12 Things to Do This Autumn

Autumn activitiesIt’s beginning to really feel like autumn and we could not be more excited! Every season we like to make a list filled with fun things or little traditions we want to do before the season passes us by. If you’re the same, here’s a few fun ideas to add to your list.

Crockpot mac and cheese1. Get out your crockpot!

I love cooking with my crockpot (sometimes called a slow cooker). It’s easy and the smell of a warm soup or whatever I’m making will fill up the whole house. Yum! One of my favorites: garlic macaroni and cheese.

Learn to weave2. Why not learn to weave?!

When the weather starts to cool down, I start to take on my indoor activities so I don’t spend every night watching TV or movies with nothing to show for it. Thinking about taking up weaving (which you could do while watching movies…best of both worlds?). We love Rachel’s series of tutorials that takes you from beginner to making large-size weavings.

Lunch salads3. Up your weekday lunch game.

This season is all about the treats like sugary lattes and yummy baked goods. So to balance all that out, I think a great goal would be to up my weekday lunch game to include all sorts of nutritious salads. We love Laura’s post about making all the salads you need for a week in one day.

Sew your own mittens4. Sew your own mittens!

This is a great way to upcycle a sweater you may have shrunk, and it could also make a great little homemade gift for a friend. Too cute!

Pie cookies5. Bake cookies. Duh.

It’s time to turn those ovens on now that the air conditioner is probably taking its winter break. Might we suggest pie crust cookies, sugar cookies, or you could try baking a skillet cookie.

Learn to croquet6. Learn to crochet.

This is another great activity for movie watching or when you have a long journey to visit family for the holidays (we’re talking plane, train or bus here—no driving and crocheting!). Holly has a series of tutorials to take you from the basics to making your own granny square blanket and everything in between. And it’s got videos—which makes it even easier to learn (plus it’s all free on our site!).

Vegetarian chili7. Make chili.

To me, chili is the perfect autumn food. As soon as the weather changes, I’m immediately in the mood to make a big pot of chili! If you’re the same and you like vegetarian chili, check out this recipe or these ones.

Sew an apron8. Sew something (maybe an apron?)

It can be really satisfying learning something new, or just making a project goal and watching it come to life. If you’re thinking about making some sewing goals for yourself this season, might we suggest: sewing your own apron (or gifting it to a friend), stitch your own tulle circle skirt, or make your own fabric hobo bag.

Sweet potato fries9. Bake something with sweet potatoes!

You could make these delicious fries or bake a pie, just get into this season’s flavors with whatever you enjoy!

Take up scrapbooking10. Get into scrapbooking!

Maybe you are a seasoned pro and you just want to make a goal to finish up your album(s) for the year. Or maybe you’ve never made much of an effort to print and save the photos from your life—now’s the time! We have tons of fun (and free) tutorials to help you get started, or if you’re looking for a set challenge, check out our scrapbooking based eCourses.

Soup11. Make some soup.

This one has got to go on the list! Warm, hearty, and often super healthy—be sure to make some soup this season. If you don’t know what to try first, check here.

Make a beanie12. Make your own stocking hat.

We practically live in these when the weather gets extra cold, or if we just don’t feel like doing our hair that day. 🙂 Learn to make your own from an old sweater, and don’t forget the pom pom!

Hope you all are as excited for this season as we are!!!!! xo. Emma + The ABM team

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