oh, i love the mondays….

hello! i took a few photos to share with you of a BEAUTIFUL vintage shop called, The Style, that is across the street from my home&work. I have been shopping here since high school and i just love it!!!


this window display with about 50 vintage radios steals my heart! i've been working of sort of a "treasure map" of my hometown to share with my out of town guests. this shop certainly makes the list! it's beautiful. i found 2 vintage dresses there last week.



i am loving the online class experience. we are having a lovely time and sharing so much inspiration! excited to start week 2…


here is one of my darling students project from last week….


i looooooove it!


last night, jeremy and i drove 3 hours to see this movie. it was so worth it… 
we love charlie kaufman so much! it was a beautiful film. emma said she felt like it was one of the most important films she's seen. highly recommended by us. 🙂

well, i am back to work for the week and feeling so inspired! on wednesday, i will turn 26. As promised, i am ready to share with you the next big chapter in my life & art. i feel like i am walking into the most exciting season. i can't wait to share everything! love so much. happy monday! els

  • That shop looks like a ton of fun, I love the radio display!! My sis is taking your online course and loving it!! She’s so inspired she hasn’t stopped crafting in the last 72 hours!


  • That wee doll is so lovely and sweet! Though I suspect sleeping with an apron full of needles might be *a bit* dangerous. 🙂

  • love holly sarahs doll! thanks so much for offering this class! it’s soooo inspiring! i’ll def have to see that film. and happy early birthday! can’t wait to hear what the big surprise is!



  • I’m still working on my little bear…But that one that you showed in the post I had seen earlier in flickr. WOW!!! Is all I can say. Holly did a beautiful job…BEAUTIFUL!! I am super inspired and excited to continue working on mine.

    3 hrs to go see a movie? I have no room to talk. I drove to the heart of Chicago just to visit a scrapbook store that I’ve never been in. Had you ever been to Windy City Scrapbooking in Chicago? It’s a pretty hopping place during CHA from what I hear. I made a whole day out of my trip though. It was really fun. Well I’m not getting anywhere on my bear…so I’m off to play. Bye Elsie!

  • In case I’m not around… happy early birthday! Make this one a great one! I’m a stalker of your blog… you are a constant source of inspiration to me!

  • Wow your student did a really good job. Great detail!! I hope I can take your classes sometime down the rd if you do this again. 🙂

    Anyway..can’t wait to see some pics. I LOVE The Style too!!

    I’ve been thinking about buying a shop a lil ways down from the Style called Jaqulenes. But it depends on how much she wants for it and if it includes the 2nd floor!

    So if I do buy it..I’m going to revamp and I’d love your help etc.

    oxox Six Gun!

  • I hope your online class is wildly successful so that you repeat it next year. This year I am up to my ears in new-mamaness but next year… I’m going to dream big. 🙂

  • woah! lol, I was pleasantly surprised to my doll in your post! 🙂 That is such a great pattern. Your class has given me SO much inspiration, as with everyone else!

    That movie looks reeeally interesting.

    ps.. oh. and super jealous. 😛 I’d love to have a vintage store across the street! I’m sure the dresses you found are the bomb.

  • hey elsie. i love your stuff. i am really really excited for your announcement on wednesday. i think i know what it is and it is gonna be GREAT! your work is wonderfully charming. Happy almost Birthday!

  • I love Charlie Kaufman and I ADORE Michel Gondry. Eternal Sunshine was amazing. Can’t wait to see this one!

    Those radios look amazing! Wouldn’t know which one to choose!

    Will you post pix of you wearing your new dresses? xXx

  • There’s a cafe near where I live who has the same radios and old feel to it LOOOVE that! Great inspiration as usual 😀 Take care!

  • Couldn’t help but notice that we share the same birthday! Isn’t it a lovely day? I’ll be 25 hehe. Doesn’t feel like I’m getting any older though. I hope it will be a wonderful day for you! Happy Early Birthday!

  • Couldn’t help but notice we share the same birthday! Isn’t it a lovely day? I’ll be 25. Doesn’t feel like I am getting any older though. I hope it turns out to be a wonderful day for you! Happy Early Birthday!

  • I’ve never heard about the film but after what you wrote I feel like I’d like to see it.

    You’re born on 19 novembre ?? If yes … mee too!!! :)))))))

    (but I’m older, I’m very very old – 30 years old, buuuuu)



  • Hi elsie

    just wanted to wish you a happy birthday…its the 19th here already!!! have a fun road trip!

    rachel xx

  • Happy Birthday for tomorrow! You young chicklet you. Hope you enjoy it!

    I found your blog on the TypePad thingie that introduces new blogs or something like that…all blogs.com? Anyhoo, lovely space you have here! I will likely be back.

    Wonderful photos~ 🙂


  • I can’t wait to read your exciting news. It looks like your class is going great. And OMG I LOVE LOVE LOVE that pic you posted from one of your students. I’m a knitter and love all things yarn.


  • Elsie,

    I am heading back to springfield for the holidays and would love to get a copy of your map of cool stores, would you consider putting it up online. Thanks!