15 DIY Projects That Will Convince You to (Finally!) Get a Jig Saw

15 DIY Projects That Will Convince You To (Finally!) Get A Jig Saw (click through to see all of them)OK, this is another edition of me begging and pleading with you fellow DIYers to get into the jig saw game. I know, I know, it has a motor and it makes a relatively loud noise, so you’re convinced that it’s too terrifying or assume it’s too expensive to go near.

Well, I’m here to swear to you that you are wrong. First of all, you can get a jig saw for under $30.  That coffee phrase sweatshirt you just bought from Etsy cost almost double that, didn’t it?

Of course they range up to higher prices (like this one) for added speed, etc., but I’ve been using that inexpensive one for the last two years, and it’s gotten all the jobs done.

Second, I’ll agree with you for a moment and concur that it IS a little scary the first time you use one, but it literally took two cuts to realize that it’s pretty much just noisy and that’s really the scariest part about it. Trust me on that one.

Why on earth am I so adamant about you guys overcoming a jig saw fear you ask? Well, it’s simply because I have been thrilled with how much wider my DIY options have become since I learned to use one, and I want the same for you!

They are small and inexpensive compared to a larger power saw (and way less scary), can do curves and shapes instead of just straight lines, and there are so many things you can do with it.

To prove my point, I’ll show you 15 projects that you can make with the help of a handy dandy jig saw, and I think the projects will do the convincing for me.

First is this adorable mid-century plant stand that Mandi made. She’s been using a jig saw for longer than I have and was definitely part of the reason I wanted to learn to use one—I was totally jealous of all the things she was making with it!

15 DIY Projects That Will Convince You To (Finally!) Get A Jig Saw (click through to see all of them) This leather magazine rack is actually the first project that I learned to use the jig saw on. Our profesh builder, Josh, was on our team at the time, and he convinced me to give it a try. So we made this project together, and I’m so glad he talked me into it!

15 DIY Projects That Will Convince You To (Finally!) Get A Jig Saw (click through to see all of them) Now, Elsie’s dining room table DIY wasn’t made with a jig saw, but it could have been pretty easily. The whole thing is just a series of small straight cuts—perfect for a jig saw!

15 DIY Projects That Will Convince You To (Finally!) Get A Jig Saw (click through to see all of them) Not every project has to be on a large scale. I made these hanging planter boxes out of small wooden jewelry boxes, but I needed an easy way to cut the boxes in half. Jig saw to the rescue!

15 DIY Projects That Will Convince You To (Finally!) Get A Jig Saw (click through to see all of them) This wooden cutting board DIY is another great small project for a jig saw. And since a jig saw can do curves, you can do whatever shape you want!

15 DIY Projects That Will Convince You To (Finally!) Get A Jig Saw (click through to see all of them) This DIY metal edge marquee would have been completely impossible without a jig saw. But with one, I could make whatever phrase or font I wanted!

15 DIY Projects That Will Convince You To (Finally!) Get A Jig Saw (click through to see all of them) How cute is this mini horse bookshelf?? Whether you are making it for a kiddo’s room (or just one for yourself!), you’ll need a jigsaw to get the job done. And, I just realized that all you have to do is cut out a horn for the forehead and you’ve got yourself a unicorn shelf instead!

15 DIY Projects That Will Convince You To (Finally!) Get A Jig Saw (click through to see all of them) This jewelry storage mirror is another project that only needs a few small straight cuts to complete. I still absolutely LOVE this in my bedroom. So helpful for organizing everything!

15 DIY Projects That Will Convince You To (Finally!) Get A Jig Saw (click through to see all of them) This adorable house-shaped shelf can also be done with a jig saw and would look cute in any kitchen. You could also make it to store nail polish or makeup in a bathroom instead. Love it!

15 DIY Projects That Will Convince You To (Finally!) Get A Jig Saw (click through to see all of them) Using a jig saw to add trim to closet doors takes the custom look factor to a completely different planet. These doors are totally one of my favorite things in our house!

