10 things i love: dreamy home edition!


This past week I got a peek at my bestie’s beautiful home. It’s too perfect for words… truly. After seeing her new space I felt inspired & challenged to devote some time and planning to our living space. For me, it’s more of a long term project (I doubt I’ll be ready for a home tour till late summer or maybe even Autumn…) but Mr. Larson and I have been planning to do a lot of home updates and projects this summer, after the wedding.

So, without further ado, here are 10 Things I Love… from the insides of other people’s homes! enjoy!

1. Even though I have a shop/studio space, I love the idea of working at home. A little creative space is essential! I love this home/work space, seen via The Selby. Pure magic!


2. I’m a fan of this storage system (seen via Poppytalk). It’s fun and playful. I would love something of this nature in my dressing room or studio… even the laundry room. It’s pretty.

3. I’m all the way into this! The patterned walls are so perfect. Totally love.. lust… want to have something with these shapes in my space. Now I just have to figure out where…? Seen via Design For Mankind.


5. I love these silly things & totally want one.


6. On my ‘most wanted list’ hanging vintage chairs. L O V E! (seen via Lune)

7. I adore this art! It’s the perfect splash of color. (via Apartment Therapy)

8. and this is my other most desired chair. i can’t wait to find one someday!! (she’s wearing a vintage Pucci dress too… so cute! source)

9. I love these colors & most of all that velvety couch! (via Australian Vogue Living)


10. Last, but not least, Rachel’s dreamy home. The houndstooth chair with mustard throw is pretty much perfection. I’m in love!

I’m looking forward to personalizing our newlywed home this summer. It’s on my 28 before 29 goal list! Collecting inspiration is so much fun.


XOXO! We’re off to our favorite Italian dinner spot for a meeting with our wedding pastor. Happy Sunday! elsie

  • Oh have a good dinner and meeting with the pastor! πŸ™‚ I love these pics. I totally thought about your design aesthetic when I was watching the old movie Suspiria on Netflix. In the early scenes there is an apartment building that a girl runs to (and eventually does not make it out of) but this apartment has the most awesome geometric designs in it…and the color combos are soooo 70’s awesomeness. I am not sure if you’ve seen it, and it moves a bit slow, but is a classic horror movie…so its kinda expected…but you should look through it just to see the room designs! πŸ™‚ Hearts, Janna Lynn

  • So much inspiration! I am completely smitten with Rachel’s home. It is so pretty! And I love that home/work space from The Selby! It is sooo so so dreamy! xx

  • So awesome, I’m pretty obsessed with interior design! I would also love to know, if you don’t mind, where you got that heart sweater/cardigan(?)!!…I’ve been trying to find a really cute one for a while now πŸ™‚

  • I’m obsessed with home decor! I wish I had the time, money and motivation to actually put forth effort into making my house (er, apartment) more of a home. I wish I could just snap my fingers & get it done like Mary Poppins!

  • I have a thing for chairs and the hanging chairs and egg chair are totally on my list! I also love Eames chairs – any of them- and the clear Lucite chairs (which Ikea) has a version of.

  • I absolutely adore Rachel’s home decor. Good luck make your own home cozy lady. Hope you have a good meeting with your wedding pastor.

  • Whoa! There are so many things on this list that I equally love! The vintage hanging chairs, patterned wall coverings… it is such a great post to read, especially with the recently new apartment to decorate!! Thanks Elsie πŸ™‚

  • definitely have a studio(room) at home, you never know when inspiration will come!!

    january, x


  • I love peeking into other peoples homes for inspiration, Rachel’s house is gorgeous, loving the details! I hope you had a great meeting with your Pastor and a yummy dinner! Take care!

  • I love those hanging chairs. My parents have something similar but it is a canvas material, and it is seriously so comfortable!

  • Rachels house is stunning, it looks straight out of a 1960s sitcom. i just love it… hopefully one day i will have enough $ to decorate πŸ™‚ for now, its all donation furniture πŸ™‚

    Steffys Pros and Cons

  • I love all your favorites this week! Especially Rachel’s house!!! I hope your meeting goes well!

    *Yellow Cat Studio*


    I canNOT wait to graduate college and get my OWN space to furnish. YES! THANK YOU for the inspiration πŸ™‚

  • I was quite taken aback to see Fiona Bruce featuring on your post! I never thought of her as a style icon! (She is a BBC TV presenter and presents the Antiques Roadshow on Sunday evenings on this side of the Atlantic!). I’m loving it all though! x

  • A great list! These are amazing pictures! The chair is the ball chair by Eero Aarnio from Finland. You should also check out his “bubble” chair. It’s my favorite! xo Krisse

  • I love Rachel’s house too!
    Also, like Rebecca I thought it was so funny to see Fiona Bruce featured in your blog – she presented the news here in the UK for a long time, so she’s known more for that here – she is very stylish though! I took my daughter to an exhibition at a nearby museum last year where we got to sit in one of those chairs, love it!

  • I love the retro look! I’m doing a version of it in my new place. My favourite piece is a orange leather ottoman in my living room!


  • this is such a great post! and i am totally in love with that triangle patterned wallpaper! if only my man would agree to walls like that!

  • i have the EXACT same brown chair as rachel! i found it at a yard sale for $5. it’s my favorite chair!

  • Ok, so about the pod chair. Those things are nuts! Just last weekend my parents and I went to purchase a new living room set. We wandered into the wrong shop next to the one we had meant to go to and they had that exact one in there. White exterior, red interior. Oh if I knew how much it was I’d tell you, and I highly doubt you’ll be near southern Connecticut any time soon. :< β™₯

  • Loved seeing this post as i am in the middle of renovating my own space, very inspiring! My roommate and I happen to have one of those pod chairs in our living room! Black exterior, green interior, full swivel action! I couldn’t tell you how much they are as we got ours for free from a miss sixty store in the valley that went out of business. we also got 3 really unique tables as well. A route worth looking into for some great pieces!

  • Very dreamy, indeed! Now I know that you have a colorful and interesting personality because of your top 10 picks! By the way, Rachel’s house looks nice, and Selby’s home is outrageous!

  • That room from Rachel’s home is such a revelation! I like the idea of putting up a statement on the wall as a design instead of using photo frames. It gives the room a kind of contemporary feel to it, and the white walls add to that effect. I also like the minimalist design of the room. =)

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