10 things I Love Sunday!

hello there… it’s time for me to share 10 brand new things that i absolutely adore.

Much loveGreaterlove <1. these gorgeous contemporary abstract paintings by Elizabeth Chapman (my mom!)

DollPlush_dollDoll_etsy2. there is something about these plush dolls by Look What I Can Do that i just adore! they’re really interesting & beautiful.

Kissing_kids_necklace3. i loooove this kissing kids necklace from MaruMaru. so s w e e t!

Lee_mcqueen Alexander_McQueenMcqueen 4. Alexander McQueen forever. ♥ ♥ ♥

Elsie_dresses 5. i got two new dresses this week… hooray![found at Bleubird Vintage and Dainty June]

6. pretty roses… i love pretty much every color ;).

Bless youUmbrellaKate mcleod

7. illustrations by kate mcleod. beautiful!

Pink_room8. omg….. the orange & white chair is magical.

Picture 2Picture 19. Allister & Kelli’s auction for Haiti! [details here] I love both these girls and it’s so amazing to see people giving to Haiti through art! ♥

Pancake_heart_shaped10. pancakes. one of the best meals in the universe (i use Pamela’s Baking Mix). lovelovelove them.

Picture 3happy valentines day to you! XOXO. elsss