Holiday Home!




I can't describe how much fun it was to have a full day off with Mr. Larson. We cleaned and decorated our little home together, listened to records, went grocery shopping and decorated our tree! It was sublime. Above is our vintage pom-pom tree decorated with tiny vintage doll dresses (what are collections for?) and my treasured skunkboy fawn (thank you, Katie!). 



Thanks for peeking at our cozy holiday home. I'll be sure to share a peek at our new breakfast nook soon too! We're making peppermint hot chocolate tonight. Magic…. XO. elsie 

  • love the tinsel tree! i can’t wait to go pick up our christmas cactus!!! should be picking it up this week! yay!


  • Your tree reminds me of the book “one hundred dresses” my mother read me when I was younger, Love it!

  • Ahh 🙂 I’m stuck on My Maudlin Career right now. Thanks for sharing a peek at your precious tiny dress collection. Why is it that women melt when it comes to collections of tiny things?

  • Hi Elsie! I’ve been following your blog and I L-O-V-E it! Very excited for you and Mr. Larson and I can’t stop staring at those miniature gingerbread houses! 🙂 Where did you get your record player? I want to get one for my husband for Christmas but not sure of the best place to look!

  • That is the CUTEST idea ever for a little tree. I think I need to borrow this for my sewing room! I have sooo many Blythe dresses that just suit packed in my doll case! Thanks for sharing!! xo!

  • The doll dresses are adorable as ornaments! When I was a kid every year my grandma would give us a new set of doll ornaments to hang from the tree. The dolls were almost barbie size and they hung from their neck so it eventually got pretty creepy. Maybe I should just use their dresses! Thanks for the idea 🙂

  • Such a fun and vibrant blog! So glad I came across it (through twitter) and saw your engagement photos on your fella’s blog! Crafty people, you two are! Can’t wait to check out some of your diy goodies 😀
    ps that lil’ deer ornament is beyond cute!!!
    Happy Tuesday!

  • cute tree 🙂 i love the sneak peeks into your home. the day off sounds like something my mansy and i would do! it’s the little things that count, huh?

  • Such a cute tree…. do you have lights on it? I have an aluminum tree as well and I was always told that lights on those babies would cause a fire. Maybe not true? I hope not…. I would love to have mine all lit up!

  • love your tree…… brings back so many memories!!

    I just picked up a cheap + cheerful small black tree + have tied mini toadstalls to them… kids love it!!

  • Hi, I seen that you wanted one of those round white chairs with the color in the middle and I seen one here in Pomona on our Antique Row. Its white with green on the inside, but its exactly like the picture u posted. Just thought I’d let you know!! 😀

  • I have been buying Josef dolls over the past 25 years. It all sttread with my two nieces who have complete sets including the graduation and wedding dolls. I now have two daughters that I buy the dolls for. My oldest is 17 and my youngest is 13. This is daddy’s special birthday present to each one every year and they look forward to getting them and reading the message on the doll. It has become such a tradition that if I hide the doll until the last present they start asking where their doll is. All of their friends love to look at them and have a little bit of envy because they are so pretty and will last a lifetime. The above comments are from a dad that loves to see the twinkle in his daughters eyes each year they open their Josef dolls on their birthday. I only wish Josef would start making the graduation doll again. My oldest will graduate in 2010.Greg Brown, a doting father

  • I always adrmied these dolls as I was growing up, though never received one. I forgot about them until I saw them at a Hallmark store. By then, my daughter was about to turn ten. With her 10th Birthday we began the tradition of ordering a large round cake and asking that the center be left blank so that we could place the doll in the center. I always line the bottom of the doll with foil and/or plastic. We have some beautiful pictures of her with her doll cake. She will turn 18 in February and I already have her new doll. We really panicked for her 16th birthday when production had stopped and I had to go on the internet to find one (unfortunately, it did not come until the week AFTER her BD).

  • Hi,I found a small Josef’ figuine. She has a blue dress on and is honidlg a large gold key. I’ve searched and searched but cannot find who she is and why she has a key Can you help?Thanks,Lori

  • I have been collecting these dolls for my only dughater, since she was born in 1991. Charlotte loves getting these every year and proudly talks about them to everyone. I wanted my dughater to have a doll collection, because I never had one. Only my older sister was given a doll collection.I found your website about four years ago and have purchased all my dolls from you since then. I asked Pam if they would bring the wedding doll back and they did. I love these, because they make my dughater and I have a special bond. I have always called her my angel and she really is that.Next February she will turn 18, time does fly by. I already have this doll and sometime next year I will purchase the final three dolls for her collection. The last doll to purchase will be the wedding doll.Maybe you all could come up with two more dolls. The first Mom of a Son and the first Mom of a dughater. Showing a mother holding her son and dughater. That would make it complete for any little or big girl.

  • This is new to me too, I didn’t know they are called Spoolie dolls. Hehe! You’re rellay creative. A late visit from PF. Here is my . BTW, hope you can join us at meme my daughter is hosting. THank you.

  • As a child, I loved my dolls more than anything. I tried to keep some of them for my own detahugr, but their faces just didn’t hold up. If I won, I would keep these to pass down to Shelby, my only granddaughter. She loves her babies, but she’s not quite old enough to take care of them right [email protected]

  • The Purl Bee has an amazing Mimi Kirchner doll truatiol. I made one for my niece in one evening and she is so beautiful. Her birthday isn’t until December and I am thinking her dolly might get a sister or two by then. I have three daughters and baby dolls are so special. We have many in our house!

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