15+ DIY Woven Wall Hangings, Rugs, and More!

If you’re looking for a new wall weaving to hang in your bedroom, a pillow to add to your sofa, or a cute rug to put in your kitchen, today we’re sharing over 15 cozy decor DIYs that you can make at home.

Elsie’s large-scale braided wall hanging and Emma’s faux weaving DIY are both easy options (and the kind of projects you can make while watching your favorite show).

What about a cute round woven pillow to add to your bed or sofa?

An area rug like this static lines woven rug DIY can help cover up bare wood or carpeted floors, and add dimension to any room.

Macrame wall hangings can be pricey (especially one with the addition of copper) but copper pipe wall hanging is simple to make and budget-friendly.

This chunky woven bath mat can be customized to match your bathroom decor (we love the option of adding two or more colors).

The easiest latch hook wall hanging you’ll ever make (it’s faux, but nobody will know!).

You could weave your own stockings to make holiday memories year after year.

Learn how to make a pretty weaving with wool roving. If you’re new to weaving, check out this post about weaving basics first.

Instead of searching for the perfect mat for your kitchen, make your own using Laura’s woven rag rug tutorial.

This giant fiber wall hanging is actually super easy to make, and it helps pass the time.

Listening to a podcast (shamelessly linking ours, haha) while you make a bunch of tassels doesn’t sound too bad!

Did you expect to see a woven leather bench DIY in this post? The woven leather on the top is incredible!

This textured wall weaving is multi-dimensional and uses cotton, wool yarn, and merino wool roving.

Rachel used a traditional basket weaving technique to make this woven jute mat.

This faux woven pillow is heavy on the texture (so pretty!) but only requires a few supplies (one being a glue gun), so it’s super easy to make.

Here’s another textured woven pillow DIY option that requires more of a skill set, but it reminds us of something from Anthropologie.

Looking for more DIY decor ideas for your home?

Happy making! xo, The ABM Team

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