150 New Additions to the #ABeautifulMess App!

Made with A beautiful Mess AppWe're super excited to share that today there is a new update available in the iTunes store with lots of fun additions for the A Beautiful Mess app. We've observed what users are really using the app on a daily basis and added some awesome new packs that will make sharing photos of the most special parts of life even easier! We had a lot of fun working on this update, and we are so happy it's finally time to share it with you! 

Here's what the update includes: 

9 new packs and 150 new items added to the app! We're adding a little texture to the new options available in the A Beautiful Mess App. 

• The Painted pack has 10 FREE new phrases that have a hand-painted texture

Oh you• There are also 4 new packs to help you chronicle the most exciting moments in your life:

Made with A beautiful Mess App  – Wedding Pack ($0.99)

Made with A beautiful Mess App      – Pregnancy Pack ($0.99)

Made with A beautiful Mess App       – First Year Pack ($0.99)

Made with A beautiful Mess App     – Travel Pack ($0.99)

• Four new backgrounds were added to the Essentials Pack (FREE)
• There are also 2 new backgrounds packs available:

Made with A beautiful Mess App Sunny Day Pack ($0.99)

Made with A beautiful Mess App   Breezy Day Pack ($0.99)

• Two speech bubble doodles with the hand-painted texture were added to the Essentials pack (FREE)
• There's a whole new FREE pack of Emoji Stamps, which offer a stamped texture take on all your favorite emojis!

Made with A beautiful Mess App    Free emojis in A Beautiful Mess AppSo fun! 

• Two new simple square borders have been added to the essentials pack (FREE)!

New free border in A Beautiful Mess appAndroid status update: 

Android users have probably noticed there hasn't been an update since the end of last year. You might assume that it's because it wasn't a profitable endeavor for us, so we chose not to update. However this isn't true at all. We had plans to continue to make investments in it (updates) to give it the best chance we could in the ever-changing app marketplace. 

We are unable to update the Android app for a reason that is beyond our control. The short version of the story is this: Google issues a unique file (keystore file) that it cannot replicate to app developers when creating new apps. Think of it like the key to get into/update your app. Our former Android developers lost this file when a hard drive failed because they did not back it up. 

As a result, we are locked out of updating our Android app permanently. Our only option would be to delete the existing app from Google Play and upload a new one, and that would mean all existing users would have to re-purchase the app and all their in-app purchases because there is no way to give all the current users a new free app. We've spent hours and hours going back and forth with Android developer support, but they just reiterated that was all we could do. So since we don't want to take anything away from our current Android users, we have chosen to leave the app as is and not delete it. It's the best we can do with a less-than-ideal set of options. 

So that's where we are today. We are devastated that this happened to our app! Sorry for the long story, but we wanted to be transparent on why we cannot update the Android App now or in the future. We care very much about our Android users and are sad that the potential of our Android app was cut short. We're filing that one under crazy biz stories for our memoir because what else can you do? 

Pregnancy pack in A Beautiful Mess AppThank you so much for your support! We are so incredibly thankful for those of you who use and love the A Beautiful Mess app! We hope these new features are very useful to you! xx- Elsie, Trey, and the ABM Team

P.S. For those of you who've already updated and might've had a little trouble getting purchases to go through, give it another shot. Apple was still processing the new packs when the update launched, but it should be all good now! If you have any questions, you can email us at support AT abeautifulmess DOT com.

Credits: All photos edited with A Beautiful Mess App. Photos by @AshleeGadd @SmileandWave @BuenoBrandi @LaTonyaYvette

  • I’m not able to use your mobile app due to needing the upgrade but I don’t see your app in the app store. can you help me with this?

    • Hi! I’m sorry, but we retired the original ABM app several years ago. We have a newer (free) app called A Design Kit that you might check out though!

  • Why has your ABM app stopped working? I have been very happily using this app for about 5 years!

    HELP – as of today – it said it wasn’t working with my apple iphone – I have now deleted the app from the phone and can no longer find it in the Apple store.

    • I’m sorry but we retired the original ABM app several years ago. We have a similar app called A Design Kit, though!

