oh gocco!

we are so excited! we spent the whole evening testing out our new gocco printer. for those of you who aren't familiar, a gocco is a small self-contained screen printing machine..and it's japanese! i was trying to keep my expectations very low (having read lots of reviews and blog post about how messy it is/hard to use)but, to my delight our first print turned out ADORABLE! this is the new baby (rachel suggested we name it, but i haven't chosen a name… what do you think?)1and an inked screen…2mr. larson trying out the new machine…

3the first print….

4…pretty soon the whole living room was covered in monkeys!

5and the finished product…67

we spent the rest of the evening talking about ideas for printing (yes, we are very nerdy). basically, it was the greatest night ever! hope your weekend was wonderful as well… elsie

ps. yesterday i had the most lovely time with miss rachel. sushi, thrifting and coffee…oh my! i love you rachel. SO glad you are here.

  • What about Riso? It looks like that is what the words say on the front…or maybe it’s just what I see! Either way, it’s a cool name! And, btw…this is the first time I have ever heard of this thing. So cool! “Nerdy” is cool!! Where can I get one?!?! Shanie πŸ™‚

  • Oh my gosh, that’s adorable! I’ve lurked your blog for about a week, but I had to comment on this one.

    I love monkeys, I used to have a knitted monkey hat when I was a kid (ok, when I was 17…) Will you be selling these?

  • That little printing machine is genius! I have no idea how that tiny thing works coz I’m slightly primitive, but it looks so cool.

    And the monkey is adorable! How about naming him Anckey? I’m weird, I know, but I used to have a wee monkey puppet with that name…

  • Love the monkey. I am quite certain that his name is Pepe…

  • I’ve never heard about it. It seems to be a nice THING (hehehe). I’ll try to know something more about the machine in the net. Looove the monkey – soo cute!

  • So cute! Where did you get the machine? I’ve been looking, but can’t find one for a reasonable price!

  • elsie, i found you kind of randomly on etsy a few weeks ago, and i have to tell you, i have been so inspired and delighted by you and your artwork!

    and those monkeys are just about the cutest thing i’ve ever seen. i was a printmaking/painting major in college, but i have gotten away from my art for so long….and that little monkey print just slapped a smile right on my face. oxox

  • oh and i think there are lots of superbly cute japanese names, one of which is “yuki”…i looked it up and it is a unisex japanese name that means “happiness” or “snow”. that is probably perfect:)

  • OH my cuteness! I love it! I have been wanting a gocco printer for a while now, but hadn’t found one. I got a big silk screen kit to try out… haven’t quite made that leap yet. I am encouraged by your super cute project! πŸ™‚

  • Precious lil’ monkey…how about Cliff? Seems like a lil’ Cliff or Bonjo..good luck w/ his name…gotta love Gocco printers too…hey, how about naming him Gocco? Or Mr. Gocco Knitwear.

  • Cool gadget! perfect for your drawings. Hope you’ll be selling some of those tags in your etsy shop-my 10 yr old son would love to have one!

  • megan, i loooove the name Yuki! πŸ˜€ i’m gonna use it.

    thank you, everyone, for your super sweet comments! reallyreally.


  • So cute! And, I’m referring to all three — Mr. Larson, the Gocco, and the monkey!

    Like other posters, I’m curious . . . WHERE did you find a Gocco? Since they’ve stopped production in Japan, it seems very difficult to get your hands on one for a reasonable price. Would you mind sharing your source?

    Thanks bunches!

  • Hi,my name is…YUKI! I’m a japanese girl! I think Yuki is very good name πŸ™‚

    The sound of YUKI shows “snow” in Japan. You can also use a kanji which means “happiness” for “YUKI” sound. Usually,Yuki is a name for girls.

    When I was a child,I really loved the Gocco.(It was very famaous in Japan.)

    I lifted your LO,and it’s on my blog.(I sent you email πŸ˜€ )

  • Wow I have never seen that super cute and cool printer before but it looks like you got the hang of it right away how fun! Glad you had such a great weekend. Good times with loved ones always makes for a terrific weekend.

  • That is just too cute! Love the little monkeys!

    I would name your gocco Rosie… because she is a little work horse like the robot maid on the Jetsons and she is a pretty reddish color.

  • OMG!!!! I NEED THAT MACHINE!! Yes, need, not want, need! Where did you get it?? Please email back and let me know! AHHH I love it!

  • Monkey is a cutie patootie. Never heard of the printer before – interesting though – I always find the coolest stuff on your blog.

  • Oh my gosh those are too cute!!Glad it worked out for you. Mr Larson looks adorable trying it out. πŸ™‚

    Too cute stuff.

  • i must be pretty nerdy, too… i was looking into getting one of these. can’t quite spend the $$ right now, but MAN it looks fun!

  • HE is so adorable. I think he needs a Japanese name, don’t you? Ahh come now, he’s the first print from a Japanese gadget, he must have a Japanese name. (I can’t think of any right now!)

    I love the tags, how fun!


  • Cute monkey! He looks like a little bank robber! We were thinking about doing our baby’s room in sock monkeys! Too Cute!

  • Monkee Bizness is what he’s up to fo sure!

    what a cute little invention!

  • Looks like a pretty cool machine but how exactly does it work?

  • hi Elsie. I just recently found your blog. So cute. You are going to love, love, love your new gocco printer. I’ve had one for 10 years and use it all the time! so great for making prints, etc…Start playing with multiple colors soon…you’ll have so much fun!

  • Hey everyone! I am here to answer your questions about the gocco printer and my little monkey design! πŸ˜€

    1.Will you be selling these?

    Of course! πŸ˜€ I am doing some new stationery designs for my August 1 update!

    2.Where did you end up buying your gocco?


    this is where i got my gocco from… it’s not a cool looking site, but they have GREAT service and quick shipping! (i have the PG5 model and i splurged on extra ink for fabric!)

    3.Was it what you expected?

    Honestly, it works much better than i expected. Especially since i bought the most inexpensive model. I really just wanted to test it out, but i am very happy with my purchase! πŸ™‚

    4.I have a feeling these tags might just make it in a RVKC kit….hey?

    Maybe! i told rachel she can use it anytime she wants!! πŸ˜€

    5.Looks like a pretty cool machine but how exactly does it work?

    I learned from this video….


    thanks everyone for your sweet comments! i hope i answered all your questions! i will be sharing more gocco projects soon! πŸ˜€

    xoxo. elsie

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