10 Ways to Make a Garland


I love pretty garlands and buntings! They are a great way to decorate for a party or spruce up your home with a little seasonal magic. I've gathered up my top ten favorite ways to make garlands in this post… enjoy!



Here are a few details about these pretty garlands… 1. Tied Fabric Strips. This is as simple as cutting long strips of scrap fabric and knotting them on a piece of yarn or twine. Try mixing interesting patterns or building a pretty seasonal color palette. 2. Paper Flags. I love picking out colored cardstock in special color stories. For this garland, simply cut flags (triangles) and punch two holes to string them up! 3. Yarn Pom Poms. I love pom poms and they make a very sweet garland. Learn to make one below. 4. Scrap Fabric Bows. Tie simple bows to yarn or twine to create this special garland. I love this garland with cute mixed patterned fabrics. 5. Vintage Wallpaper Flags. Cut flags from a vintage wallpaper. Mix two patterns for an even prettier effect! 6. Folded Doilies. This is simple, just fold doilies and use glue dots to fasten then together for a bunting. We spray painted these paper doilies before using them. This is an easy way to make them work for any color scheme. 7. Paper Hearts. This garland is essentially the same as the paper flags, with a sweet shape! This garland is perfect for a wedding, anniversary or valentine party! 8. Tissue Pom Poms. These are so pretty, fluffy and easy to make. See how-to below. 9. Paper Half Circles. These are super pretty, clean and simple. This garland is perfect for most any occasion, including a boy birthday. Just choose a color story that's perfect for your party. We used staples to attach them to the string! 10. Fabric Tassels. Tassels of all types are such a big trend this year. We made these pretty cotton fabric tassels. I've made them in the past with tissue and raw silk, as well! ♥


Follow this simple photo tutorial to make a pretty yarn pom pom. We used this Pom Pom Maker by Clover.


To make a mini paper pom pom, or flower, follow this simple photo tutorial. It's really easy and this is the best method we've found for making mini pom poms with tissue paper. Note- about 10 layers of tissue are used here.


I hope you've gathered a few fun ideas for your next party or celebration! These simple garlands can be customized with seasonal colors and cute personal details, like words and family photos. xo. elsie

  • Very excited to try the tissue paper garland above my bed. I’ve been looking for some low cost, festive decorations!

  • I’ve been thinking of how to make bunting for a while. This is so great. Your ideas are very creative. Thanks for sharing.

  • Oh my gosh, these are adorable! I want to go pull out some supplies and start creating my own!

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  • Amazing! I am trying to add as much colour as I possibly can to our wedding and these are going to be so perfect! I had planned on doing pom-poms anyway, but the bows are just too cute! Love it!

    Thanks for such a great blog! 😀

  • Oh my goodness did you do all of those yourself? You have been having a busy weekend. I remember making pom poms at school… I think we wound wool around cut out carboard from cereal cartons! Happy days.

  • hmm, I’m not sure any of my comments posted? I wonder if they were too long? lol (I became rather enthusiastic 😛 )

  • now that I’m looking back at your tissue paper pom poms, that’s pretty much the way we did the flowers!

  • oh my! I just love pennant banners! I wanted my sis to have some at her recent wedding, but I found out that we have very differing tastes when it comes to decor *sigh* I had to back off on offering ideas, as it became a tad heated – guess I’m just going to have to renew my vows to my sweetie someday so I can do it the way I want to, lol.

    My daughter, Idelle, had a fab idea for tissue paper flowers though, and luckily my sis went for that, so lots of yellow and fuschia tissue paper flowers were made. 🙂 AND I did get my way with my daughter Amelia’s headpiece (she was the flower girl.) She got to wear the woodland fairy-esque crown that I bought for her (without sis’s permission, yikes!) Anyhow, I’ve gotten off the subject – I do love your pennants and decor ideas; I may steal some if I ever get to plan a wedding again!

  • Wonderful inspiration! I love the yarn pompoms! So sweet and easy to make. Thanks!

