16 (Non-Alcoholic) Drinks for Summer!

Chocolate malt milkshakeIt's summer. It's hot outside. To take our minds off the heat let's dream about all things refreshing and decadent. We've got sixteen delicious summer treats to remind you about. First up, an indulgent chocolate malt milkshake (made with our favorite local chocolate!). Green apple spinach smoothieWant something a little more healthy? Try a green apple and spinach smoothiePeanut butter honey milkshakeWhat about a peanut butter and honey milkshake? Yum!Infused watersA super easy and refreshing treat is infused water, here's three ideasRosemary lemonadeMix it up with this rosemary lemonadeRaspberry coconut smoothieWe love mixing  fun flavors—try this raspberry and coconut smoothieCake batter milkshakesWant something kid friendly? Try a cake batter milkshake!Iced coffeeEver thought about making ice coffee at home? Here's our favorite techniqueFlavored lemonadeNeed more lemonade ideas? Here's a few of our favorite flavors. 🙂Mocha chip milkshakeMake your own mocha chip frappePeanut butter hazelnut smoothieMake a peanut butter + hazelnut smoothie this weekend. Do it.  Pumpkin pie milkshakeHere's an oldie but a goodie: pumpkin pie milkshakeSweet teaI need to make this again soon! Try our honey and orange sweet tea. Triple berry smoothieIt's berry season! A great way to use those delicious berries is a triple berry smoothieFrozen hot chocolateImpress your friends and make them a frozen hot chocolate. Yum!Arnold palmer mix upJust need more tea in your life? We understand. 🙂 Try these fruity variations on the ever classic Arnold Palmer.

  • Love these! I have saved some of these and can’t wait to try them!


  • Whoa- I want them all.

    Dana Ivy
    www.iadorewhatilove.com – Check out my blog!

  • Amazing! I’m pregnant this summer, and am running out of ideas for fun and festive drinks sans the booze. Thanks for posting these great concoctions!

  • So many great ones! This is also a wonderful summer mocktail! http://www.carolineskitchentable.com/2013/07/02/your-go-to-summer-mocktail/

  • I see the fruity lemonades and mocha chip frappe in my very near future! This is what I’m sipping on now: http://bit.ly/1416nZg

  • These drinks look so delicious I want to try all of them! I will definitely be making the infused water ones as they are so quick and easy! Next will be the Peanut butter and honey, and probably the cake batter milkshakes!


  • I’ve got a planter overflowing with rosemary that I’ll need to make some lemonade with. Thanks for sharing!

  • check out my frozen hot chocolate recipe on www.futurelawyergirl.com

  • That peanut butter and honey milkshake sounds SO incredible!

    xx Kait | ChickadeeSays | ChickadeeSays Bloglovin

  • Yum! There seriously isn’t one that I don’t want to try. Lately I’ve been adding mint & lemon to water, sometimes with a little sugar. But these look so delicious!
    xo kristen genevieve


  • From where I am, it’s been raining buckets for days. Summer’s 2 months gone… still I’d gladly whip up these drinks. Yum!


  • I love these round-up posts! Perfect inspiration for some Summer treats, and my mouth is watering just looking at these pictures!


  • raspberry & coconut!!! should be amazinggg


  • oh wow ! they all look super yummy! can’t pick my favourite one! thanks for sharing these! will definitely be trying them out! 🙂

  • These are great! I’m looking for some drink options to serve some mommas-to-be at my sister’s bridal shower coming up. Thank you!

  • Yum! These all look so tasty- I can’t wait to try the Rosemary Lemonade! x

  • I’m hosting a baby shower soon, so these are some really great ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  • I love fruit infused water — always a great refreshing choice for everyone! xo


  • Great ideas. The drinks look lovely and refreshing, great for the hot summer. Definitely will try making some of these great treats. Thanks for sharing.

    xo Zesi

  • Chocolate malt looks the best for me… Or the frozen hot chocolate… Or the cake one… Ok.. I LOVE them all!!
    Fancy following each other?

  • I’m very into smoothies lately, but the chocolate malt milkshake sounds to die for !

  • love the rosemary lemonade!! I’m always looking for things to make with all the rosemary i have growing in the back yard. thanks for the idea!!!

  • Yummi… shared it! It is 31 degrees hot here in Berlin and I could definitely need one of these now =)))

    Greets from Germany

    Karin from PeppiTheCat


  • Great post! All of them look yummy!


  • Amazing ! I always dream when i read about your cocktails, but baby’s on the way so no alcohol for me this summer. I have to try those ones ! Thank you.

