• yay first to comment. I’m so jealous of you. inspiration mountain. it’s got to be wonderful. the two of you lovely as always… have fun!

  • Wow, what kind of place was that? We’re waiting for the whole story. And… I love your dress with leggings!

  • Elsie~

    I love that you took off for the weekend w/ your sis. Make some great memories!

    I’ve been organizing my art room lately, and came across your 52 Challenges book. I’ve read it page for page a few times, but never took any of the challenges. I brought it up to my bedroom, and i’ve been flipping again, its so inspiring each time. I’m challenging myself to take some challenges…so for that i thank you.

    On another note, more personal, i was noticing all the wonderful pages on you and TJ. I was curious about your feelings on that. I know its life…and you’ve documented beautifully, but is it hard having all those emotions out there for all of us to read? When alot has changed in your life over the last couple of years?

    Needless to say, i find it very inspiring. I’m a big fan. Your so darn cute!


  • i always adore your photographs! is that second one from the Salton Sea area? The funky painted mountain? I’ve always wanted to go….hope you have/had fun!

  • I hope you two have a fab time!! Can’t wait to see the pics and hear the stories!!

  • Looks like you’re in CA… if you have time you should visit up the coast (central ca) to Monterey Bay and Santa Barbara, it’s beautiful there at this time of year. ;o)

    Have a great weekend!

  • too much fun! can’t wait to hear and see all about it! looks like a def must for me now!

  • It’s the giant mountain of paint! So cool! My grand dad brought my a snow globe from here when I was little.

    Enjoy your time with Emma!



  • hey do you guys plan to dress alike? or is it some wonderful sisterly sense??? you guys are always gorgeous and happy!! thanks for sharing


  • wow, salvation mountain – that is SO awesome! and you and em look beautiful as always – can’t wait to see what you girls did over the weekend!

  • Hi! Yes, we dressed alike on purpose (well, emma copied me.. HA!)

    also, whoever loves to leave me mean comments… you might have noticed that i have comment moderation enabled for this reason. leave me as many mean comments as you want, they won’t be published. it’s pretty lame though.