  • Can a person have too many garlands? I love that these are as simple as can be (or as complicated as I make them) but pack such a punch. Thanks for a great roundup.

  • Amazing! I’ll be putting some of these up this festive season! Such fab ideas.


  • Your blog is adorable! I love everything on it, I will for sure be a frequent visitor =)


  • i made the tissue pom poms for a party this weekend and they turned out so cute! thanks for sharing!!

  • I’ve been loving garlands for a while now, I think they would be a great way to add a little extra flair to my room 🙂 I had been thinking about making ones with either tassels, pom-poms or flags but there are so many other great ideas in here!!! I think it’s time to put my DIY hat on and make a pretty garland 😀

  • These are cute. I’ll be making some for the Christmas tree!

    I make pom poms using 2 disks of cardboard (re-usable).

  • hey so i feel a little silly asking this but how exactly do you make the tissue paper pom pom? mine looked like crap… boo 🙁

  • I just had to stop by to let you know how much I adore these garlands. So cute & chic!

  • Wonderful resource! I’m going to go all out with the garland for Christmas now.

  • I’m obsessed with this look. The vintage wallpaper is so simple, too!

    ~Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One

  • Those clover pompom makers are the biz! I’m making some pompom bunting for my market stall! I may have aimed a little high though, it’s taking me ages cos I want it so long! haha


  • Oooh! Thank you for this post! This will be so helpful for my graduation party! (I’m going for the DIY look. :D)

  • so adorable!! i’m obsessed with your blog. always with the creative ideas! 🙂



  • I am so in love with this. I have been saying all year that garland is so hot right now! I don’t know why, but I sure am glad. Thanks for the tutorials!


  • love these! wish i would have seen this post before purchasing a bunch just like these at urban.


  • If you don’t have a pom pom maker, here’s a video that shows you how to make poms with just cardboard and scissors. I like to call them “poofs,” btw. Also, love all these garland varieties! I think I’ll go through my scrap yarn and see what I can do!


  • Love this post! Thanks for the ideas Elsie!!! I used the doily idea and spray painted them with black stripes and made lil orange and yellow flags, the banner came out great for my halloween party tomorrow!!

    love love love! thanks again

  • I love your bunting, well your whole blog actually…I will definitely be pinching this idea to decorate my birthday tea party in a few weeks…thanks x

  • I need to show this posting to my mom.. It brought back soo many memories, My mom used to make pom pom for our night time slippers. She used to have cardboard pattern while creating the pom poms.

    I wanted to create a garland for my flea market booth.. Maybe scrap of fabric would be a great idea.

  • I absolutely adore this tutorial! I have a crazy obsession with garland and would love to be able to string it everywhere. Maybe if the bf decides we can host a halloween party this weekend, I can make some crazy cute garland for the festivities! 🙂

  • Thank you so much for your tutorials. You are so generous with your time! It is much, much, much appreciated.

  • I LOVE the bow garland idea, I think I’ll make a long string of it for my entryway. Lovely blog!

  • eep! Love this! I’ve really been wanting to brighten up my dorm room lately and I think some garland will really help give it a face lift! Thanks for all the wonderful suggestions! <3

  • Wow Elsie… You read my mind!!! I have been thinking about making some bunting for a while now.

    I’ll definitey be giving some of these a try.

    Much Love



  • Ahhh, I’m in love with these garlands! And they’re right on time for three reasons – 1)I’m looking for cute diy ideas for my upcoming wedding festivities, 2)the holidays, hello!! and 3)i want something fun and decorative for my upstairs loft space. I think I found it. Great post! xo


  • love this! I love how they look combined too, I would want to make all kinds of garlands for an event! /b


  • I love the bow idea, for somewhere around my little girl’s crib. Due in February and she’ll be in our room probably, but what a cute idea!

  • what you share are always very nice and lovable:) i love your posts very much


  • Defo guna try out the half circle ones 🙂

    everyone needs garlands in their life!

