10 Things I LOVE: crafty & cute edition

1. DIY metallic oxfords by I Spy DIY. so cute!!






2. I love these planters from Etsy. so cute & original!


3. chocolate filled raspberries. Yowza! (seen here)


4. yea, i like fanny packs. this one is super cute!


5. I would totally wear this cute little handmade jumper by Violet Bella. adorable.


6. I really really really want to commission Caitlin Shearer to do a portrait of Jeremy and I. (we sorta have a collection growing…..)


7. love this little purse. powder blue is one of my favorite colors this season!


8. I’m crazyyyy for these screen printed leggings. SO cute & original.


9. UM….. this is insane in the most beautiful way! One of my summer goals is to build a dreamy closet (in our spare bedroom) and display all my vintage in an organized way. I’m the kind of person who forgets what I own if I can’t see it, so open storage is a must. This is super inspiring! via Pink Kitten

10. These are my favorite business cards I’ve seen in recent history. so creative and funny too! I love offbeat promotional ideas.

well…. i’m off to get fancied up for our wedding shower today! I’ll be sure to post photos soon! My weekend was full of e-course writing, falafel, Brad Pitt and shopping for sandals. Hope yours was lovely too! XO, elsie

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