Happy Weekend






Happy weekend to you! I love the sunshine even it's off and on here in Missouri. Guess what? My wedding invitations finally came in the mail today. I'm running a little late, but so happy with them and having fun addressing and stamping each one! I'll show you a peek tomorrow. Hope your weekend is lovely! 

Outfit Details: Mustard T-Strap Heels c/o Ruche, Dress/my design,Five Triangles Necklace c/o Shlomit Ofir, Belt/thrifted, Gold Nail Polish/OPI Sonata and Bring On The Bling â™¥

  • Can’t wait to see the invitations, knowing you i’m sure they will be great!

    A Girl’s Next Best Friend

  • Beautiful as always!

    I put on an outfit last night and actually thought, “This is totally something that Elsie would wear.” Which made me smile because I adore your fashion sense and your entrepreneurial moxie. You are an inspiration! : )



  • I hope you have a wonderful weekend! You looks adorable. That dress is prefect on you and I always love sparkly nails. Stop by if you get a chance and check out my upcycled clothing line the urban journey collection.

  • What a pretty outfit! Ottawa, ON Canada is not so sunny today. I’m jealous!


  • Super cute! You are so lucky that summer is rolling in for you guys over that side of the world. We are just heading into winter here in New Zealand and I am NOT loving it… my slippers even came out today:(

  • Such a cute Spring outfit! I always chicken out of wearing socks with my dresses even though I’ve always wanted to, you have inspired me to give it another try <3

  • So very cute and sweet. I love the dress, hello, adorable collar. It’s a great design, I’m really impressed. The yellow shoes are the perfect pop of color. I can’t wait to see your wedding invites too.

  • Elsie, u are so so beautiful.. and I just wanted to tell u I am so happy I bought your newest e course, it comes at the perfect time, one day I hope to hv a storefront just like you, one day. xo hugs YOU INSPIRE ME in every way. xo I am so happy for you and your most happy life. xo

  • Elsie,
    you’re great! My daugther loves you now she wants to be a fashion designer!! Your dress is lovely and the nail polish, WOW!!
    Love Moni.

  • Love this! You look amazing in your own creations…you should wear them more often! Yes, Missouri’s weather has been a little bipolar lately…but i thinks it supposed to be nice today!! Enjoy your Sunday!

  • Oh my goodness… your nails! Where did you find such glittery gold nail polish? I must find some now. 😉


  • I went out and bought gold nail polish just because of this post–on sale $1.99 at Walgreens…wooo!

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  • Y’all keep me on my toes!! I meant to say that any sewing pttrean will work — maybe an old halloween one you don’t need anymore?? Or I find them at thrift stores here. I have been selling them in my etsy shop also. 🙂 Happy hunting!!

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  • Angie – Love the texture of the pipe cnleears. So clever and creative and they look fabulous! Thanks so much for linking to the Sunday Showcase – I greatly appreciate it. I’ll be featuring this today. Hope you have a wonderful week ~ Stephanie Lynn

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