I feel really lucky…


I'm so incredibly proud of my love, Jeremy Larson, and here's why… 




This weekend he played a beautiful show at the Gillioz Theater (same place where we got engaged!). It was very inspiring and beautiful. One thing that I love about Mr. Larson is that he always making me want to work harder and do more. It's beautiful. 

Stacy Dupree opened for him… so pretty! I love every single one of her songs. There's Katie playing her fancy sparkling accordion too.♥ 


His new album comes out today. He's been working on this one for over two years. You can listen & purchase it here

Congratulations, Jeremy! I feel so lucky to be a part of your life. I'm so proud of you. elsie 

  • One of the most beautiful sounding records I’ve heard in a LONG time.

    For those not familiar with Jeremy’s work, it’s incredible. In the simplest description of his music… He makes movies with music.

  • I’ve only listened to Descending so far and love it so, so much! I use so much music in my business and in my life and am always filing through the songs looking for new life. Thank you Elsie, thank you for sharing your man with us so that we may also benefit from his sweeping talent. I will definitely be making the purchase. LOVE!

    Fearlessly Female (clickity-click!)

  • YAY!! my friend just posted “descending” on his fb and i loveee it! your man is very talented. super exciting!!

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  • This is so awesome! I was really wanting to go to the show but wasn’t able to 🙁 total bummer, I’ve heard from so many people that it was an amazing night. Thanks for posting a link to his new cd though, I’m definitely buying it! :] xx

  • I’ll definitely be picking this album up…I love your soon-to-be-hubby’s music. I super adore you both as a couple!! What a gifted pair you make!! Pass along my appreciation of his music please! Hearts, janna lynn

  • Happy for you both! I understand just what you mean; I live with a wonderful man who happens to be a musician also,and his passion for and commitment to his music is so inspiring to me! Heading over to get the album!

    xo, A.

  • I had no idea your “Mr.Larson” was THE Jeremy Larson! What an amazing, talented guy. We just bought his last album and LOVE it! And I still think the version of Silver Spring he did with Stacy and Darren King is breath taking!

  • i’m pretty sad i couldn’t be at this show. an understatement really.:) as much as i love jeremy/stacy/ and darren’s music, it would have been an unforgettable show! can’t wait to hear the album!

  • How awesome! Listening to your future play music on stage must feel pretty magical…love this!

  • that is so cute that you’re so supportive! im going to listen now 🙂

    <3 steffy

  • I heard his stuff on FB and I must admit I really really enjoyed it. I edited pictures while listening to it in the background and it truly made me happy and motivated me. He sings awesome! Congrats. You two are so talented.

  • i’m listening to it now, and i was completely hooked at song #1. I actually have goosebumps. This album is SO beautiful.

  • Congrats to you both on your HUGE accomplishments this year. I’m in awe of your talents and stellar relationship. Best of luck!

  • awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. You’re TWITTERPATED 🙂 (from Bambi, remember?) My friends and I use that as a term for adorably in love. And that is YOU, Elsie! I love you both even though I don’t actually “know” you.

  • I’m sad. I thought I commented on this but can’t see my comment. Maybe it didn’t take. Just wanted to add my congrats and say that your guy has been my favorite local musician for quite the while. You both are super talented and I love this post and how you are doting on him. Plan to buy the album today.

  • Elsie it was such a fabulous concert! Stacy Dupree was such a trouper for getting back out there and redoing the song with just as much emotion and strength as she did it the first time. (Oh the joys of filming a live concert!)

    Jeremy is so talented. My husband and I were extremely impressed with this concert. We’ve heard Jeremy before and seen him fill in for other local bands, but never had the joy of seeing him in person for his own music!

    It is inspiring to see the love and respect you two share for each other.

  • I love that you’re so supportive of your man. My fiance’ is also a musician and I know exactly what you mean. I’m down for a girl who is down for her man.

    Much love!

  • Magical! Congratulations to Jeremy, and his friends! And to you.. I’m certain your heart is big with happy!!

  • Incredibly beautiful music from Mr. Larson! He has a beautiful voice…I’m promoting it on FB, love from the Netherlands!

  • Congrats to him! Looks like it was an awesome concert. And extra hoorays for people who actually go out there and DO stuff! 🙂

  • Loved his old album, never heard of him before I started reading your blog. I’m sure the new one is at least as good! 🙂