16 (Non-Alcoholic) Drinks for Summer!

Chocolate malt milkshakeIt's summer. It's hot outside. To take our minds off the heat let's dream about all things refreshing and decadent. We've got sixteen delicious summer treats to remind you about. First up, an indulgent chocolate malt milkshake (made with our favorite local chocolate!). Green apple spinach smoothieWant something a little more healthy? Try a green apple and spinach smoothiePeanut butter honey milkshakeWhat about a peanut butter and honey milkshake? Yum!Infused watersA super easy and refreshing treat is infused water, here's three ideasRosemary lemonadeMix it up with this rosemary lemonadeRaspberry coconut smoothieWe love mixing  fun flavors—try this raspberry and coconut smoothieCake batter milkshakesWant something kid friendly? Try a cake batter milkshake!Iced coffeeEver thought about making ice coffee at home? Here's our favorite techniqueFlavored lemonadeNeed more lemonade ideas? Here's a few of our favorite flavors. 🙂Mocha chip milkshakeMake your own mocha chip frappePeanut butter hazelnut smoothieMake a peanut butter + hazelnut smoothie this weekend. Do it.  Pumpkin pie milkshakeHere's an oldie but a goodie: pumpkin pie milkshakeSweet teaI need to make this again soon! Try our honey and orange sweet tea. Triple berry smoothieIt's berry season! A great way to use those delicious berries is a triple berry smoothieFrozen hot chocolateImpress your friends and make them a frozen hot chocolate. Yum!Arnold palmer mix upJust need more tea in your life? We understand. 🙂 Try these fruity variations on the ever classic Arnold Palmer.

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