12 Weekend Activities to Try

12 Weekend ActivitiesGuys, it's almost the weekend. Yes! If you're thinking about making the most of your weekend, but you're not sure what to do first, here's a couple of suggestions that are sure to make your weekend A++.

Learn to crochetWhy not learn to crochet? You only need minimal supplies to get started, and with our easy step-by-step tutorials taught by Holly, you'll be making scarves and blankets in no time!

Finish a photo albumBeen meaning to finish a photo album or scrapbooking project? We love having books and books of printed photos in our homes, and it doesn't necessarily have to take a lot of time to make them. Check out this post about finishing an album, or you can see our Scrapbook Sunday series for a little inspiration to get you going this weekend. Go forth and print, my friends!

Make some soupIf it's chilly where you are, then dedicate your weekend to making a great soup! It's the best for a laid-back night spent watching movies under a blanket. Not sure what to make? Why not try roasted red pepper + tomato soup or homemade miso. You can see all of our (20+) soup recipes by clicking here

Organize your kitchen cabinetsGetting your space organized can be the best feeling in the world. Why not take some time this weekend to give a neglected corner of your home some TLC? You could try organizing your kitchen cabinets

Learn to weaveI don't know about you, but I can't think of a better way to spend a Saturday afternoon than learning to weave. You can follow along with our four part weaving series taught by Rachel to learn the basics, and then get creative to make some beautiful and unique weavings for your space. 

Bake some cookiesThe perfect weekend activity award goes to: baking cookies! Just the act of turning on my oven is enough to make me happy sometimes. :) Make a batch and then invite some friends over for a movie night. Not sure what to bake? Why not try pie crust cookies or sugar cookies. You can see all of our cookie recipes by clicking here

Plan lunches for all week!Looking to make a healthy choice this week (after eating all those cookies)? Did you know you can easily prep a whole week of delicious salads to take to the office or school? Oh yes, Laura shares a few tips and recipes for making your own salads in jars

Make jewelryGet creative with color and a few simple crafting supplies, and make some jewelry this weekend. You could make an art teacher necklace for yourself or a personalized phrase bracelet for a friend. Check out all of our jewelry making tutorials by clicking here

Educate yourselfIt's a great feeling to spend your weekend learning something new. Take time to educate yourself and set some new goals. If you've been wanting to improve your photography, check out our DSLR Basics course. If you've been thinking about starting a blog or improving on the one you already have going, you might consider looking into our Blog Life course. You can see all of our online educational resources by clicking here

Make cardsWant to make great use of your time? Why not spend a weekend afternoon making a few personalized cards for friends and loved ones. Here's some inspiration to get you started. 🙂

Organize your bathroom vanitySpend a couple hours organizing your bathroom vanity—make your morning routine feel that much more clean and fresh with an organized space. 

Try a 30 minute craft projectThe weekend is the perfect time to get crafty! Check out this list of 30 craft projects you can make in thirty minutes or less. Happy Weekend to you! – The ABM Team

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