• I would love to see Jeremy in concert! If I was in Missouri, I’d be there. πŸ˜‰

    New Love, Elsie? That’s exciting, I’m anxious too see! Your designs are by FAR my favorite to use for my scrapbook.

    Long weekends are lovely aren’t they? In Canada, we had ours last week. Today… I’m just working on photos/editing inside with a big chai latte, where it’s warm! Outside it’s only 6 degrees here today! crazy canadian weather….

    Take care girl!

    xoxo, holly

  • I wish I could go!! I have to work Friday. πŸ™ I saw that he was playing when I was at the Mudhouse.

    I am just relaxing today with my new pup Phoebe and trying to get my scrap room more organized so I can scrap! Have a great day Elsie!!

  • I hope Jeremy has a great show. Congratulations to JJWM for their CD release party; how exciting. I’m finishing up my album, so I know how exhilarating it must feel for them. Have a great holiday, Els. Be safe…

  • So I have been stalking iTunes for some JJWM and alas, it is not to be found πŸ™ You wouldn’t happen to know if they are planning on hitting up iTunes would ya??? I will love you forever if you have a little info :]

    Hugs! Kinsey

  • i was going through your old blogs and noticed on one of your q&a’s that you said you love making the gel stickers cos they’re like mini collages. What is your process for making them?

  • Hi Elsie-

    I bought one of your prints on etsy on May 1st…

    still don’t have it…

    is it coming soon?


  • This weekend was the best! I got to go up to Kansas City to visit my new little nephew. Isn’t it crazy that my brother is a dad??

  • Robin, everything purchased on the first was shipped the next week. Send me an etsy message if you don’t receive your order in the next few days!! πŸ˜€

    thanks, elsie

  • Hey Elsie … I finally just listened to some of Jeremy’s music … I REALLY like it!! It’s too bad I live REALLY far form Springfield LOL …. have fun at the concert, I’m sure it will rock!! :]

  • I’m hoping my hubby, Dan, and I can get out and see or rather listen to the music friday night! Randy B. took some beautiful pictures of our son and we love going to his place on the 1st Friday art walk. Loved all your pictures!

  • There are 4 Elsie Recipe Books left on sale I saw at A Peek into Yesterday at 8:00 eastern today (Tues.)

  • Hope you had a lot of fun at the gig!

    Just found out my mom and my sister are going to NYC this summer. I have already told them to buy as much love Elsie stuff as possible! πŸ˜€ Hopefully they will find a lot of new stuff that is not available in Sweden yet. Any ideas of where to go if you want to shop for love Elsie stuff in NYC?

  • HELP!! I have a super hero birthday party to go to on Sunday Night and I’m coming up blank as to who to go as πŸ™‚ Any suggestions? I don’t have any costuming materials to work with!! I thought I would come to the master on this one πŸ˜‰

  • so when will your other line be at hobby lobby?? can’t wait for daisy. Oh my little girl says your cool and last time we saw you you had the red streaks, she thinks you rock!! and everytime we see something of yours she says oh i know elsie………too funny!! hope you have a great weekend. hl

  • Hey Elsie

    After hearing bits of your very talented BF’S music i decided to download his album. Its REALLY fab your both a very talented couple.

    Have a great weekend!!!!!!

  • I totally love that pic of Jeremy on top! That is one awesome photo of him! Did you take it? He should use that pic on one of his albums!!

  • Thank you so much Elsie for sharing Jeremy’s music! I’ve just bought the album and it is amazing!!!

  • I like that saying, thanks!
    Thanks for posting this. Very nice recap of some of the key points in my talk. I hope you and your readers find it useful! Thanks again