  • p.s.
    I’ve tried to copy and paste one of your icon on the sidebar of my blog but it doesn’t work. 🙁

  • Those are Super cute!

  • I just love your blog.

    I’d like to try a garland idea with paper cranes … Now I’ve just got to learn how to fold them, right?

    /Ladaisi Blog

  • oh my gosh, i loooove garlands of all kinds!
    Thanks for the cute post – you always make me wanna drop everything and create something cute! I’ll make a garland for my dorm next weekend 🙂

  • I love the tissue pom poms! But I am obsessed with pom poms at the moment!

  • I adore each and every one of these! How absolutely adorable. I think the bows are my favorite.

  • This was a great post! I will definitely be using these tips for upcoming parties.

  • I remember modcloth posted a really cute video a while back about making pom poms using the cardboard cutout method (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R6RmuUEkFSo)
    I didn’t even know that there was a device to use! That’s rad.
    Cute garlands, Elsie.

  • This is cute! You’ve given me some ideas on ways to make holiday garlands this year.

  • This is great! Thanks for sharing these ideas 🙂 I’m definitely going to Pin this!!

  • I’ve been eyeballing that pom pom maker…next Michaels coupon it will be mine! I wonder if anyone ever pays full price for anything there?
    Thanks for the fun ideas 🙂 A combo of these will look great on our patio. Paper hearts and stars maybe!

  • Perfect timing with this post, Elsie! Literally an hour ago I was thinking about making some garlands for Halloween but was feeling uninspired. You have moved me to do it!

  • and now the hard decision, which one of these pretties i’m going to try first 🙂 i want all

  • OMG…how super cute!!! GREAT tutorial:)

    Win a FAB frock from Shabby Apple!!

  • Oh I really really love these! I’ll have to make some for Halloween/Bonfire Night!

  • These garlands are all so cute Elsie! I especially love the bow garland of course. I am thinking of making one with sparkly fabrics… completely on trend and nice for the upcoming holidays 🙂

    Sparkles And Flare

  • Oh my god! This is just great! Thank you for this super tutorial! Great way to put smashin colors in the house with what we can find in the “project bin”!

    Love your blog and your e-course!

  • I love ur blog! Everything here is so cute 🙂 I like very much make my own things as well, I will come around here…

  • I love these!!!! I am so going to be making some of these for the house, and my girls rooms!! Too cute! Thanks Elsie 🙂


  • How adorable! I wanted to pick a fav but it was impossible (the bows are classic but look at all the others!)



  • God, this is just so great! I love garlands and they are so necessary at parties 🙂


  • This is so cute and fun!
    Elsie, you really are the greatest: I didn’t know how to decorate my apartment for our family housewarming and now I do! This is going to be SO much fun!!!
    Thank you so much!

  • those are so cute! the first two are my favourites…


  • Everything looks lovely! Gotta try out some of those ideas soon 🙂


  • elsie and team i may be in love with you all. this week im going to make my house look like fairy land. <3


  • These are all so cute!
    I have to try the ones with the bows and the hearts, maybe even a combination of both of them.

    I love your creativity and that you’re sharing all your lovely ideas!


  • Oh these are so sweet! Every single style of garland is so pretty. You just can’t go wrong with them, can you? Thanks for not only one, but ten different ways of making them. May try a couple tonight, will probably start with the folded dollies 🙂

    Aoife x


  • I will definitly make one of the bow garlands for my upcoming birthday in december, thanks alot! Loving the little tutorials 🙂 xx Min


  • These would be super cute on a christmas tree or above a fire place. I started making the pom pom one this morning. Thanks for the tutorial 🙂

  • my honest answer, yes kinsey and i made all of these ourselves. 🙂

    thanks for the kind words! i’m so happy you guys are going to make some too!

    XO. elsie

  • Oh my goodness did you do all of those yourself? You have been having a busy weekend. I remember making pom poms at school… I think we wound wool around cut out carboard from cereal cartons! Happy days.

  • oh goodness gracious. cuteness abounds. definitely making some of these today!

    xoxo Lizzy


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