oh, the weekend….

it was a beautiful and very warm day today…1sometimes i miss being in school when the coming of summertime or the weekend meant a change in schedule. i guess that is part of the blessing/curse of working my own hours at home, my schedule is the same almost every day of the week. but, i wouldn't have it any other way. it's a wonderful way to live.
2my mind has been full of new ideas and concepts this week… one that i was playing with last night is this idea of painting on fabric and then adding embroidery and sewn embellishments (vintage buttons, bows, fabric ect…) i still have a lot to experiment with and develop, but here are a few more shots of this little girl…
34and i have to admit that the coolness of Springfield has multiplied by hundreds since this little face showed up…..
5I LOVE HIM ! i hope you all have a lovely and creative weekend. elsie

  • Your little girl is just lovely! Can’t wait to see what else you come up with using these new techniques!

  • Love those pretty buttons and pearls on your new creation! πŸ™‚

    So, I don’t know if you knew or not but that cute little face is Katie’s boyfriend! Ha! πŸ™‚ Just kidding…but wouldn’t that be great? πŸ™‚

  • πŸ™‚ oh Elsie, this is great.. and I have to give a thumbs up to anything involving embroidery of course. πŸ˜‰

  • Your little girl painting is gorgeous what a great idea! I love the sewn embellishments that’s fantastic. Enjoy your weekend!

  • love that pretty little girl painting.

    at first i thought that it was a paper doll.

    like the old school paper dolls where you could change their outfits.

    which you would totally rock out πŸ™‚

  • Elsie, that is a brillant idea! Yay! I hope you do not mind if I borrow your idea! I miss Springfield. You are cool-io.

  • since i got your embroidery patterns i’ve been stitching up a storm… creating my own designs now. i’ve been thinking about ways to combine paint with the stitching, and you’ve been doing the same! i love the girl! she’s a beauty:) thanks for the inspiration, elsie!

  • Your painted, embellished girl on the fabric is sheer genius. And I love reading your blog. Just reading all of the positive affirming things you say of the people in your life gives me a lift. You are truly a gift to those around you.

  • Awesome painting! You are sooooo creative! Love your work. Too bad I couldn’t get my hands on one of your Neverland kits. They were sold out. Bummer!!!

  • I love your new little girl!!!! What a great idea, that’s why you are the queen of creativity!!!

  • I love embellishing with buttons and stitches and adding painting to the mix is a lovely idea. I like your little girl there, very pretty. And…he is such a cutie pie.

  • I love the painting on fabric with all the buttons and embroidery… so beautiful! Love all your work.


  • lovely lady in yellow …. and newly found techniques, how devine!

    create – create – create

    …oh and that little mans “mug” melts my heart πŸ˜€

  • I love combining paint with the beads – very cool. Is the girl painted on a pillow? With her closed eyes that would be cute. You should put her on a business card or something!

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