15 DIY Projects That Will Convince You To (Finally!) Get A Jig Saw (click through to see all of them) Using the jig saw’s ability to cut curves came in handy when I made this plant chandelier for our backyard a few summers ago. The plants grew to hang beautifully by the end of summer, and it was one of my favorite outdoor features for sure.

15 DIY Projects That Will Convince You To (Finally!) Get A Jig Saw (click through to see all of them) Give your speakers a clean look with these speaker covers (you can make them whatever size you need). It’s the perfect solution to blend unsightly electronics into your space.

15 DIY Projects That Will Convince You To (Finally!) Get A Jig Saw (click through to see all of them) OK, this is probably my favorite use for a jig saw at the moment—a Palm Springs kitty scratch house! For me, this alone is worth the jig saw investment.

15 DIY Projects That Will Convince You To (Finally!) Get A Jig Saw (click through to see all of them) Making your own custom shape is what a jig saw is all about, so this starburst ceiling medallion DIY is easily done with the right tool (spoiler alert: the right tool is a jig saw). Love it!

15 DIY Projects That Will Convince You To (Finally!) Get A Jig Saw (click through to see all of them) And just to remind you that a jig saw isn’t just useful for wood-related projects, I’ve included this hanging flower heart decoration.

Jig saws are also useful for cutting other types of material like dense foam or styrofoam (it can even cut sheet metal!). It took me only seconds to cut out this giant heart with the saw. I would have been hacking away at it forever with a hand saw or bread knife.

It is true that you can ask some home improvement places to make cuts for you (which will work in a pinch), but to be honest, since I have a jig saw, I usually do it myself so I can be in control of the cuts and make sure they are right (it really sucks to get home and find out they aren’t…).

A few other tips—sawhorses are really helpful to set your wood on when using a jig saw. (You can get foldable sawhorses that take up way less space.) I use them for lots of outdoor projects, so they are just generally handy to have.

Clamps also keep the wood secured to the sawhorse while you cut so it doesn’t wiggle around (again, you’ll find lots of other uses for those too). Make sure to use eye protection and the right blade for whatever you are cutting (buy a variety pack).

If you want a more general beginner’s guide to using a jig saw, watch this video to get started! Like I said, the DIY options really open up once you can use a saw that does straight and curved cuts easily—don’t be afraid!

So, what do you think? Did I convince you to give it a try? xo. Laura

  • I know a lot of women, especially, are afraid to use power tools, but they are my favorite things to receive as gifts! I would be lost without my miter saw, jigsaw, scroll saw, cut-off saw, etc. I just bought a reciprocating saw to work on a few projects on/in my walls (recessed niches and shelves).
    If you’re afraid of them, or afraid you’ll cut yourself (who really NEEDS 10 fingers?!), buy yourself a pair of Kevlar workgloves.
    I still wear mine occasionally, depending on the project. And ALWAYS wear safety glasses!
    I have done so many projects with power tools. I just framed a 4’x6′ painting to go over my fireplace. It would have cost a fortune to have it framed professionally. I have framed all of my bathroom mirrors. Just made a creche with a lot of cut-outs for my nativity set.
    Have fun, ladies!

  • Amazing! My wife and children love the creations! These are pretty cool ideas, but I think few of them are harder to do than the others, like the kitty scratch house one, but the rest of them are cool and easy to do.

  • I am on the fence about buying a new jig saw or getting new blades. Mine vibrates SO much and despite how many times I’ve used it, it’s still a little scary… and not that easy to control. Any idea why? I always clamp my wood down too.

  • 5 days ago, I decided to buy a jigsaw. I was 80% sure. But now, after seeing these awesome projects I am 110% sure. Thanks 🙂

  • Nice presentation, Jigsaw is really a nice tool to get lots of advantage in some projects but in some case I prefer reciprocating and miter saw.

  • Hello…a jigsaw is an awesome piece of tool but I would recommend you learn more about a reciprocating saw. Love this tool!!!

