10 Super Healthy Recipes

With the new year and resolutions in full swing we have noticed that it's a lot busier at the gym and in the produce section of the grocery store (yay!). We love that this time of year encourages fresh starts and healthy habits! Even if you don't have any health-related resolutions, working more fresh food into your diet is always a plus! Here are ten of our favorite healthy recipes… 10 Healthy Recipes (via A Beautiful Mess) #11. Salads! There are so many different ways to make a delicious salad. We've shared a few of our favorites here, here and here

10 Healthy Recipes (via A Beautiful Mess) #22. Baked fruit is a great alternative to pie! You can cut out a lot of sugar, while still enjoying something sweet and delicious. I love this baked apple recipe even more than pie. 

10 Healthy Recipes (via A Beautiful Mess) #33. Brussels Sprout Chips are a great light snack. They are perfect for a crunchy/salty craving! 

10 Healthy Recipes (via A Beautiful Mess) #44. Have you tried making apple chips at home? They are delicious. 

10 Healthy Recipes (via A Beautiful Mess) #55. If you love pickles you will love this recipe. So yummy! 

10 Healthy Recipes (via A Beautiful Mess) #66. This sushi salad recipe is one of my favorites. It's spicy and delicious. 

10 Healthy Recipes (via A Beautiful Mess) #77. This citrus salad is beautiful and refreshing. 

10 Healthy Recipes (via A Beautiful Mess) #88. Have you tried a green smoothie challenge? We've both had great experiences. It's perfect for people who don't like to eat dark greens otherwise. (cough-cough, my husband)

10 Healthy Recipes (via A Beautiful Mess) #99. Oatmeal is a delicious healthy breakfast choice. Have you read our Homemade Oatmeal 9 Ways? Spoiler: peanut butter and jelly was my favorite. 

10 Healthy Recipes (via A Beautiful Mess) #1010. Mustard Baked Brussels… so good. 

Bonus time- 

Infused Waters- a great way to encourage drinking more water!If you aren't a big fan of water try these easy infused waters. I always keep mint in my fridge for days when I'm not in the mood for water! 

Healthy Juice InspirationIf you have a juicer, try some of my favorite combinations! I'm craving that green juice right now. 

Mojito- a healthy cocktail choice!If you love cocktails, but are trying to cut down on sugar, try my mojito recipe. It's still sweet, but much lighter than many sugary drinks. As a rule of thumb, any cocktail made with a base of club soda instead of sprite or gingerale is a better choice when you are trying to limit sugar. 🙂 This is a good one too.

What are your favorite healthy recipes? Feel free to share links in the comments for us to check out! xo. Elsie

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  • I love this! I have some brussel sprouts in my fridge, I’ll try your recipes tonight for dinner! 🙂

  • I was so happy to come across this list! The sushi salad looks amazing! I am quite health conscious and always looking for new ways to drop some weight. I have quite a few friends who are gluten intolerant and have opened my eyes to the world of gluten free cooking and I am always looking for new recipes! I would highly recommend the website http://www.ninacucina.com/. I recently purchased her book, Nina Cucina: Your Healthy Gourmet and I have become addicted to gluten free recipes! I am not a great cook but I found this book (and website) so informative and so easy to follow. For every single recipe the author, Nina Pucillo, gives the nutritional value of each dish and step-by-step instructions on how to prepare the dish. All of the dishes featured in the book are totally gluten-free and Nina has included many recipes that are dairy-free too! Thanks for sharing! I hope my suggestion helps too! 🙂

  • thanks for this, I’m going to try the apples this weekend. So easy even a guy could do it!

  • Love this! I’ve been starting to eat healthier so I’m definitely going to bookmark this!



  • wow…..

    great ideas for heathy cooking recipe…. I appreciate for you…please continue give tips in future…

  • All of those recipes look delicious! Thank you for sharing, I will have to try some of them out 🙂

  • Thanks for these recipes, I love brussel sprouts and the mustard bake looks amazing.

  • Awesome! Thank you for reposting the smoothie challenge as I almost missed these awesome recipes. These will definitely be a nice way for my hubby to get his daily vege serving. Thanks much!

  • Hi Elsie and Emma 🙂 I just made your delicious sushi salad and I loved it <3 Would you mind if I make a blog post about it on my blog? I will of course put a link to your original blog post and use my own pictures. Please let me know 🙂


  • Amazing suggestions! Thanks, ladies! I’ll be referring to these for months to come.

  • This post makes me so ready for summer. I need to expand my garden this summer cause I plan on juicing a lot.


  • I just had to pin that sushi salad…I completely forgot I wanted to try that! Thanks for sharing again!!!


  • wow ! love all these ! i tried the mustard brussel sprouts and they were amazing! will try the smoothie next.
    thank you !!!

  • These are some fantastic ideas and I cant wait to try them! x


  • The first time I tried brussel sprout chips were when my cousin’s fiance made them. Amazing taste, and liked my veggies ever since 🙂

  • The first salad looks so delicious! I’m not totally convinced by the green juice, but maybe I’ll try it someday.

