Red velvet art_elsiecake

one year ago at this exact time i was here in this same building frantically uploading item after item to our brand new website before it went live. jeremy was helping me put final touches on my storefront and trying to figure out how to use our cash register and rachel was at home pulling an all-nighter to make cute bows and journals. we were opening a store and a website on the same day… crazy? very. i can’t believe it’s already been one year

it’s not that different from the first year of marriage… they say if you can make it through this, you can make it through anything. πŸ™‚ i’m so thankful for this past year. i am very thankful for everyone who helped and contributed, shopped and spread the word. opening a new business in the middle of a recession is not exactly a ‘sure’ path to success. i hope that every one of you know that we couldn’t have done this without you! i love you and i am glad that i could share this dream with so many old and new friends this year. looking back it feels overwhelming and impossible, but here we are… we did it! things have never been brighter for our little dream shop and from the bottom of my heart, i wanted to say thank you. 

cheers to a new year!!! XO. elsie