i’ve blogged too much today! (final blog party post)


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hey you. 


thanks for coming to my blog party. 🙂 it was fun to write so many posts today. Special thank yous to Amy, Promise, Jeremy and all of my sponsors for your contributions! i love you.

I thought I'd share some beautiful things…


Picture 2
Picture 1

new loveliness by Ashley G. I have more of her work in my home than any other artist (it's kinda addictive, I suppose) and here is the newest addition, in my bedroom… 




I'll show more pics when I do a home tour soon. XO.


oh my goodness… here's my best Etsy find in a while. I picked up this SWEET paint-by-numbers 3 bears painting for Doren, Sarah and Penelope…



and someone else should buy this dress so that i can stop being tempted…