just because…

hello there. it’s a winter wonderland here in Springfield today. so pretty! i thought i would drop in and share a ‘just-for-fun’ inspiration post. plus… i have two really cute DIYs coming up this week. yay! here’s a hint…. one is cute and wearable and the other has something to do with photography! 🙂

Photo 1092Photo 1082i dyed my hair dark again this morning, but i decided to leave the bright red on the bottom layer just for fun. i had fun with all my recent hair color adventures, but i have to admit i feel much more ‘myself’ with dark hair. 🙂

Picture 1emma and caleb are visiting for the week. i’m HAPPY. love them so much.

Owl_hanging here’s a little owl i adopted in Oklahoma last week.

Dream_house a dream house. i love it so much!

and something fun i want to do this week…. a creative challenge for myself. you see, i happen to be a person who responds very well to challenges, rewards and goals (any of you the same way? it’s one of my secrets to accomplishing lots!). so i thought it might be fun if i documented some of my smaller goals here from time to time. my goal for the week is to make 10 paintings (small and large) and share them. if i can reach this goal i will reward myself with this little plastic camera i am going crazy over. if i do not, i’ll have to start over with a new goal to get that reward! FUN. if you want to play along make a goal/reward on your blog for the week. i’d love to hear about it too, so share a link!

well…. welcome to the first official week of the new year!

LoveLoves, Elsie


  • The Olympus OM10 is the first camera I got! I wish mine had more manual controls though :

    that goal/reward thing sounds great, except I don’t have the money to be doing that /o can’t wait to see what you do!

  • that such a cute idea, i’m definatly going to play along with making goals tommorrow as soon as the giveaway on my blog is over 🙂


  • Hi Elsie I love your goal/reward idea. I set goals for myself but never thought about rewarding myself after I accomplish them. One of my biggest goals is to get my new blog going. I’ve started but am a little lost as to adding a custom template, but the worst part is when I search for it in Google it doesn’t show up! I’m so disappointed I’m running into these problems because starting a blog is so important to me. I was wondering if you would be able to help me???

  • you are so inspiring pretty girl! i recently purchased a wide angle lense for my canon dslr…i’m supposed to get it this thursday, so my goal is to experiment, learn, and catch some beautiful photos this week! goood luck on you paintings, and i can’t wait to see them!

  • yay! glad to hear that some of you want to play along. rewards are great for getting goals done in mini deadlines. they don’t have to be expensive, but they do need to be things that you REALLY want. :))

    Jen, i’m afraid i am not a blog expert. my friends help me with mine sometimes too. i would suggest starting with a simple template (i always use a white background for a clean look since i post so many photos) and spend your energy making a banner that you really love!! <3
    good luck! els

  • I love this idea! I work really well with goals as well…but I love your idea of giving yourself a reward for accomplishing it. Sounds like fun. 🙂

  • Love this idea. Wrote up a challenge and reward on my blog. Going to crochet something bigger this week and in return buy myself a book I’ve been wanting for awhile. Lovely 🙂
    Thanks for the idea!

  • I always write a list for the week, but I love the idea of getting a little gift from myself! I added a sidebar to my blog that I’ll change each week with new goals! Posting it for everyone to see makes it a bit more REAL!
    Have a SUPER FABULOUS week and hope you accomplish all of your goals!


  • oh elsie, i’m always so impressed and inspired by what you accomplish! it’s nice to hear how you motivate yourself. i’ll give it a shot too. i’ll have to think of what my reward would be… hmmm? a massage!!! yes – that’ll get me motivated!

    i’m already 2 for 2 on my daily aceo project! yay! i’ll keep that up for the week, complete an encaustics piece, and draft my business plan!

    i work best when teaming up with others so this could be a happy medium sharing goals and rewards with you and your readers!


    p.s. i’ll also share details on my blog for further community support! http://www.rootmix.blogspot.com

  • My mom used to make plant holders and owls and stuff like that. I need to have her teach me.

    Love that house but wouldn’t work for me unless it was very secluded. I walk around in my undies WAY too much…lol.

  • I will definitely join in. I have 3 months to plan a wedding. I have a million things to do, so I will make a list and reward and post it on my blog.

  • oooo i like the color! 😀

    diys… yays!

    i’m totally going to take your reward challenge – i have one week!

  • so scary and exciting to hear “welcome to the first official week of the new year” <3 thanks for being here elsie, you make it all easier 🙂

  • I’m definitely doing this. I’m all about goals…and planning. My daily planner has between 5 and 10 things and teenie boxes next to them so I can Check them off. Ha. Love et.

  • I actually have a whole list of goals with like 54 things to create this year, am actually gonna start today!

  • what an absolutely wonderful idea. ive already started on a new years resolutions list so why not reward myself when i accomplish the tasks. thanks Elsie x

  • I have all my goals up on my blog: http://traceysawatzky.blogspot.com

    I love your idea of a reward!

    I think I will do that for the times where I just do not feel like doing anything/want to give up on a goal. Just something small…like a Starbucks date, go out to dinner, buy a new book, etc…

    And maybe a huge reward at the end of the year (a new lens for my camera)if I finish my photo a day project… (seeing as I have failed the past 2 years-that shall give me tonnes of incentive!)

  • Awesome idea, but you should credit that camera photo to efflorance (Lauren Daughtry Design) 😉

  • I love your eye makeup in the first photo! What type of eyeliner did you use? Pencil or liquid? It looks really good!

  • I love Patterns too…. Scrapbook paper has so many great uses. I am getting ready to redo my craft room… It’s unorganized. ARGh…. I love your blog too…. KEEP ON KEEPIN ON

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