100 Activities To Do With Kids!

I know, I know, we are all racking our brains trying to figure out what to do to keep our kids happy and occupied these days (without going crazy ourselves). So between ourselves and asking you guys on Instagram for your best ideas, we thought we’d come up with a huge looong list of things to do to help keep you and your little ones busy over the upcoming weeks/months! Here we go!

1. Make rainbow rice for sensory play.

2. Create a play castle with all those shipping boxes you’re probably getting.

3. Make some gummy bears!

4. Call friends/family on video chat.

5. Print out some cute paper dolls to play with.

6. Have a dance party.

7. Create sensory bins with some plastic tubs or bowls.

8. Make a fabric memory game.

9. Lion pancakes anyone?

10. Have a movie night with popcorn.

11. Use a shipping box to make a garden.

12. Throw a birthday party for a pet or stuffed animal.

13. Tape shipping boxes together to make a long tunnel to crawl through.

14. Go indoor fishing with a DIY fabric fishing game.

15. Start a music jar.

16. Make an orange/mandarin into a bunny for a snack time craft.

17. Make a mermaid doll.

18. Sleep in sleeping bags and have a campout in the living room with oven-made s’mores! Or have an outdoor one in your yard if you can …

19. Make some woodland creature masks. 

20. Welcome a new stuffed animal pet into your family (you can stretch this one out for days).

21. Bake cookies. 

22. Go for a walk.

23. Draw with sidewalk chalk outside.

24. Play restaurant and call your kid to order some food (use a play kitchen or real pots and pans to make the pretend orders).

25. Do puzzles. 

26. Go on a nature scavenger hunt.

27. Make some playdough.

28. Do a “rainbow” scavenger hunt where you find one item of each rainbow color.

29. Make a race car track on the floor with removable tape.

30. Do some kids yoga (Cosmic Kids Yoga is our favorite!).

31. Build with Legos/Duplo.

32. Make some puppets for a puppet show.

33. Re-enact favorite book/movie scenes with their stuffed animals and toys.

34. Work on learning a new skill (master the alphabet, learn to ride a bike, count to 10).

35. Plant some seeds indoors for a window herb garden.

36. Get a blow up pool for outside!

37. Listen to kid’s audio books.

38. Paint a picture.

39. Have a fancy tea party.

40. Rotate their books and toys every week so it’s like they are getting new things to play with regularly.

41. Paint rocks and sticks from your walks.

42. Do a kid’s drawing class on Instagram Live with @wendymac.

43. Make cards for kid’s friends/family members they miss.

44. Make a homemade pizza.

45. Pick an activity from @busytoddler’s trove of ideas.

46. Watch a concert online.

47. Have them help with chores around the house (make it game so it’s fun for everyone).

48. Create with air-dry clay. 

49. Work on scissor skills with cutting sheets.

50. Play Crazy Eights or Go Fish (or whatever card game fits their age).

51. Make some jewelry (maybe mail a few to their friends!).

52. Make an indoor fort with blankets and pillows.

53. Put on a play with homemade costumes and props.

54. Sort Legos/beads/pom poms by color.

55. Make some slime.

56. Ride bikes.

57. Make a toilet paper roll craft.

58. Do indoor/outdoor plastic egg hunts (who said they have to end at Easter?).

59. Check out Studio DIY’s theme days for toddlers.

60. Let your kids trick or treat early.

61. Play balloon tennis.

62. Make paper flowers.

63. Create a wiggly worm.

64. Look through family photo books.

65. Fill out this decorate-a-face printable.

66. Have a pillow fight.

67. Read books.

68. Make snack time fun with critter crudités.

69. Go out in the rain and jump in puddles.

70. Write a short story and make a book with illustrations that go along with it.

71. Make an indoor lemonade stand and have your family be the customers.

72. Use your cardboard boxes to make a pet house for your family pet.

73. Play hide-and-go-seek.

74. Do a popsicle bath! It’s just a popsicle in the bathtub—super easy to clean off the stickiness when done!

75. Make a time capsule of this moment in life to open in 10 years.

76. Play catch (or teach kids to catch a ball).

77. Play hopscotch (chalk for outdoor and tape lines for indoor).

78. Make bubbles.

79. Have a tickle fight.

80. Dig in your yard.

81. Make your own ice cream.

82. Play a silly prank on someone in your house.

83. Set up an obstacle course and time each other to complete it.

84. Play “I spy with my little eye …”

85. Create a family crest or flag.

86. Have a picnic in your living room.

87. Do a water balloon fight outside.

88. Have paper airplane races.

89. Make felt animal masks.

90. Play a board game.

91. Sing free karaoke.

92. Play video games.

93. Make your own sprinkles.

94. Draw portraits of each other.

95. Play dress-up.

96. Make a family gratefulness journal.

97. Take a bubble bath with bath crayons.

98. Make a galaxy jar.

99. Make a baking soda and vinegar volcano.

100. Use the self-timer on your phone to take a family photo.

And here’s 10 Sreen-Free Ways to Keep Kids Busy as well! Phew! There you go! Obviously not every one of these may apply to your family situation, age ranges, or what supplies you can get your hands on, but hopefully it’s enough ideas to keep you going for a while! Share some of your favorites we may have missed below and do what you need to in order to stay sane! xo. Laura

Credits // Author and Photography: Laura Gummerman. Photo edited with A Color Story Desktop.
  • What a great list! We also make paper dice with animal movements on each face so kids learn about animal behaviors and stay active when they imitate the moves =)

  • This is just one day’s worth of activities, right? ; ) (#LockdownHumor)

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