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Happy Monday. My latest E-Course, Blog Love, is now available! This was an incredibly fun course for me to write. I love blogging, but never would have expected that it could become such a big part of my career! I spent the past month compiling tips, stories and ideas for young bloggers. This course was written with new bloggers in mind, but it goes way beyond simply 'getting started'. Here's a quick peek at each session…. 

Session 1: What's The Point In this session I talk about defining a theme for your blog. My favorite blogs are run by people who know who they want to be within the blogging community. Development is essential. It's branding for bloggers! Session 2: Finding Your Online Voice In this session I chat about communication and finding your unique voice that stands out in the crowd. Session 3: Simple Ways to Attract a Readership that Fits You don't just want readers, you want readers who connect with you and support what you love and who you are. In this session I'll teach you how to target the demographic that you want to reach. It's easier than you think! Session 4: "How Do You Fit It All In?" Time management for bloggers. I share my tips for getting a lot done quickly without sacrificing quality. Session 5: Focused Features This session is full of tips for choosing features that work for you. It's all about developing something unique, not just channeling what's already out there. Session 6: Photography for Bloggers Simple tips for getting better photos that tell a story. I, personally, think that photography is something that holds a lot of bloggers back. Learn to get the best shots with the resources you already own. Session 7: 10 Prompts for Blogger's Block This is one of the most practical sessions… I share ten easy ideas for blog posts that you can try next time you're lacking inspiration. Session 8: Free Promotion and Networking for Bloggers Learn to advertise for free without being annoying. Session 9: 5 Ways Blogging Can Jumpstart Your Career My blog has helped my business more than I can tell. In this session I share the benefits of blogging for business people. It's more than just promotion! Session 10: Simple Stats! How to increase traffic simply and honestly. In this session I share lots of practical advise and easy ways to gain new readers in unexpected places. Session 11: Ad Free VS. Monetized Blogging I share the pros and cons of each plus personal tips for bloggers who are ready to monetize. Session 12: Marketing for Bloggers I share easy and smart ways to advertise your blog. I am highly against shameless self-promotion, so there are no tips here that will embarrass you. Bonus: A Peek into my Blog Inspiration Notebook and Bonus: Tips for Video Blogging (I teach this session through video, of course!). In addition to all these sessions I share my personal blog story from it's humble start as a just-for-fun project, it's growth through the years and how it became a big part of my full time career. 

This E-Course is available through Red Velvet! xo. elsie

  • Thank you, thank you….I just purchased it!!!! I can’t wait to see the information. Thank you for putting out a class like this at an affordable price….I’m so excited!!!!!

  • This looks like it’s going to be so great! I signed up and I’m excited to make some changes to my blog ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Will this stay available for quite a while? I hope so! Too poor at the moment but hopefully after xmas. I know it’ll be brilliant, even just to read your blogging history. Yeah..I’m nosy ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • This sounds super great! I think I might have make this a Christmas present to myself ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve been wanting to get really into blogging for a while, this is perfect!

  • Thanks Elsie for working so hard to put this together you have such a friendly, down-to-earth presentation style. This sounds very cool and thusly very tempting. I shall have to see post-Xmas about this one…

  • Just joined eeep! so excited ๐Ÿ™‚ Just started blogging 3 weeks ago so this is going to really help me out.

  • I regret that my english is not so good and wish someone would make something similar in german language ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Yay, I just signed up!
    I’ve been passively living in the ‘blog world’ for almost two years now. I think it’s time that I start my own blog… this online class sounds just about right for me ๐Ÿ™‚
    Can’t wait!

  • I have just signed up. It is just what I was looking for. I need some serious blog help/inspiration.

  • I too would like to know if there is a limit or deadline to sign up for this. I really want to but can’t afford it till later in December.

  • Oh, I’m so excited about this! I love blogging – the whole creative part is fun for me, but I’m terrible at networking. I get overwhelmed and usually feel like I’m harassing people, so I can’t wait to hear all your tips on promoting (without being annoying) hehe. Thanks so much for sharing all your knowledge with us, Elsie! I’m sure it will be invaluable and I can’t wait to start! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • This comes at the perfect time – thanks Elsie! I just purchased the course and look forward to the information.

    Much love to you!

  • When does the signup period end? I want to take the class but don’t have the money yet… I would love to take this course it sounds SOOOOOOOOOOOO interesting!!!!!! I hope you can my email on the information thingy so you can email me!!! id love to know….

  • I too am wondering how long this will be available for. I might not have to money till mid December, but it sounds excellent and exactly what I need!

  • i would love to take the class but also wanted to know if there are dates to sign up for or what: ) thanks xoxox

  • Hei there!
    I love the idea of the course and would like to participate – only thing is, i am nowhere near living in your timezone, could this be a problem?

    thanks for any info!
    best, kat

    and thanks for this very nice and inspirational blog! I have been following for a couple of months now and love it!

  • Yay! So excited about this E course! My question is like many above, is there a cut off point for when this course will no longer be available?

  • Hi Elsie,
    I signed up for the course but never got an email or a confirmation of my purchase. Just want to make sure I don’t miss anything ๐Ÿ™‚

  • purchased and received the info for the course. Not what I expected, and felt like it lack so much of what it was. The course is pretty logical in everything you can find already online. Plus, thought it was about helping in designing your blog, but all it does is sell freckle nest on doing webdesign. save your money!

  • Hi! I got the course, read it, and it was really helpful–gave me the focus I needed. I’m going to go back through it and do the exercises more thoroughly. Thanks so muh!

  • Thank you everyone for your kind comments! I’m so overwhelmed by the positive response.

    Anne, I wanted to quickly respond to your comment by saying that I am sorry if the course wasn’t what you expected. I feel it is extremely informative and written for a specific audience. Yes, you can find blogging advise all over the internet, but this course is filled with *personal* advise, stories and tips. I haven’t seen anything like it.
    In regards to your comment about web design… I definitely did *not* advertise this as a class topic. It’s a complicated process that I do not even handle on my own blog. This was not an advertised class topic and if it was it would probably be its own course (it would take a LOT to teach). The Freckled Nest sponsor post was a bonus and I think it’s a great option for bloggers! Just to clarify, it was not a part of the class content.
    I’m incredibly proud of this course and wanted a chance to defend my perspective and it’s value.
    Thanks! Elsie

  • this is exactly what i need- i opened my own blog today but having difficulty getting it all together,full,with sponsors,ads,links etc. this might be my answer x

  • Hey Elsie,

    I just wanted to let you know how much we’ve enjoyed this course. My partner and I run an Etsy vintage shop and blog and every night we’ve been crawling into bed and working through the course together. It has totally broken the creative ice for us and got us thinking in new ways. You have put so much of yourself in this course. The writing is earnest, funny and most importantly insightful. I would absolutely recommend this to any blogger.

    Thanks darling & Happy Holidays!

  • i heard rave reviews…and since i’m starting a new blog adventure for the new year, i jumped in and bought the course! can’t wait to read…thanks elsie!

  • Just signed up today using some Christmas funds ๐Ÿ˜€ Can’t wait to get reading and sprucing up my blog for the New Year!

  • I bought it, and I am so excited to get started on revamping my blog! ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks for putting this together, Elsie!

  • .I so enjoyed every bit of this site and Iโ€™ve bookmarked your blog to keep up with the new topics you will post in the future.

  • This e-course is very nice. The coherence and organization of your sessions are perfect. Vlogs can certainly attract more readers and add market value to the goods being promoted.

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