  • I love the leather magazine rack! I can’t believe you made that on your first jigsaw use since it looks so professionally-made! Very inspiring and creatively unique woodworking projects you’ve shared, Laura! Kudos and thanks for sharing this post!

  • Wow, these are awesome. My wife will love these, but I still prefer the raw power of my miter saw.

    Keep up the great work!

  • My husband bought me a jigsaw for Christmas and I love it. I got it to save time on my art creations but every time I pick it up I just want to spend all my time cutting things into shapes.

  • Great projects! Jigsaws are great for fine work, but for straight cut-offs I wouldn’t throw away my miter saw yet 😉

  • Heads up for any other Canadians out there, it isn’t quite so affordable for us: the cheapest I found at Home Depot was about $75. Amazon Canada has one for about $35, but then with $30 shipping it’s about the same. Sigh! (Still probably worth it, but a bit more of an investment.)

    Any Canadians find a better deal?

  • I bought a jigsaw to make my headboard. I had no idea what I was doing, but it was easy once I got used to the hand vibrations! The headboard is still one of my favorite DIYs, and it’s moved with me to three different houses.

  • Great projects. After investing in a jigsaw and doing a few projects myself I would also add invest in a work bench too, as the holes I put ontop of my esky will confirm, it definitely is a worthy investment

  • I love all these projects! I think you’re right I do need one!


  • I already have a jigsaw and it is my saving grace!! But I love the variety of adorable projects you show here to use it for!!!

  • These are some of my favorite projects! A jigsaw is number one on my wishlist right now, it would really up my craft game

  • Okay- you’ve convinced me. Those curved cuts look amazing. It seems totally intimidating, but the results speak for themselves! I’ve been wanting to make a curved bookshelf… I think I may have to get one of these!

  • Great post! I babe been thiiiiiiiis close to getting a jig saw since I moved into my apartment in November. I think tomorrow might be the day!

  • That looks cool but I don’t know if I’m gonna get a jigsaw yet….



  • Right there with you! After getting wood home that a (very nice) Home Depot employee didn’t cut *just right* I am totally on board to just start doing it myself!

  • I love all of the pieces you showed up here. I wish I had the time to make some of my own.


  • i am getting my sibling and I a jig saw for our birthday! Liking all of these projects!!
    Good job guys;)

  • Thanks for sharing! Hubby is just starting to get into woodworking and this will give him/me fun projects!

  • The most important accessory for you to purchase when you buy a jig saw are quality clamps. It’s good idea to have a pair. Clamping the piece of wood you are cutting to a stable surface makes it not only easier to work with, but infinitely more safe. Safety first! 🙂 And then get cutting!

  • Your enthusiasm is contagious!!! You’re an adorable genius Laura. That scratch pad is like next level awesome

  • so many great projects! wouldn’t know where to start =o)


  • i have a bad story bcuz of jig saw, never going to use it anymore. let other people do hehe


  • I love love love all thee setups involving plants. My boyfriend would definitely love the excuse to get a jigsaw haha. Thanks for sharing these awesome projects!

    toast the girl almighty

    • I would like to design my own wooden earrings. Can a jigsaw handle small projects like that?

      • Probably not, that would likely be too small for a jigsaw to be useful. I would check out a jewelry making store to see if they have some kind of wood carving tool that could better handle that size project.

  • I just use it outside in my driveway. Not too fancy but it works!

    Laura 🙂

  • That marquee sign alone has me convinced that in investment in a jig saw is probably a good idea, however I am still looking for a place to work with that thing!

  • My husband won’t letme get power tools because accordibg to him I’ll “cut my hand off” or “get myself killed”.

    I still might get one.

  • I don’t actually think I’m allowed to have a jigsaw in my dorm, but that hanging planter is tempting me to be a rebel <33

  • Oh thank you for reminding about that cutting board DIY! I’ve been on the hunt for a way to make a HUGE platter for charcuterie and cheese that runs the length of our dining table and makes a big statement. Off to the lumber yard!

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