Holiday DIY Projects [continued]

happy weekend! i’m going to finish all my Holiday shopping & making this week. here are a few more cute projects…. enjoy!

 6. Crocheted Circle Yarn Wreath

This is a simple and fun project. First you need to crochet your circles. I did 15 that are about 1 inch wide each. My wreath is small (about 6 or 7 inches) so you can experiment with different quantities of circles to create different circles. If you’ve never made a crocheted circles here is a quick tutorial.

I’ve been making them for several months, so I had a big bowl of them to choose from. It’s a great way to use extra yarn and it’s a fun activity for movie watching or long car rides. 🙂

Next, weave pipe cleaners in the back side of your wreath. Mine needed extra support so I added an extra craft wire as well. Then twist the ends together.

Last, just tie a piece of yarn to the top the hang it from and hang it on your wall! so cute. these make great gifts and if you use a color scheme like all pink or all white it can last past the Christmas season and on through the winter, Valentine’s or Spring! 🙂


7. Cute Holiday Garland 

Here’s another cute way to use crocheted circles from Rachel

Use the above tutorial link to create cute crocheted circles and then use a tapestry needle to string a piece of yarn though them to create a pretty garland for your tree or wall. XO. (thanks Rachel!)

Be back soon with one more round of handmade Holiday inspiration! XOXO. Elsie