it’s time…

it’s time for an Etsy shopupdate tonight! here are a few peeks that the new goods…234lots of new prints and super cute monkey stationery…


oooh! and new peter pan inspired paintings…67and a new little painting on a vintage book cover…  8well, that’s all i have for now… there is a ton more stuff, but i have to save some for tonight….if you are interested in being “first in line” the update will take place tonight at 12:01 pm (Central). See you there! xo. elsie

  • Woo-Hoo!!! I can’t freakin’ wait!!!! Now I will have delightful and lovely things to dream about today at work… Can’t wait to see it all!!! You just made my day. I already love it all! Elsie, you rock!!! xoxo

  • I absolutely have my eye on the coffee themed items! I have an unhealthy addiction to coffee so I would love the print to hang in my scraproom! Great stuff Elsie.

  • can´t wait to see everything you´ll have in your etsy!

    i just hope they won´t all get sold, because i think i´ll be asleep when you´ll add those…crappy time zones. 😉

  • I love your work. Soooooo inspiring. Love the colors. Peter Pan!!! My favorite childhood book. Of course, I was jealous of Wendy at some point. Thanks for the motivation.

  • OH MY GOODNESS! Elsie, i’m dying to have those sock monkey stationery! if i’m residing in Singapore, how do i get them??????????????? they are just toooooo cute!

  • Everything looks awesome Elsie! The painting on fabric really caught my attention, I love that idea. Plus that stationary looks soooo fun! Great work! It’s like movie night for me, hehe…. I’ll make tea, and snacks, and stay up late just watching you update, it’s so much fun! Can’t wait!

    xoxo, holly

  • I absolutely addooooorrreee the monkeys stationery, totally and utterly cute and adorable. Love the colours on the little painting on vintage fabric. Hope I can afford it and more importantly it’s not sold out. Elsie you’re the best :).

  • lovelovelove the monkey stationary!!

    I hope there’s lots — you’re updates are so late, I can’t stay up till 1! HA. up at 6am, no can do.

    so excited though!

  • Love the monkey stationary, and the “We have a Good Thing”

    Very cute stuff Elsie. Your just wippin’ things out left and right!

    I’ll be checkin’ in at 4 a.m. my get up time.

  • I am DYING to see it all!!! I love the new monkey stuff….I’m like the little bird in the painting “open, open, open”!

  • hope i can make it till midnight tonight! gotta have some of that monkey stationary…way cute!!!

  • well, i’m guessing the shop update is running a little behind schedule… i hope you have lots of that monkey stationary, b/c i’m too sleepy to stay up any longer…gotta be up for work in less than 4 hours…

  • Waited up for the update and it’s not up. Hope your not staying up till the crack of dawn and the site is not allowing you to upload. Wanted to make an original art purchase for my new baby girl’s room. Her first piece of original art.

  • Hi Ladies… Thank you so much for waiting up for my (very late) update! I had a crazy computer problem and that is why it was a little late… anyhow, everything is listed now. I will refill the shop in the morning. Everything (except the originals) should be in stock for at least the whole day tomorrow! 😀

    Thank you SO much for your support and love. It means the world to me! Elsie

  • YAY! I love the update Elsie!!! Everything is awesome and completely adorable! The coffee ones are my favorite….:) mmm! Have a great day and God bless!

  • loved your update!! so excited to get my print – thanks for adding another one!!

  • I love, love , love, the peter pan inspired paintings. I used to wish I were peter pan, only the female version. Sweet!

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