOXO, Clem


  • I feel so inspired now !!! Thanks ! x


  • Love love love all of these! Especially the pin cushions, definitely makes me want to whip out the sewing machine! 🙂

  • The emoji clutch is so cute! I will sure be making one


  • I especially love the pin cushion. Thanks for sharing http://www.hannamarielei.com

  • so many things to do <3


  • Thanks! These are so, so cute. It’s on my bucket list to get into my sewing machine, but I’ve only made it as far as setting it up in my craft room. Maybe I’ll get some fabric and go for one of these!
    Likely By Sea

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