  • Hello,

    I paid for the Beautiful Mess Apps and was able to add so many cute doodles and words to my photos on my Android. All of a sudden the app was not pulling them up and I couldn’t use them anymore. It looks like the app changed? Can you please advise? I REALLY miss putting all of the cute doodles on my photos and hope you can help me!!

    Thank you!

    • I’m sorry! We stopped updating that the app several years ago. If you want to email us at support AT abeautifulmess DOT com, feel free! <3

  • Any update on the Android App status now that it is 2017?? Can we not download the old version, knowing we’ll never be able to update it? Can you not relaunch a new version now that so much time has past? You’d get a bunch of new users, as well as your old ones I reckon! Do it!!

  • Instead of a beautiful mess app update/repurchase for android, you should just make the Party Party app for android. 😉

  • This is my favourite blog and I love this app. I’m so sad that there wont be updates for android. Please, do new app and I will also repurchase it too. It so fun! I’m mum of 2months old boy and it made me sad when I so this updates arent for android users 🙁
    Greeting from Croatia!! 🙂

  • I just came up with a brilliant solution! Update from APTOIDE! It’s another android app store without so many restrictions and I’m pretty sure you would be able to use another file rather than the original one, not sure though but definitely worth looking up!!! Pleasepleaseplease I need this update i’m dying of love

  • This app looks amazing!! I would definitely want to purchase it, and I am also sad that you don’t have the updates for the android users! =(

    Is there any way you could offer the same app as a ‘new’ app complete with updates for the android with a slightly different name? That way you wouldn’t be closing the old app and taking it away from people, but you could have something to offer people who want to repurchase it and have all the updates?

    Just seems such a shame all these wonderful updates will be permanently unavailable to android users and that there is no hope for future updates as well!

  • What about croudfunding a new Android app. Call it ABM 2 and everybody who wishes CAN purchase the second one. Users that are happy with zero updates can keep the purchased one, and everybody else could get the new one.

  • I would pay twice as much gladly to have the updated app for Android. I use this all the time, every picture I post on my blog and social media gets the ABM treatment. Very disappointing that we don’t get the updates. I totally get it, not angry, will still use what I do have access to, but it’s still disappointing.

  • I definitely won’t purchase the old app as an android user knowing there can be no further updates. Not being able to offer any updates will soon make it obsolete to current users and to those who would normally have purchased it. It makes the most sense to scrap it now and lure us all in with this great update. Please please please?! haha

  • I completely agree with you. I read somewhere that 2/3 of people use Android phones.

  • I understand the issues that you’ve been having with the Android however, when I purchased my App it was with the understanding that there would be more updates available. I’m honestly really disappointed. Could you at least consider releasing the Party Party app on Android?

  • Me too! I would re-purchase the Android app if it means we can get updates. It’s only a few dollars for so much awesomeness.

  • I get that you guys are diehard Apple people, but have you even tried to use a Samsung product, like ever? Their new camera for the Samsung Note Galaxy 4 is extraordinary and superior to anything Apple has out but because it’s missing a fruit logo, it’s not as popular. Apple people are always so quick to be defensive (which is just how I’m sounding, I know) and saying how Androids are so complicated. If you can use a microwave, pretty sure you can turn on and off an Android phone. You guys cater to everything Apple and everyone on your site uses it. There’s no cute Android phone covers diys, or whatnot. We also had to wait months for the release of Abeautifulmess App (which I love) and now this. Just so sick of getting the brunt end of things when it comes to apps and what not.

  • Please do make the new app for android! I would totally re-purchase, I love the app and feel so left out 🙁 all the updates look awesome, I would not mind at all paying again for the basics and then new stuff!

  • That’s really disappointing that the android app isn’t available to update. I understand that the issue is related to losing files, however not to at least try and resolve the issue for your android users does make it seem as though you are choosing to keep it as a limited app due to profit reasons. As an android user who has purchased your app and most of the additional packs offered, it comes off like you’d rather keep a group of your followers out of experiencing the new creative features of your app than to do what you can to fix it by either sending android users who have already purchased the app a free version (google play tracks all the apps that have been purchased) or offering some type of discount on the new packs to Android users for having to repurchase the app. While I truly enjoy your blog and have been a follower for a number of years your actions disappointingly contradict your opening statement of not updating the android version of the app for profit reasons.

