2 DIY iPhone Cases!

DIY iPhone Covers! I love to rotate my iPhone case often. I have a small collection and I'm always on the hunt for more. This week I tried my hand at making some. For the base I orderd several clear cases for $2 each (thanks, Amazon!). Be sure to get the correct size case for whatever your phone model is. Then I tried a couple different methods for giving them a DIY makeover.Painting an iPhone cover with nail polishFor a simple, painted stripe design I used nail polish in pretty spring colors. Each stripe has between 1-3 coats of polish depending on the color. I used Triple Thick Glaze to seal it. I suppose you could use top coat polish too. This took me about 30 minutes and I love the resulting painterly stripes!Painted iPhone cover (psst- it's nail polish!)Fun, huh? I know I'll use this case a ton.Leather iPhone CoverI've had this idea in my head for a leather faces iPhone case for months! It was so simple to make, except for the camera hole- that was a little annoying. I used leather (faux leather would work just as well) and traced the phone case on the back of a piece. Then I cut the shape out with scissors and used an exacto knife to cut out the camera hole. Cutting the camera hole took a little more time than I thought, a thinner piece of leather would help it look cleaner. Then I cut out tiny triangles from the teal leather and adhered them to the top of the piece, trimming the edges after they were dry. Then I used super glue to affix the whole piece to the top of the case.DIY Geometric iPhone CoverI love the simple, textured look of this case. It's what's on my phone right now! 

Wohoo- DIY iPhone covers! so cute and easy to customize!Wohoo- DIY iPhone covers! so cute and easy to customize!I hope you get a chance to try something fun with your phone too. If you make your own case, leave us a link to the photos in the comment section—that always makes our day! xo. Elsie 

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