March Roundup: My favorite blog posts!


Peachy Keep Makeup Inspiration


Fight Club Chocolate Bars


Sailor Lady Daily Outfit


How To Style Maiden Braids


wohoo! the looovely Miss Stacy Dupree wearing Red Velvet dresses 


My Favorite iPhone Photo Aps


Sarah's 1960s Inspired Makeover Story


Eep! Sherri Dupree wearing Red Velvet


The most perfect night!


♥♥♥♥ The Story Of My First Dress Collection ♥♥♥♥



Adventures in Wedding Registry



Visiting Levi's & What I Learned


Spring Layers Daily Outfit


HOORAY! We were featured in ReadyMade Magazine. soooooo exciting! 


I Like Spring Daily Outfit

March was a very magical month! Those are just a few my favorite posts. You can read more through my archives. Thanks so much for reading A Beautiful Mess! What kinds of post would you like to see in the future? I'm always open to & collecting ideas. I do reader request post almost every week! Have a lovely day, Elsie 

  • I just bought that issue of ReadyMade, can’t wait to read through it!
    Hmmm….I would love to see a home tour or studio tour and more behind the scenes posts. Those are always a lot of fun to read! xx

  • Yes, I love all of your posts! I was looking at the tattoos page for the millionth time and saw that you mentioned you wanted to make designs for people to use and would love love love to see a post on that, I think I will be getting my third in April and would love to have an Elsie inspired tat! 🙂

  • A while back you asked for a list of places to go on a Roadtrip around the country.. I was wondering if you could make a post of all of your favorite places from the responses you got and if you were planning on still doing your honeymoon as a roadtrip? Xoxox!

  • Yes, love the dress collection story and the Levis post. I’d love to see more DIY, crafts, and store and business stuff… those are my favs and always read those. I wouldn’t mind a cut back on daily outfit posts though, usually skip those.

  • I would still love to see more Project ReStyle posts! They are so inspiring:)

    I would also love to read tips on photo shoots and styling for models. Hair, makeup, poses (what direction do you give?), back grounds, ect…

    LOVE your blog so so so much!

  • Thanks for all the suggestions!
    Please leave specific DIY requests if you have any. I have one scheduled for next month (fashion related) and, yep, Project ReStyle posts too! Would love to hear your requests for DIYs since it’s always something people ask for. 🙂

    Jotting all these suggestions down in my notebook. HUGS! els

  • As a local reader, I’d love to know where all your favorite places to go are! Like, a little tour of good old Springfield. I just think it’s the sweetest little town, and since you have such a huge reader/fan base…it’d be neat to show the rest of the world just how special it is! Favorite restaurant, favorite store, favorite park, favorite Friday night spot, etc. 🙂 You get the idea!

    I would also LOVE to see a DIY on all of your amazing and adorable hair do’s (the messy high bun, for example). That would be fun and useful!

  • I’d love to see a throw back to your blog’s really crafty-theme and do a fun DIY. It’s been fun to watch the blog mature and become more style and business focused (sidenote: I’m still dyyying to come to Red Velvet one day). Maybe make April a month where you post your Project ReStyle project, and faves, every single week again. They are so inspiring for me, since it’s more practical to restyle than to buy right now.


  • I would love to see more of your roots.

    How was your teenage self? Just a little more about your past would be a great read.

    Or maybe more videos from your lovely self/life. More music playlists even!

    Elsie your blog has been one of my favs for years, keep up the amazing work girlie!

  • I really want to know how you’ve been doing your most recent beehive. You know the one–it’s more ovular, you had it with your granny square sweater?

    Also, I think it’d be fun to see a blogger flashback–shows us vintage Elsie/Emma pics, from when you were a little kid! Another fashion blogger I read used to do that (I think she stopped) but I always just loved it.

  • I loved the peachy keen make up tutorial as well. I have a peach colored eyeshadow and every time I use it I think of your tips. Its the perfect start to a sunny day 🙂 xx Shelley

  • elsie..
    i would love to see a post about why you love missouri, what specifics about springfield that you love the most, with all of your travels have you been anywhere you were tempted to move to???
    hope this is a post you consider (O:

  • Hi, I love reading your blog and it’s always the one I catch up on first on my bloglovin… I really love the posts about your shop and business, and I’d like to see more behind the scenes stuff. A house tour would be cool.

    Love and crumpets, Lois xx

  • Hi Elsie – love all your posts 🙂

    Especially daily outfit posts – please don’t cut back!- and would love to see more DIY posts. Also as others have said, a hair styles post or video post would be great.


  • oh and i adore the idea of seeing old pics of you and telling us about what you were like in your teens etc.. hugs xx

  • Thanks for all the positive suggestions! I have noted all these ideas and will be working them into my blog this Spring & Summer too!
    XO. Elsie

  • I was just thinking it would be great if you could help me find awesome shops that carry vintage or vintage-looking dresses in bigger sizes? So many of the cute little shops just go to Large, and that just ain’t fittin’ the old frame. Any suggestions? BTW, I read your blog everyday–I love it and am so glad I found it!

  • i like your ‘what’s in my bag’ posts, so i request you do some more posts like that!

    -what’s in my makeup bag
    -what’s in my grocery bag
    -what’s in my overnight bag
    -what’s in my car
    -what’s in my shower cubby

    also, ‘one day in photos’ would be fun too! and more playlists!! i love those.

    love your journal!

  • More behind the scenes posts about your business would be nice.Also more photos of your shop and home would be cool. Always love DIY posts. I’d like to hear more about your life. It feels like you used to share more about yourself on here. Love your blog and have been a long time reader!

  • i just stumbled upon your blog and i am in LOOOOOVE. thank you for sharing everything that you share. Opening a store has been a lifelong dream of mine, so thanks for being an inspiration, too.

    Muwah **


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