Holiday DIY Projects [continued]

hello hello. i am back with more cute DIYs for Holiday gift giving! If you missed project one you can see it right here.

2. Laptop Sleeve and Sash [a gift for guys] by Katie 

Guys-laptop-sleeve-1supplies needed:  cotton fabric [i had one print and a coordinating solid], felt, double sided fusible interfacing, elastic, measuring tape, straight edge, scissors/rotary cutter, pins, pen, paper, sewing machine, thread.

Guys-laptop-sleeve-supplies1.  Measure your laptop’s length, width, and depth and write down on your paper.  [Our Macbook Pro has measurements of 14″ (l) x 9.5″(w) x 1″ (d).] 2.  Double the length [for me, it would be 28″] and add the depth measurement to it [28″+1″=29″].  Write that down as well.  3.  Add the depth [1″] twice to the width [9.5″+1″+1″=11.5″].  Write that number down.4.  Cut your cotton fabric a little bit larger than you’ll end up needing it to be.  [I added an inch or so to each side.]5.  Cut the felt and interfacing to the same size as the fabric.6.  Follow the instructions for fusing the fabric and felt together that are on the interfacing package.7.  Trim off the excess.  [Mine ended up being 29″x11.5″]8.  Fold in half so the right sides are together  [Mine was 14.5″ x 11.5″ and the felt was on the outside.]  And pin.9.  Use your sewing machine to sew 0.25″ seams on the two long [14.5″] sides.10.  Turn right side out and set aside.11.  Make a casing for elastic that will fit around the length of your laptop and case out of a coordinating cotton.12.  Measure how long you need your elastic to be and trim to desired length [Mine was 26.5″.  It was snug but not too tight.]13.  Insert into your casing and sew shut.14.  Put your “sash” on your laptop sleeve to keep it from sliding out.15.  Enjoy.
Guys-laptop-sleeve-3Guys-laptop-sleeve-3Guys-laptop-sleeve-1(thanks so much katie! i definitely want to make one of these for my special man.)

3. Crafty Mini Holiday Tree by Holly Sarah


You can purchase little pine trees at your local florist or grocery store, for a very reasonable price. Usually $4-$9 (the one I got was already sprayed with silver glitter, how cute!) You can easily “spruce” it up (hehe) with some craft supplies that you have kicking around!  I decided to hang buttons from the branches using thread, and crochet a simple chain garland with white yarn to go around it.  I topped the tree with a black velvet ribbon bow, and voila!  It’s sure to bring a smile, and brighten the day of the recipient.

Other ideas for decorating your mini tree:

– paper cut snowflakes

– ribbon garland

– hand cut felt shapes

– peppermints

– baked sculpey figures

– the possibilities are endless!

I hope everyone has a fabulous Christmas season… and Happy Hollydays!

XOXO holly


4. Painted Vintage Owl by Elsie

IMG_4528 Vintage owls made of wood or porcelain are easy to find at local thrift shops, flea markets or on Etsy. When you are shopping for one be sure to check it thoroughly for cracks and chips. These cute accessories can be easily modernized with spray paint (on porcelain) or acrylic paint (on wood). Create one or a little collection as a fun home decor gift.

The above example is a wall hanging piece like these…

Owl-elsie-home and here are some figurine versions painted with spray paint…


5. Felt Oven Mitt by Emma

Felt-oven-mittens[for full instructions look here.]  SO cute!

here’s a sneak peek at my mini wreath from my next post…

Elsie-crocheted-wreathHope you have a lovely evening!  XO. elsie

ps. Style School is close to capacity (selling like pancakes, if you will…). However, Leigh-Ann and I have decided to keep registration open until Christmas because we’ve received so many e-mails about people wanting to give & receive the class as a gift (yay!). We think the class makes a great gift too, so if you purchase a spot (or if someone purchases one for you) before Christmas we are now including a cute gift certificate that you can print out so you have something to actually wrap & give! After Christmas registration will be closed, so please don’t delay if you have your heart set on a spot. We won’t repeat this class. We have full info about Style School here. Or you can contact Leigh-Ann with questions (or if you’ve already purchased the class as a gift you can request a gift certificate print out!) LA (AT) Thanks!


  • oh Im so disappointed you wont be repeating the class! I’m sure you have your reasons but I just can’t justify such a big purchase for myself during the holiday season. Sigh. i hope its a bunch of fun for everyone tho!

  • hi! i totally understand. we don’t repeat these classes because we do a new one about once per season and it takes up most of our time.
    if you really want to take the class maybe you can add it to your Holiday list? or e-mail us after christmas & we will still try & squeeze you in. 🙂 cheers. e

  • The woodsy laptop case is rad in everyway … and simple too!

    And I remember those painted owls of yours. Something I’ve always wanted to do for my room, just can’t deside between deer or squirrels haha.

  • a comment on breeoxd’s comment:

    I’m right there with you, but it’s only making me more excited for Elsie’s spring class (there’s going to be a spring class right?)

    which I will be able to afford at the time and have the free time to focus my full attention to it.

    Super excited!

  • Hi blog world, I’m hoping someone can answer my question.

    I REALLY want to take this class. I’ve never done on online class, but this is something I don’t want to pass up. There is one hitch though:

    I’m a full time student in college right now, and I live in the dorms. 90% of my crafty stuff exists in my parents home an hour away, and I cannot realistically keep it in my tiny room. Is it possible to do this class, but not do the projects immediately? Will I always have access to what they are so I can come back to them when I go home? Would it be silly and a waste to take the class if I couldn’t keep up with the projects? If anyone could answer this that would be great!


  • Allie,
    This class is unique because a pretty big part of it is working on an inspiration binder (Style File) with fun homework you print out. That could totally be done at your dorm.
    As for the craft projects, you have plenty of time to gather supplies and you could fit most of them into a bag. If you have to save some projects for later you will be able to keep logging into the private blog with tutorials for a full year after they are posted!
    Hope that helps! 🙂 Els

  • That laptop cover is awesome, I have a fabric shop near me and they sell allsorts of cool fabrics, I might have a go at making the laptop sleeve.

  • Um… how late will registration be open on Christmas Day? I ask because if I don’t receive the class as a gift, I plan on running to my computer and buying it for myself… but if I buy it ahead of time I may be frowned at… but if I don’t buy it right this second, there may not be a spot left.

  • Hi Elsie!
    As always, I adore everything you do.
    I’ll be posting some smaller crafts in my blog tomorrow,
    as for now I do have one fun thing in it; I have a contest or a prize draw if you may… The prize is a copy of an awsome DVD with the crafty ninja (:

    Check it out if you want to,
    take care!
    the crafty ninja in Sweden.

  • My grandmother collected owls and recently gave me a few figurines. I’ll have to give them a paint job soon.

  • Wow! I like the crafts you are making! Very beautiful. I will try to make the same to my laptop. Thank you for advices and for the post. I enjoyed to read and look the pictures:)

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