today i am traveling back to the lovely Springfield, Missouri. that means i will have lots of time to draw in this….1i am working on a project that i have been dreaming of for years…. a children's coloring book!

& a new painting. i made this for the outside i benefit art night.

it's 30×30 (i love big paintings!). i was sort of experimenting with a style that i've been curious about for a while. fun to explore new things.
here is the poster for the event, if you live nearby….

3more soon! elsie

  • Wow, this is awesome. My hometown is Fullerton, will be sure to check this out.


  • I live around the corner from FUllerton…Will you be at this event on Saturday?


  • A children’s coloring book sounds way awesome. I would definitely be interested in investing in a few copies of that.

  • A children’s coloring book!!! oh I am so excited! even thou I am not a child, I will be the first one to buy this….so cool Elsie. I hope this happens sooon…..(I know, I know…impatient latina, eh?

    have fun in Missouri!

  • wow, a coloring book?? that would be awesome! I actually really like relaxing in front of the tv, coloring with crayons sometimes, hehe. are you actually going to get your coloring book published?? If you are i would sooo buy it!! 😀

  • Safe travels sweet Elsie!! 🙂

    I love the idea of a coloring book! 🙂 Katie Shae definitely needs one of those 🙂

  • First time on blog. Tripped over from a friends blog. (randomactsofgoofiness.typepad.com) Just wanted to say you are freaking talented and I like Jeremys Music.

    Especially Self Esteem. Rare to be moved on the first listen.

    Keep it up.


    wifes blog(candicecook.typepad.com)

  • YES!!! I can´t wait to buy your coloringbook, that would be the perfect present for all my kids friends and for my kids of course, I am gonna bring one for every birthdayparty, I can´t wait. This made my day! Love your style! ♥♥

    Mikaela from Sweden

  • Why they wrote the wrong surname??? Have you noticed it? (Time here: 00:50 PM)

  • A children’s coloring book sounds sweet! I’ve been dreaming about writing a childrens book for awihle!

  • hiya elsie 🙂

    i just wanted you (and perhaps jeremy) that jeremy’s music is absolutely stunning. i listened to all the songs on itunes and i was blown away. i am now a fan of both of you! keep up your work and i hope all is well.

    <3 megan.

    glendale, az 🙂

  • How fun…ooh to be able to draw well. I can do graphic design, but natural drawing ability does not come to me…at all.

  • I have a feeling that these coloring books are going to be way popular. I want two: one for me, one for my little cousin. Please make lots of copies! : )

  • My goodness girl! You just come up with the best ideas ever! I’d love to see the finished coloring book and buy them for my kids (they are coloring right now)!

  • Awesome news darling!

    I always love to see that your doing something fun and different all the time:)

    PS-I’m waiting your addy:)

  • I {heart} Springfield.

    We go there lots to have rolls thrown at us!


    Lotsa lub from Kansas City,


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