2 Super Simple Sangria Recipes

Sangria Recipe from A Beautiful MessIf you've never had Sangria before you are in for a treat. I adore wine but it can be so fun to add seasonal fruits (plus a sweetener). I love how Sangria can be super informal, like fruit punch. This beverage conjures up images of laid back beach days or casual back yard cook outs. Here are are two super simple variations of Sangria that anybody can make and enjoy!

Plum and Grape Red SangriaPlum and Grape Red Sangria, makes one large pitcher.

Needed: 2 bottles of red wine (any kind you prefer), 4 cups juice (I used pomegranate, but you could also use grape or blueberry), 4 sliced plums, 3-4 handfuls sliced grapes and a few cubes of watermelon.

Combine all ingredients in a pitcher. Serve with a little ice. Feel free to eat the fruit as you go, it gets better the longer it soaks!

White Raspberry and Citrus SangriaWhite Raspberry and Citrus Sangria, makes one large pitcher.

Needed: 2 bottles of white wine (any kind you prefer), 3 cups orange juice, 2 sliced oranges, 2-3 handfuls of white raspberries.

Combine all ingredients in a pitcher. Serve with a little ice. Feel free to eat the fruit as you go, it gets better the longer it soaks!

Sangria Recipe from A Beautiful Mess You can add any kinds of fresh fruits you have one hand, so feel free to experiment. Enjoy! Emma

  • sounds good!
    i work at a spanish restaurant where we make our own sangria, i absolutely love it!
    even the ‘special’ one, with a bit of 43 and spanish brandy is lovely!
    xo, cheyenne

  • Oh I love Sangria; reminds me of holidays so much! Great recipes and, as always, love the photos


  • I’ve been reading your posts all day and I am literally hungry with all the recipe posts! I love your blog and this Sangria post makes me want to mix up my own Sangria right now. It looks so refreshing! I’m definitely going to do this one of these days. ♥

    Renee J.

  • Mmmmm I LOVE SANGRIA!! Lol but I’ve never tried to make my own. I’m definitely going to try out both of these recipes one day!

  • 很棒的做法,我顺带翻译了一篇中文的制作方法,嘿嘿,thx~

    PS:i’m from china~


  • Love sangria, reminds me of my trips to spain.


  • I just love everything about you and your magazine! So inspiring!

  • I am actually making Sangria for my engagement party this weekend! SO refreshing and tasty. We are using peaches, raspberries, and cherries, some champagne, and a bit o brandy.


  • Thank you for your posting! I think your post is very helpful for me.

  • I fell in love with sangria during my summer abroad in Spain. So many good memories! I spike mine with brandy (peach brandy, for instance) since the fruit & juice & ice tone down the wine so much.

  • I love Sangria a lot but haven’t done it for ages now. We had very hot days lately so Sangria would be perfect, however, these days are gone now. At least for two weeks….

  • look so yummy…i had never ahd it before time to try something new

  • THANK YOU! Ever since last week’s Euro Cup Final and Spain winning it, my boyfriend & I have been craving Sangria. We ended up going to the market after the game and make our own Sangria with some white wine we have and mix them with strawberry lemonade & slices of strawberries and oranges. All we need is a pitcher, haha… I’m definitely bookmarking this page :)))

    xo, Rima

  • That red sangria looks to die for! I love red wine especially, and with plums it sounds amazing! I make my own sangria a few times each summer, so I’m definitely going to try this recipe 🙂

  • mmm, looks so good! and i luhhhh sangria. ah, memories. 🙂 thanks!

  • Never had white wine sangria before, but it looks so delicious I’m gonna try it for sure!

  • sangría recipe has wine, juice, fruits, sugar, brandy and cinnamon… some people change brandy for rum, others with triple sec. you can also add some orange or lemon soda to the mix.
    it has to be very cold so it’s important to keep it in the fridge for an hour (minimum) before serving, then you don’t have to put that much ice cause it takes the flavor away.
    with cava (spanish champagne) is also delicious 😉

  • I just came back from Spain where they have THE greatest Sangria drinks in the whole world. Back in rainy Holland I sure want to keep this feeling so thank you so much for this post!


  • Sangria is such FUN during the warm weather months! These look delicious!

  • The red wine version looks right up our alley! We will definitely give it a shot {once we’re done with our diet that is!}


  • I love sangria and these pitchers look delish! Gotta make a batch!

  • These look delicious, Sangria always reminds me of holidays in the sun so it’s the perfect summer drink!
    Faye x

  • Hmmm, I think I’ll soon try sangria for the very first time, thanks to this inspiring post. 🙂

  • Ohmygod, I LOVE SANRGIA, it reminds me of my holidays in Spain. I really want to make one now that I read your post! I prefer the red version though 🙂

  • That sounds sooooo good. I’m going to try it today. Thanks for this idea.

  • Sounds great, unfortunatly the weather out here isn’t really sangria worthy 🙁


  • I always thought I didn’t like Sangria as I’m not really a fan of red wine (as much as I’d like to be as all my friends love it!). I went on holiday with some friends in April, which already feels like forever ago, and pretty much only drank Sangria and discovered I really like it! I should definitely give this a go. Hopefully it will also develop my taste for red wine!

  • I’m a fan of mixing wine & juice. Wine with lemonade (sparkling) is delicious! you’d better try this one too, you won’t regret:)


  • Hi! Sangria is great to share with friends. Best regards from Spain, the country of Sangría 🙂



  • Yummy! 🙂 I love sangria


  • Love it. I even try it with apple juice instead of orange juice and found it even more fresh and cinnamon of course. ;))) These recepies of yours sound delicious, I have to try it.

  • I love Sangria, I really do!! It’s so fresh, love the mixture of the wine and the sweetness of the fruit. I have to try these, as it’s different from what I’m used to do 🙂

  • Sangria is seriously my favorite summer drink. Heck, my favorite anything-with-alcohol drink. I’ll be trying these many times this summer 🙂

  • Growing up my dad always made sangria. Now as an adult I get why. Loved this two recipes, will have to try soon! 🙂

  • YUM that looks so delish! 🙂
    p.s. check my blog everyday this week for my SUPER 7 DAYS OF GIVEAWAYS! i’ll be posting a new one every single day in celebration of my new blog design!

  • Neat! I love fruity things!

    I’m having a GIVEAWAY!



  • something to keep in store for when summer hits the southern hemisphere……bit chilly here in Oz for sangria…

  • I want to try the raspberry/citrus one! Sounds so refreshing for Summer.


  • I’m a sucker for sangria..and sliced fruit always make drinks prettier! Thanks for posting!


  • LOVE sangrias! My first one was in Spain, now I cannot get enough of them! Thanks!

  • looks delicious!I just made sangria yesterday- White wine, little bit of peach juice, seltzer, fresh blueberries and cherries. Yum!


  • I love sangria! Both of these recipes look so good. I always like to add lots of cinnamon to mine. I’ll have to give these versions a try!

  • Wow, sounds so good. so refreshing for summer!


  • These sound amazing! I want to make it right now!

    xoxo Sarah

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