  • we tried the mustard brussels for xmas and they were AMAZING. the bitterness of the sprout totally vanished! yum <3

    i’ll probably try the green smoothie next :3

  • Definitely want to eat more salads this year, and those all look so yummy! Also, infused waters – YUM! My personal favorite healthy treats right now: yogurt and fruit and hummus and veggies (homemade of course). <33

    Stephanie May*


  • the first one is one of my favourites! tomatoessss mmmmm


  • I love the brussels sprouts recipe! One of my favorite healthy meals is brussels sprouts sautéed in a bit of olive oil with salt and black pepper. It never occurred to me to bake them. I am definitely trying this out tomorrow!

    I only wonder if I could pack it for lunch without them being crushed? Hmm…I guess we’ll see!

  • Baked fruit looks SO good! And I wish I had a blender at university so I could make some of those yummy smoothies!


  • How did I miss the oatmeal post? I’m definitely going to be trying some of those!


  • The crispy baked Brussel sprouts would be a great addition to a salad!

  • Everything on you list sounds delicious. I recently saw a nutritionist and she highly recommended oatmeal for breakfast, so I’ll get right down to trying your recipe.

    I’ve heard so much about the wonder grain Quinoa, so I developed a recipe for a salad using it, that is just delicious (if I do say so myself :)! My husband is usually the cook in our home, but he regularly asks me to whip up this salad.

    And since we’ve been graciously invited to link-up our recipes, here it is ….


  • This is one of my favourites for a healthy snack that takes less than 10 minutes to prepare!



  • I love this! I’ve been needing a change up in my healthy eating plan!


  • I’m going to try out the dijon mustard brussel sprouts tonight, thanks!!



  • I made some apple chips not too long ago (http://rainbowsandtress.blogspot.com/2013/01/apple-chips.html)
    I agree they are delicious, and very simple to prepare!


  • Those healthy recipes are amazing!
    I truly loved every single idea of it and definitely want to try them all!!


  • I LOVE apple chips! Such a healthy alternative when I just need something to snack on 🙂


  • Oh thanks, I’m searching for some healthy recipes in the moment and those are perfect!

  • Yum!! Really want to try the apple chips, and juicing although without a juicer, not sure if it will work?!

  • Um, mustard baked brussel sprouts?! Trying that for sure…sounds delish.

  • Looks lush! Would love to have the dedication to start 2013 on a salad diet but I can’t resist a bit of grease!
    Check out my blog! http://ordinarybeginnings.wordpress.com

  • MMM, I will be coming back to this post again this week when making my shopping list. I will be doing a 3 day juicing detox this week. It will be my first time juicing. Thanks for sharing such great healthy food ideas.

  • Oh, I am SO looking forward to making and eating that sushi salad!
    Thanks for sharing!

  • Great choices! I really love your oatmeal post.

  • What a nice post 🙂 I have recently tried making apple chips to shut up my sweet tooth and they are AMAZING! <3

  • All are great and I love healthy recipes. All looks great. Have a nice day.


  • These all look amazing! I want to cook more in 2013, this post is a great starting point.
    Katie xx

  • Yum! Considering that my goals are more ‘to cook’ than anything else, having this list of great healthy recipes is so nice!


  • Haha, I love this, but I wouldn’t consider peanutbutter and jelly especially healthy 😉 But then again, I’m from Sweden, and our prejudice about ourselves is that we are a rather health-conciuos bunch…

  • Those baked apples are a brilliant idea, I wonder if they’d help curb my apple crumble cravings? Love your blog!


  • I’ve wanted to try the sushi salad since you posted it! It looks so good 🙂 and infused water? genius!

    x missdottidee.blogspot.com

  • Wow, what lovely ruscit colors! Love it!

    From JetsetBabe


  • Great post! I love all the recipes on here but it’s fab to see little collections of them like this 🙂 Really want to try the brussle sprouts recipe soon!

  • I’m vegetarian and eat a lot of salads just because they’re easy to make, it’s always good to have options!

    Thank you!



  • Yes! 🙂 A lot healthy recipes. I’d like to try all of them, but especially the infused waters.

  • great post! i was going to give the smoothie challenge a go and been re-reading your smoothie challenge!


  • so many awesome ideas.
    totally trying your lower sugar mojito-my fave drink!

    happy sunday!

  • Fantastic, I always eat healthy but its great to try new recipes. I am going to have to try the sushi salad this week!

  • I should try to do my mojito myself, with a lot of sugarcane & lemon 😉

  • My favourite has to be fruit salad, in the summer when cherries, strawberries, watermelon are around, cheap and ripe. There’s nothing better!

  • Hi elsie. I have been reading your blog for years and love every post you write! It’s good that you have so many healthy recipes that are delicious too. I recently did a post on my blog about new years resolutions, and there is also one about creating a bucket list. I’d love for you to read it! bye xoxo

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