20 Lovey Dovey Dinners

Shrimp scampiDo you plan on staying in this Valentine's evening? If you're planning to cook a lovey dovey meal for your significant other, good news. We have 20 ideas for you. (Also, I'd like to say that Trey came up with the title of this post and then tried to take it back after I said I was actually gonna use it.)

One of my all time favorite dinners to make is Red Pepper Shrimp Scampi. Yum. Cheese fondueMake fondue together! If you're not big beer drinkers you can easily substitute white wine or champagne (and drink whatever you don't use). Soba noodlesIf you want something fast and filling try this sweet and spicy soba noodle recipe.Lobster mac and cheeseWant a lobster dinner on a pasta budget? Make lobster mac and cheesePortobella burgerI just love these portobella burgers. You can fancy up some store bought fries with some spices, or make your own baked french friesSpagetti squashTrying to eat healthy together? Try baked spaghetti squash. It's the all veggies version of a favorite pasta dish.Homemade pastaBut if you are in the mood for pasta might we suggest you make your own together. It's not as difficult as you think and fresh pasta is perfect for a low key but special night. You can make your own with added flavors like spinach, beet or even squid inkFalafel pitasI'll take any excuse to make homemade falafelDumpling soupIf you two are in the mood for soup try this asian style dumpling soup. It's super comforting.TalapiaThis is a big favorite at our house: pecan encrusted tilapiaGarlic butter pizza crustIf you two are pizza lovers then you must try this garlic butter pizza crust. Shape it into a heart. Go ahead, it's the one night a year that kind of thing is allowed. 🙂Fried riceI make this at least a couple times a month. This pineapple fried rice is just too good (and too easy)!Shrimp pad thaiWe love this slightly spicy pad thai recipe. Add shrimp, tofu or chicken. Do your thing. Stuffed peppersIn the mood for something southwestern? Try these quinoa stuffed peppers.Baked macaroniA favorite winter meal of mine is baked macaroni. Yum!One pot pastaIf want a super delicious dinner without having to put in much effort you should totally make one pot pasta.

Red curryThis is the homemade version of me and Trey's favorite take-out dinner: red curry with tofuBrussels sprout saladWhat about a big (filling) salad for dinner? Try this warm brussels sprout saladPad see ewTry this veggie version for pad see ewBaked risottoLove this recipe for baked risotto. Mmmm. And if you need suggestions for a delicious dessert or easy to make cocktail just check out our archives. Here's to planning your special night! xo. Emma