inspiration week… and so it begins!

1i have been feeling SUPER inspired for the past day or two, so much so that i have decided to dedicate this week to sharing those things that make me light up on the inside…. ready? set. goooooooo….

i am newly in love with small plush animals! they are so cute. here are a few of my favorites from etsy/flickr…. this little dude

oooh and this is so cute.

love this!

and this skirt is too cool!Β 

and an artist who i just adore, amanda visell.(of course, i loooove this peter pan one…)

and what i love most from her… her toy/sculpture work. it’s beautiful!

looking forward to sharing more eye candy each day and some sneak peeks fromΒ  my etsy update coming up on the 1st. i will give you a hint, the sock monkey will make a few more appearances, as will the animal theme and some brand new embroidery patterns (some of them by special request from my blog readers!!)

in other news, i did some studio photos for jeremy the other night and he added a ton of them to his myspace page, along with a new song from his upcoming album! here are a few of my favorites….789he has been so much fun and soooo helpful with the new gocco projects we are working on (by the way, there were quite a few questions regarding the gocco printer in the comments from the last post, i will answer them there in the comments section) we have had a LOT of fun learning about this new little machine and i can’t wait to share some more handmade projects with you.

and a new (just for fun, not very serious) photo to share with you. vanessa took this one. i purchased this dress from a thrift store last week and it was just begging to do a silly photo shoot!
10well, it’s time for me to start my “evening shift” of work. i hope you had a wonderful tuesday… check back tomorrow because i have some things to share that i think you will be excited about! xo. elsie

  • What a beautiful picture of you, Elsie. Love those glasses;-)

  • Thanks for sharing what inspires you! I love new eye candy… it keeps me on my creative toes. πŸ™‚

    Can’t wait to see the goods for the new update! I love sock monkeys so that excites me, lol. I have so much fun with your embroidery patterns too.

    You’re just fabulous Elsie.

    Fabulous. πŸ™‚

  • love that you’re honing in on your inspirations…i have been feeling saturated by things that are inspiring me and filling me with ideas, and more importantly, happiness… and discovering your blog and artwork has been a HUGE part of that!!! you are just like a walking inspiration. i know you can’t really help but to just be you, but thank you!! you’re a delight.

    love, love, love

  • oh yes, and i also wanted to tell you about a thing that has been inspiring me as of late is a song by ‘mates of state’ called “get better”….and a great video, too!

    and i think you will like my friend kt’s crocheted animals on etsy. you can find them under the name luvkt….ox

  • Love the stuff Elsie.

    Hey, since CHA is over now, I am dying to see your new lines. When are you going to share those???

  • Thank you for sharing your inspiration!

    I linked you on my blog to award you the 2008 Premio. Please see my blog for details. Thanks! πŸ™‚

  • You took some great shots of Jeremy! And the fun photo of you is just beautiful. You are so photogenic!! I can’t wait to see what you have to share!!

  • This week I feel so ispired too!

    Maybe it’s the summer :]

    Your boyfriend is an artist, like you! You are a perfect couplee!


  • Loving the idea of ‘inspiration week’, may have to try it! And the photo of you is gorgeous, I’ve been looking for a pair of glasses like that forever, where did you get yours from?

  • I love the B&W photos of Jeremy, very artistic.:) I promise to look deeper into his myspace.

    and the animals are soooo cute. It makes you wanna buy them all and make a private zoo at home.:)

  • Every day when I’m at work, I’ve got only one thing in my mind –> to go to your blog for some inspiration … So when my chef is out of the office (for exeple now ;)) ) I come here and … aaahhh …

    Love you Elsie!

    I think I foud an inspiration in Amanda’s paintings too (wonderful!)


  • okay you have to show us the entire dress…the top from what I can see looks like my jr prom dress and i think it would be so funny if it was!!!! please post soon or send a full shot to my email address

    cls0513 at yahoo dot com

  • Those are the cutest plush animals i’ve ever seen!! Great pics. of Jeremy, as well as the picture of you! πŸ˜€

  • That little whale is so adorable. And I absolutely love the picture of Jeremy playing the cello-or at least that’s what I think it is. I’m not very familiar with instruments. You are a great photographer.

  • Love the little stuffies! So cute. Wow gorgeous picture of you! Just found your blog. Have a great day!


  • SUPER CUTE octopus skirt! I love your fashion photos…they are way fun and your specs are stunning πŸ™‚ have an awesome Wednesday!!!

  • Elsie, you are such a beautiful lady!!

    Loved those plush toys, especially the many legged one.

    Those toy sculptures are wonderful.

    Your photo shoot of Jeremy must have been so much fun!! It is so great that you two are able to create together.

  • i saw that peter pan art on a postcard at disneyland and loved it! it was promoting something so they were free, i had to take one because the drawing is so great!

  • I think I wore a dress just like that to my Junior prom!

    Thanks for the memories!

  • Love your inspiration posts!!! I adore all of the goodies you chose and see why they are inspiring!

  • fab photos! i’ve given in and bought Mr Larsons album tonight after nearly wearing him myspace out love it. on my ipod and everything fabby!

    I did a search on amazon and in the products people also bought was a load of scrapbook books made me laugh. tell him to keep up the good work and maybe gig in the UK once in a while- take care xx

  • Thank you thank you for sharing! I’ve been feeling that surge of creativity quite a bit lately, too,but am stuck in an office all day. If I set up a mini craft studio at my desk, they won’t notice, right??? If only…

  • What fun eye candy, I love it!!! Your hot pink thrift shop frock is just awesome, what a cool find!

  • OMG the first “dude” is awfully cute !!!

    it’s hilarious !!

    And I may repeat myself, but I really like your photos !!

    xxx from France (and from KDD blog party !! lol)


  • man that last picture of you is awesome! Love that dress. Are we able to see a better view of it? Still here posting away for the KDD Blog Party.

  • I love your art and how you inspire all of us, but I have to tell you that you are beautiful inside and out. You seem to have a glow that radiates from you. Thanks for sharing so much of your art and your life with us.

  • I like that saying, thanks!
    Thanks for posting this. Very nice recap of some of the key points in my talk. I hope you and your readers find it useful! Thanks again

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