  • Lovely work as usual! And I might have to get into the apple business just so I can do more creative work on my phone…eep!

  • I would repurchase! I get so sad when I see the updates / packs that I cannot have! 🙁 I really want them! It would be worth it to repurchase.

  • I am so sad that I cannot have all these wonderful updates on my Android. 🙁 🙁 🙁 Soooo sad. I would repurchase! It would be worth it!

  • I am an android user as well and I would totally repurchase the app! No updates ever is a total bummer 🙁

  • I would definitely repurchase the app if it meant that I could get updates on my Android phone. I don’t have plans to switch to an iPhone ever. I hope you’ll reconsider your choices to exclude Android users. Surely you still have all the developer files that created the first app.

  • Yea I would totally repurchase, can you not make ABM2 app, so current can keep theirs I’d they choose not to repurchase new app?

  • Wow, this is super disappointing for android :/ I read the whole post excitedly (not ONCE reading “iPhone app”) and then got to android at the very end. It’s frustrating that we paid for the same thing and miss out on updates. That said, I would probably re-buy (it’s not THAT much money, of course), but only if it was clear we would be treated as first class citizens in the future! (PS – I’m a software developer – it’s pretty ridiculous that yours didn’t have a backup SOMEWHERE of their keystore file. I know this isn’t your fault, but I hope they’ll handle things better in the future if you continue to work this them. Not having any backups is a pretty major mistake!!)

  • You could rework the Android app, and for a limited time make the app and the original packages free (so people could download the things they had and not have to repay) and then begin charging again. I think a lot of Android users would honestly be willing to pay again to have more updates and new packages.

  • Is there anyway you could just offer a second app for android users “ABM 2.0”? So that people who didn’t want to repurchase wouldn’t have to, but those of us who would like the new features would have the option. Or perhaps send out an exclusive “free for one week” to subscribers to the newsletter subscribers maybe? It just seems like there has to be some way for the Android users to get in on the new fun!

  • I would repurchase. You could even offer the in app purchases free for a short period if you wanted to make up for all of us that had already purchased. Not blaming you at all, but it makes me sad that Android users get the short end of the stick all the time.

  • yooooo! These are great! I can’t wait to get my update! There has been so much progress on the app. Keep up the good work!

  • I would totally repurchase, too. I wonder if it can be done as a second, separate app, and leave the original for those that don’t want to repurchase?

    I was really excited about this update 🙁

  • That’s such a sweet and brilliant idea! You can gift the app .. Don’t know if you can buy it with the extra packs pre paid for but you can also send credit with it. Read the instructions here http://support.apple.com/en-gb/HT201783 or google iTunes app gift 🙂

  • Thanks for explaining what the deal is with the android app. I used the app during pregnancy and would have loved the first year pack but I’m sure it’s more frustrating for you than it is for us! Makes me appreciate more why there’s no party party for android.

    Love the look of all these updates though – maybe next year you could do a festive pack to come out in November that people could then use for December daily. 🙂

  • You should really consider releasing a 2.0 version of the app, let us decide if we want to repurchase or stick with the old all. Or release in the Amazon appstore so Android users can still update. While it’s not your fault that file was lost, there are multiple ways to keep Android users happy and updated while not forcing people to repurchase if they don’t want to.

    I am getting married next year and when I saw the wedding pack I was so excited, only to be let down when I read the final paragraphs.

  • Tanks for being so transparent about this. Maybe you could still upload another version of your app and leave it to the users wether they would be willing to purchase it again? At least that would give people a choice. 🙂

  • It didn’t cost that much, as a Android user I’d happily buy another one of you apps, time and time again. I love the features ^_^

  • Perhaps if Android users could email you with proof of purchase (like a screenshot from their Google Play acct or within the app itself to show what add-ons were purchased), you could issue out a coupon code for the ‘new’ ABM Android app.

