2 Tips for Long Sleeve Dresses

Polka dots 1

Polka dots 2

Polka dots 4I don't know if you've noticed, but I have a thing for polka dots! Pretty much any black and white pattern is my obsession this season. I'm in love…

Two ways to wear a long sleeve dressI love long sleeve dresses, but they're now quite as easy to layer as sleeveless dresses. Here are two ways that I like to style them. First, Try rolling the sleeves up. This can sometimes be more flattering, or just a fun way to add some variety to a dress you like to wear often! Next, try layering a cardigan over a long sleeve dress or top. I love the pop of pattern peeking out from the cardigan sleeve. Those are just a few ideas. What are your favorites? xo. elsie

SparklesOutfit Details: Polka Dot Dress c/o Ruche, Cardigan + Tights/Target, Sparkle Shoes c/o Francesca's Collection, Bird Necklace c/o Shlomit Ofir, Key Necklace/Bueno Bueno (it says Mrs. Larson) ♥ 

  • Omg, cuuuute! I’m also really in love with black & white patterns. 😉 I like the added touch with the cardigan. It really brings it together.


  • I love the look you have in this set of photos…everything from the gold finger nails to the polka dots…gold cardigan…to the jewelry! Adorable and so pretty!

    By the way I love the name of your blog! I have often called myself ‘A Beautiful Mess’…there is something kindred in your using that title!


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  • If the dress is short, I like to leave the sleeves long and wear fun tights. There’s a fair trade gift shop in my town that sells the best tights! Ones with images of the buddha on them or polka dots or plaid, etc. It’s such a cute reversal of the norm that way.
    And the cardigan of course. I wear cardigans ALL THE TIME. 🙂

  • Yep, I roll my sleeves up all the time. Maybe it’s because I’ve recently acquired the idea that my arms are too short if I’m wearing too long a sleeve 😀



  • I love your hair in this post–the color, the shape, and the braid! I’m wondering how it looks on the other side… does it connect? Please share with us how you did this!

  • Absolutely adore the shoes! They may have to be added to my Christmas list.
    Amy xXx

  • love love the shoes!! does anyone know if they have them in stock right now? because i would love to have them on my feet!! :)Very Cute Elsie!

  • Ooh, good idea. I wouldn’t think to roll up the sleeves of a long sleeve dress over a cardigan.
    Those shoes are too cute!

  • thanks for the tips, i love the sweater with that dress!


  • I recently tried wearing a collared blouse/shirt (I never know which word to pick in English) under a long sleeved dress and like it very much. Maybe that’s another idea for you too?

  • Ooh, I love your shoes and tights! You could also layer a white button-up shirt underneath and let the collar peek out 🙂

  • I love rolling up my sleeves a little, but I can also see myself wearing a cardi over a long sleeve dress. Thanks for sharing!


  • oo love that dress! I actually have been looking for cute long sleeve dresses but can never find any (especially that cute)!

  • I don’t usually buy long-sleeved dresses, they’re complicated to combine! Good post!


  • hmmm I’ve never had a long sleeve dress.
    Anyway – your necklace with birds is ADORABLE!!!


  • You look great in this post, I love the colours and pattern, everything about it!!!

    Esther xxox


  • so true! i have such a hard time with my sleeves bunching up under the cardigan! i have this really cute vintage dress that i’m SO tempted to hack the sleeves off of because of that.
    i love that outfit though, those shoes are amazing!

  • What a surprise it was to see that you and I had the same color scheme going on today!
    My black dress doesn’t have any dots on it, but I added a belt to my outfit.



  • Long-sleeves are rarely long enough for me, so I *always* roll my sleeves. It’s not even an option! What a luxury 😉

  • I love to push up the sleeves and have a shorter or 3/4 sleeve cardigan over it and have the sleeves of the dress peeking out. Very cute.

    And those sparkly shoes, OMG.

  • Polka dots are classic! I have always loved them, and this dress is darling!



  • Those shoes are stunning. I, too, have a polka dot obsession. They have their own tag on my blog. Oh, and I just wore black and white chevron yesterday!

  • I love layering thins with long sleeves and having them peep out from under the top layer! Now I’m wishing I had some long sleeved dresses….


  • You look so adorable! I love to layer a cardi over rolled up sleeves, so I definitely go for the second tip! 🙂

  • Cute entry! Love the shoes Elsie!

    xoxo Jessa


  • That dress is super cute!! So is that necklace. Love the little birds!


  • Here, here! I am also addicted to black and white bold prints. Especially polka dots and stripes! My wardrobe is FULL of them!

    Love your shoes! 🙂

  • I love your suggestions, but the real problem I face is finding long sleeve dresses in the first place. (okay, so I don’t pound the pavement, and my budget is tight, but neither of these factors count… pretty and affordable long sleeve dresses should be everywhere!)

  • Such a cute dress! And I love that you chose a chartreuse colored cardigan to pair with it. Very cool color combo.

    And I’m loving that braid in your hair! I need to learn to do that. Although my shoulder length hair may be a bit short.

  • Again just so cute! I love your outfit! I love the look of rolled sleeves with a cardi!

  • Those shoes are quite amazing! I like it paired with the cardigan 🙂
    xo Jac

  • Scout, I bought it at a Renegade Fair but I don’t remember the name of the vendor… unfortunately! If you search on Etsy I’m sure it’s out there. :)) Elsie

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