• Wow. Expired film does look like fun. It gives it a nice vintage touch without much post processing (I assume.) How does one go about buying expired film or do you have to stash some film away for a couple of years?

    Great pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  • your pics are always great! Do you guys get dressed up when you plan to take pics or do you (and your sis, and vanessa, etc) just always look that darn cute?

    What are the benefits of shooting expired film?

  • Oh!!!! I am looooving your pics already!! can’t wait to see more later on! you are the best!

  • expired film is really cool! i didn’t know people did that. love the pic of emma with the wood grain in the backgound. lovely as always, elsie!

  • i guess i am not the only one over here to see ‘your big post’, elsie! and i want to know about expired film too–why, where, etc!

  • What awesome pictures, what is expired film and what kind of camera would one use?

  • Love Love Love the photos of your sister and the one of you on the stairs… you two were born for pictures weren’t you? 🙂

  • What cool photos, how can one get expired film and what kind of camera would be needed?

  • I love the idea of shooting with expired film. Photos are gorgeous, as always. If I ever come to MO, I want you to shoot me.:)

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