20 Homemade Valentine Ideas

Hi friends! I spent some time digging through our archives to find 20 homemade projects that would make amazing Valentine’s gifts. There are also some ideas of things you can wear or make to feel festive. Enjoy…His + Hers pillow cases1. His + Hers Pillow Cases!

Pink Pancakes2. Pink Pancakes!

DIY Valentine Projects3. His + Hers Valentines DIY Projects… 1. Heart Sweater 2. Bow Tie 3. Suspenders 4. Saddle Shoes

Pie inspired pop tarts4. Pie Inspired Pop Tarts…. yum!

Celebrity Valentines5. Celebrity Valentines that I made back in the day… for all your pals.

Raspberry filled cupcakes6. My favorite cupcake recipe of all time! *cough-cough* Emma, Do you love me?

Heart Tea Bags7. Heart Tea Bags… for your co-workers.

Heart Journal8. Heart Journal… for your girlfriend.

Heart Blocks9. Heart Blocks… for your tiny loves.

Best Friend10. Best Friend Art… for your best friend, of course!

Glitter jar11. Glitter Jars… for all your valentine candy!

Red Velvet Hot Chocolate12. Red Velvet Hot Chocolate!

Nothing says %22i love you%22 like cheese!13. Because nothing says “i love you” like cheese! A cheese platter.

Heart Jeans14. Heart Knee Jeans!

Hair Bow15. The perfect hairdo for February 14th!

Super easy DIY mug16. The easiest gift you could make? They’re cute too.

Red Wine Pasta17. I can’t wait to try Emma’s Red Wine Pasta recipe. I think Valentine’s dinner at home is super romantic (plus all the good restaurants are too crowded- yikes!).

Raspberry Pie18. Ricotta + Raspberry Pie… whoa.

Heart Throw Blanket19. This sweet throw blanket.

Highlights Scrapbook20. And a gift I would always LOVE to receive, a book full of memories.

Last but not least I should mention… these make amazing gifts, just made this boozy valentine punch and this lipstick art.

So what about you? Have you already planned our your valentines? Do you go all out or think it’s kinda a silly holiday? Either way… I hope this post puts you in the mood to make something fun! xo. Elsie

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