hi everyone, i have a bit of *very* exciting news to share! Some of you may already know that Jeremy has been working this year on a new album. He posted one of his brand new songs tonight (it's called "Self Esteem" and it is one of my favorites). You can listen to it here! It's beautiful. He is going to put up songs from the new album randomly, but only for a few days each time. Img_8604_2

This is a little painting that I made for him last week. good night! elsie

  • I like mr Larson’s songs! I definitely hear a bit of Sigur Ros influence in there. ๐Ÿ™‚

    And the painting you made is beautiful.

  • Wow- he has a beautiful voice. I really enjoyed the song.Thanks for sharing!

  • Just listened ,, and it’s beautiful!!! The painting is so cute! You are so creative!

  • What an absolutely beautiful song! Thanks for sharing it!!

    And that painting is adorable! I bet he loved it!!!

  • Wow! Great song! I really like it!

    Question: I have seen several paintings of Jeremy with a pipe – does he smoke a pipe? Just curious.

  • Hi everyone!

    Thank you for your kind words about Jeremy’s music/new song! I will be sure to pass them along!

    Victoria, yep… he does smoke a pipe. ๐Ÿ˜€

    xoxo. elsie

  • I always listen to J’s music through his MySpace page and today my beau was in the room while I played Self Esteem and he LOVES it! We’re going to buy it the minute it’s released! Thanks for sharing!

  • Elsie, My husband has every CD that you have pictured on your blog except Jeremy’s. But I have his stuff playing right now through your link and I love it! I may get DH hooked!

  • Hi! New to your blog! Super, super cute!!

    I am a fan of Mr. Larson and have him on my myspace page, love his tunes…

    That painting is adorable!

  • Wow!!! I’ve never actually listened to Mr Larsons music. He is so unique and different from anything I have ever heard!! No wonder you are so inspired by him!! Take care!! :]

  • Exciting news indeed – thanks for sharing. I loved the last album so am sure this will be as inspired.

  • Exciting news! I loved his first album and am sure this one will be just as inspired. Thanks for sharing that the new baby is birthed!

  • Hi Elsie

    I’ve been in complete awe that 2 people who share a common thread have found each other. Didn’t think that happened anymore. Thanx for restoring my faith in “soulmateship” (?)….