20 (MORE) Ideas to Set the Mood for Autumn!

Candy applesHey guys. So. Uh. We really like fall. So even though we already shared 30 ideas to get you in the mood… we got 20 more. Some of which are kind of Halloweeny. Like these spooky looking candy apples.Bourbon apple pieHow about baking a bourbon apple pieLion hoodiesNeed any easy costume idea? Are we all dreaming up our costumes yet or is it just us? Hmmm… What about making lion hoodies.  Caramel apple martiniYou've gotta try these caramel apple martinisAutumn flowersHere area  few tips for autumn flower arrangementsRag dollsWe are still in love with Katie's and Hope's rag doll costumes from a few years ago. Too cute!Peanut butter sticky bunsWarm up your morning with these peanut butter sticky buns. Yum! Pumpkin pieNeed a sure-thing no-fail awesome pumpkin pie recipe? Yes, you do. Make this mascarpone pumpkin pie.Diy wool ponchoMake this easy wool poncho. (Also, look it's Kinsey! Miss this pretty face around the office. She's the best.) Baked oatmeal 9 waysIf you've never made baked oatmeal before you absolutley must this weekend. Here are 9 topping ideas.Pumpkin quesadillaFor lunch you might try these pumpkin and sweet onion quesadillas.  Owl costumeWe still adore Chelsea's lady bird costume from a few years back. Classic. Peanut brittleHave you ever made peanut brittle? It's pretty fun! Try this sweet and spicy recipePumpkin pie milkshakesWhat about a pumpkin pie milkshake? With mini pumpkin pies on top!Pumpkin breakfast!And if you just NEED more pumpkin then try this easy pumpkin cream cheese or milkshake for breakfast. 😉Goldilocks and three bears costumeLast year we fell in love with Goldilocks and the three bears. Didn't you?Spiced cider whoopie piesMake these spiced cider whoopie pies tonight. Do it.Lemon honey lollipopsLove this DIY from Katie for making your own spooky lollipopsLast minute costume ideasYou might not need these yet… but before you know it you may be in need of a last minute couple costume idea. Well, here's threeSpiced ciderHow about one more (super easy) spiced cider recipe. You can never have enough. Happy Autumn! xo. Emma and Elsie

  • Oh my gosh, I adoooore the Goldilocks/3 Bears costumes – those are awesome!


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  • Very, very good blog: the ideas, the design and the personality with witch the blog gets even more better and more interesting.
    I’ll try the grapefruit donuts and the tassel scarf and maby hundred more things :).
    From this blog I can get many inspiration for my own blog (in German), also of your 5tips for bloggers – they’re very helpful.
    Excuse my English, please. Maybe this blog helps me at this, too.
    Carry on, like that 😀

    PS:I’d usually give this comment at the right place (donuts, sarf…) but the commentfunction is turned off there.

  • I’m totally ready for autumn. It’s already raining here, and temperature is dropping. Just a little longer and we have fresh nuts from the garden, beautiful leafs and hot chocolate 🙂

  • I love all of these ideas for autumm!


    here is a link to my blog:


  • Getting me excited about Fall! I never pick favorites with anything, but I really, really like Autumn.

  • Fantastic post! I love the couples costumes and I’m doing my absolute best to ignore the peanut sticky buns *whimper* They look so good!

  • I love fall too. Can’t wait to make those whoopie pies, yuuhhhmmmyy =D


  • What a cute post!! Cant wait to try out the peanut brittle and the candied apples! My nieces and nephews will love me! Thanks

  • I love the rag doll costumes! I found these hats on Etsy the other day (http://www.etsy.com/shop/aneyeforeyes?ref=l2-shopheader-name) and thought of you girls. Aren’t they sweet?

  • ooo love all of these!!! autumn really is the best time of year. so fresh and inspiring! I have a list of how to bring the fall feeling indoors on my blog!

  • These costume ideas are too adorable! I especially love the fox faces.


  • love the ideas for couples. we often get invited to events at the last minute and wiping these up should be effortless and fun!!!

  • Sorry but i am not prepared for cloudy and rainy days, i need more summer
    But thanks for sharing this inspiring and cheerful ideas!

  • Sorry but i don´t want that summer ends… i am nor prepared for rainny and gray days…
    But thanks for this inspiring and cheerful ideas!

  • I was waiting for a post like this, with a lot of nice ideas, tips and recipes for the autumn! Thank you!

  • This is great! I love poncho diy and spooky lollypopos! =)


  • Omg, this post made me so hungry!!! And I just had breakfast! Just mouthwatering. 🙂 Great, great ideas

  • Waiiit, what!? Bourbon and apple, combined in one scrumptious pie? Why have I never combined this before? So sold on this!

  • Okay! I agree with all of this! Especially with the costume photos! it’s gonna be fun! :)http://lovesimplegreen.blogspot.com/

  • Not only are you making me so excited for the cooler weather that has finally arrived, now I seriously need something pumpkin flavored! I’ve want to try baked oatmeal for a while, this has inspired me. Happy fall y’all!

  • I can’t believe I have never had pumpkin pie! Someone needs to tell me where I can get some in london!


  • I’m still in Summer mode, but I’m almost ready for Fall. Especially Pumpkin Spice Lattes.

  • Well it’s no secret I love your blog, but I especially love these inspirational idea posts for autumn! Ah getting me all excited for the season. The beautiful photos make me want to try all of these. 🙂 I hope you do some posts like this for Christmas gift ideas and winter too!
    Thanks as always for sharing your talent.

  • peanut butter sticky buns… my word. autumn is my favorite – can’t wait to see your new posts this year!

  • I’m super exciting for fall! I think the apple pie and spiced cider are the perfect start of this new season. Excited about what you have in store for us this fall, can’t wait.


  • such fun ideas, I’d love some spiced cider right now

  • Let me tell you! I want to do every. single. one of the food-related things! Specifically, I want to make that bourbon apple pie. I know I’ve said it before, but I just cannot resist baking with booze, heh heh!


  • pumpkin pie milkshake — yes please!! xo


  • Wowza there are SO many things I want to make! That apple pie looks AMAZING! You hit my weakness. 🙂


  • Ohh these ideas make me love fall a little bit more… Love the Apple Pie and ideas of costume. Dolls are so great. I have already made flowers arrangments but these are beautiful.

    Thank you for this adorable fall post !



  • I loved the rag doll costume. Hope you enjoy fall! Here in Argentina we are about to enter Spring, just can’t wait!!! 😀

  • Apple pie. I am so so excited for apple pie! Thank you for sharing!


  • I want it to feel like Autumn! I better start using these ideas to get ready! 🙂

  • I love fall! It’s my favorite season. Hooray. Can’t wait to have a caramel apple martini while dressed as mrs. fox with my boyfriend on halloween 🙂


  • I am so excited for fall too! Peanut brittle, pumpkin pie shakes, and apple cider whoopie pies…oh my! YUM. (The lion hoodies are rad too.)

  • Seriously, your photography is stunning! This completely made it feel like Fall, even though it’s still in the 90s where I am. I love the idea of the lion hoodie-so simple but cute!


  • Mmmmm I love this post! I’m new to the relatively season-less Bay Area and I’m missing New England terribly. Thanks for the inspiration!!

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