  • Looks like you’ve added a bunch of fun! Love the pregnancy additions.


  • Seriously bummed about the android version. It’s a tease seeing all of the itunes app upgrades and not being able to use them on android devices. I would also repurchase if it meant getting updates. Perhaps the android version comes with a “free” pack that itunes customers are have to purchase to entice other android users to re-purchase the app?

  • These are all such fun additions..esp the emojis, so cute…


  • I’m assuming this comment is too little too late, but …
    — do your programmers carry Errors and Ommissions insurance? If so, this is the time to claim the costs of re-writing that code. If not, demand it going forward.
    — in the future you need to require that 1) you hold all encryption keys from all cloud providers, 2) you own all code and want it delivered to you at each go-live, and 3) you need an attorney who is cloud and development savvy

  • As and android user, I wouldn’t mind having to buy a new app in order to get the updates! I love using the app, but I do get jealous of all the extra stuff iphone users get!

  • woohoo, super exited, can’t wait to try them 🙂

  • OH NO, I’m actually heart broken about the status of the android app! I would put my vote in as well, I would definitely pay for another app to get the updates! I got so excited when I saw this post!

    I can’t believe they can’t reissue a code for you, or that your developers didn’t have a backup! Honestly I would probably sue them, HAHA, but you’re probably too nice for that. Awful. 🙁

    Don’t forget about us android users, haha, don’t give up! *insert please take my money meme here*

  • I would repurchase as well. Was really happy when I read about the update and then…

  • You could try emailing or bluetoothing them to yourself and then just saving them to your phone.

  • All of the bad news for Android users has been super disappointing. 🙁 I would honestly repurchase the app and all my in-app purchases if it meant I could have fun with the app like iPhone users do. I’ve barely touched it in the last few months because there’s nothing new to go back to. It’ll probably just end up being deleted if there’s nothing more to look forward to.

  • They look perfect! lovely typography! althoug this is so unfair for the android users! :/ its a pitty!

  • I’m in favor of deleting the android app and purchasing again. It’s not like a few bucks is a big deal. Maybe you could give one of the bonus packs for free with the new version. That way, those that would be upset at having to repurchase wouldn’t have anything to complain about…? Get on it ABM! 😉

  • What great additions! I love the doodles and the Breezy Day! Fun stuff!

  • i’m an android user (bought it the day it came out!) and i use it mostly for the multiple picture capabilities…. the square is my favorite! 😀 sorry to hear about the no-android-updates, though. why is android a butt?!

  • I WOULD TOTALLY PAY FOR A NEW APP! I recently switched to an android phone and would happily shell out a few bucks just so I can get the updates, and I don’t think most of your android using fans would mind either. Please consider it!

  • I actually checked with Google about exactly that, but for security reasons, they can’t allow access to communicate with all our users. We are still thinking about what the best solution could be. We’re just not sure yet.


  • Right now, with the way the app is built, it’s not quite a possibility. But a good workaround is to check out the collages. We have some collages specifically designed to frame up a single photo. Just be sure you turn the collage border width all the way down to zero to get the effect you’re looking for.



  • Ohhh too bad for Android 🙁
    Isn’t there a way to release a new app and offer old users a refund or coupon on your shop? Maybe people would be ok with it!

  • loove the app updates!

    Just a thought – why not put “a beautiful mess app 2.0” as a separate app in the google play store. Those of us that are happy to re-buy it (with upgrades) have the option to do that, and those who want to keep the current app can do so.

    Given the situation, I’m sure many android users would be happy to re-buy it! (I already bought it for my ipad as well, so I get to play with the updates, and they are so worth it!)

    I’m sure you’ve thought about this, but I just had to put it out there 🙂

  • Squee!!! Thank you so much, ABM team 🙂 Your guys’ apps are some of the best creative projects you have (so far).


  • I’d purchase the app again as well if they re did it. Got so excited, then was crushed, oh well! 🙂

  • Random question – is there a way to send this app to someone as a gift? I have a friend who is currently in labor and I would love to send her this app plus the baby package as a little surprise. Not even sure if this is feasible in the app world but thought I would check.