  • The drinks all look amazing. Think my favourite is the malt chocolate drink.. can’t go past chocolate! xx

    Your Daily Break

  • I’d really love one of those peanut butter & honey smoothies right about now! Love all these recipes! 🙂

    Lulu xx


  • Those look great! I (almost) never drink alcohol and therefore appreciate those non-alcoholic, but still pretty drinks!

    greetings from Germany,


  • Hot choc is always a massive summer staple for cold nights 🙂

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  • Such a lovely thing to share! Only last week I’ve been trying to make my own lemonade. A first timer.. It made me happy as a child on Christmas morning. Since I’m working on my dissertation and we’re not used to a hot summer here in Belgium, some refreshments are most welcome. Thanks!

  • These look amazing!
    Can’t wait to try some of these 🙂

  • Thanks for putting all of these in one place!! I realllllly want to try that peanut butter honey milkshake. And the lemonade. And the mocha chip frappe.

    You girls are making me so thirsty!!

  • I always enjoy your mixed drinks, but this round up couldn’t have come at a better time as I am 10 weeks pregnant – which means no alcohol! I will definitely try some out 🙂

  • Everything looks awesome! I’ve been on a big peanut butter kick lately, so I’m all about that peanut butter milkshake!


  • thank you soooo much for posting some non-alcoholic beverages! as a nursing momma i appreciate having something fun to drink with out the alcohol!

  • Peanut butter and honey? Woah! I just have to try that. Thanks for the great summer drinks recipes.

  • I can’t wait to try some of these out! Delicious!


  • I am trying that peanut butter and honey milkshake ASAP! I bet it will be good with Almond Butter. Thanks for sharing!


  • Holy moly. A cake batter milkshake? Here’s hoping there’s no age cut-off for that one : )

  • I love all of these, and I’m so excited they’re all non-alcoholic (man, your alcoholic drinks look amazing, but I can’t try them since I’m pregnant. I guess I could always come up with a virgin version!). I am so going to try some of these this summer!

  • This is exactly what I need. I just want all of these in my tummy now! Thanks for including some non-drinker friendly concoctions. Have you ever considered including an alcoholic free recipe along with some of your cocktails?

  • Ahhh this list is awesome! I have to admit I’m not a big alcohol drinker so I usually just have to skip over your alcoholic beverage posts completely, but this list is perfect for me. Can’t wait to try that frozen hot chocolate!


  • I really want to try the peanut butter and honey milkshake, it looks so yummy! These are all great drinks for the summery weather 🙂


  • Chocolate malt milkshake.. oh my gosh… and a peanut butter honey milkshake?! you girls are going to make my waistline double.

  • So many great ideas here! I’ll definitely be trying quite a few of these!

  • That chocolate shake at the top looks delish!

    Carina xx

  • Bookmarking this! Only one month left of summer, making the most of it and hopefully these drinks will come in handy in the next few weeks!

  • Both PB drinks got me good. I want both. Like now. Yum!

  • These all look lovely, I might have to try my hand at making a few. Great post! x

  • All of your ideas look amazing and delicious, but I’m really curious to try the cake batter milkshake. I’ll bet my kids love them!!


  • Ah! All so perfect and yummy! Love when you do these posts, it puts all of the best in one spot. I can NOT wait to make some!

    Juliette Laura

  • Yum! Must try these. Just posted a blog post on unexpected cake flavors. This will be fun to experiment with, too!


  • Perfect! I was looking for something like that, Thanks 🙂


  • They all look so good! These pictures are making me so thirsty.. :p

  • Thank you for the drink ideas. I’m alcohol intolerant so anytime I can find some fun drinks, I always like to give them a try. These all look great!


  • Thanks for sharing! I can’t drink alcohol and it’s really nice to have some lovely drinks’ ideas!

  • That jug of fruity lemonade *drools* It kinda looks to pretty to drink! made some of that rosemary lemonade too last week, delicious!

    Turquoise Flamingo

  • Those cake batter milkshakes sound amazing! definitely need to try x


  • These all look lovely. I’ve personally been really into drinking iced teas mixed with juices this summer.

    Celina | The Celution

  • I love lemonades!
    Honey & orange sweet tea looks delicious. 🙂

    Pretty Gloss | beauty, makeup & a bit of life

  • The frozen hot chocolate looks delicious! And I really want to make some iced tea, yum!!

  • YOU, why do everything you make have to look so delicious. Thanks for gathering the non alcoholic drinks in one place, I’ll have to try ’em out 🙂

  • Devine…I think I especially like the infused water. I’ve been experimenting with different combinations all summer.


  • Awesome ideas, I feel refreshed just looking at them! And I do wanna impress my friends with frozen hot chocolate! I love hot drinks so much, but they kinda suck in summer. Thanks for cold versions to all my fav hotties!

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