    Great work as always!!

  • If it’s something you’re open to, I think you might find an overwhelming consensus between us Android users that, while it sort of sucks, we’d be willing to repurchase the app and add-ons to be able to get updates. Anyone that doesn’t want to easily has the option of keeping the current app on their phone/tablet without the updates.

  • i am an android user and got the abm app since the first day of launch. i’ve been loving it since. so it’s really disappointing to hear that updates are not possible ever. i really dont mind paying for it, should you delete it and we need to re-download it. i’m not sure about the process and all, but maybe pre-load it with the latest updates and we’ll download it as a new app? so that we can enjoy the app with all the awesome new updates!

    it’s already quite sad that the party party app is still not available for us now (or in the near future) so i really hope we could enjoy the awesomeness from the updates on the abm app!

    but dont get my wrong, im not blaming you guys for not having an android version of the party party app. i’m a big supporter of ABM and i really hope to be able to use all of your products too!

    love all that you do!

  • These updates are wonderful! However as a LGBT user I was wondering if you had any “hers & hers” or “Mrs. & Mrs.”, etc. in the works for your phrase packs? My future wife & I both love your app! Thank you!

  • Yeah me too. It’s too bad we don’t even have an option. I’d totally repurchase the app if it meant I got updates EVER. Especially considering it’s one of my favorite apps!

  • I’m totally with Nell. I’m at the point with my use of the app that I would be totally ok with saying farewell to the $3 or $4 I’ve already invested into you guys a year ago and buying everything all over again to have these great upgrades. Take my $10, you can have it.

    Maybe you can have like a redemption code that you have out for a week to get the app for free but still pay for the upgrades? Sure it could hurt your sales initially, but they’re already hurt if you stop tapping into this market. (If your developers were dumb enough to not back up a client’s file and make this huge of an error, I really hope you guys pushed for compensation for this. And by compensation I mean every last penny you paid them.)

    Again, it’s like Nell said, it’s a dollar for the app. To your fans and app-lovers, it’s a drop in the bucket and we would all much rather support you guys and your business ventures because you’re all super awesome. I really hope you guys reconsider leaving Android users out in future updates of this app.

  • Hi Jessica! That’s not a stupid question at all! We just email them to ourselves so we can save them on our phone and then edit them with the app. 🙂 -Jacki

  • Stupid question but your pictures look better than pictures taken on a phone, is there a way to use the app for photos not saved on your phone but are saved on your computer?

  • As an Android user I wouldn’t be opposed to re-purchasing the app if you deleted it and re-instated it into google play. It’d be worth it to support your business and to be up to date with the cute updates in the app (plus it’s only like a dollar). It’s disappointing to know that we’ll never be able to have the updates the IOS users will have >insert crying emoji< Just my two cents 🙂 xoxo

  • oh, so disappointed about what happened with the Android app! Crushed. Can’t believe they didn’t back it up. Thanks for communicating about it, though– is it possible to offer a coupon code to previous purchasers, and do it that way? Iv’e bought some of the add-ons for the app in the past as well.

  • That really stinks for us Android users 🙁 I got so excited at first when I saw this post.

  • Omg such a cute app! I can’t wait to start jazzing up all of my pics. You guys have out-cuted yourself 😉


  • Yeiiii! Awesome!
    I loved all them! Thanks ABM 🙂


  • That bums me out! No android update permanently? EVER? 🙁 Might have to go back to Iphones in the future, since a lot of things dont get done for android. (not just you guys 🙂 Either way, congrats on the update! I look forward to using the new updated version and party party too when I get the chance.

  • I noticed it already this morning while using your app. Love the new additions! There is only one this left that would be awesome: if it were possible to add a background (really like the new ones!) and then add a picture on top of it, so the background is like a frame around the photo. But meanwhile, awesome app, awesome additions and awesome people!
    Love, Laetitia

  • Yes to new additions!! I love using your app to edit photos and add interesting embellishments to them – thank you for making a lot of them free! 🙂

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