Style Your Space E-Course by Rachel


I'm so excited to share with you are new Red Velvet e-course by Rachel! It's called Style Your Space and it's a course about curating a home that's beautiful and personal. 

Here's what Rachel has to say…. "Style Your Space is my newest e-course. It's everything I've learned about styling a beautiful home on a budget. I share how to find your interior style, tips and tricks on arranging, interviews and room tours from eight other women whose own beautiful homes have influenced my style, and a few DIY's to make things more fun. This course is for anyone frustrated with their interior style or overwhelmed with pulling it together. Whether you love vintage, modern, factory line, or a little bit of everything, this course offers the tools to help you get the look you're going for." Here's a little info on each session…


Session 1: Introduction - Well curated homes take time and patience but you probably have a lot of what you need already.Session 2: My Vintage Romance - I share the story of my clueless decorating days, how I found my style, and why it's mostly pretty stuff that used to belong to someone else. Session 3: Finding Your Style - How to gorge yourself on interior eye candy, digest it, and create a plan. Plenty of resources and links to get you started. Room Tour: Lisa Congdon – Peek into her well curated living room. Session 5: Resources - Deciding what you need and where to find the good stuff. Session 6: Working With What You've Got – What to do if you're phasing it out or starting from scratch. Room Tour: Victoria Smith– This lady knows how to use pink. 


Session 8: Rules to Follow - Techniques that can make all the difference in how your space looks. Session 9: Rules To Break - Permission to disobey. Room Tour: Jenny Mitchell - Her bold and beautiful living room/dining room. Session11: Scale, Balance, & Composition – Examples from my own space on creating a beautiful vignette and making sure your arrangements are pleasing to the eye. Session 12: Arranging A Space - What comes first, second, third, etc. when layering your space. Room Tour: Rubyellen Bratcher - She didn't let her suburban track house stop her from creating a rich space full of character. Session 14: Display Dealbreakers - How to get it wrong. Room Tour: Andrea Jenkins - You'd never know it was a rental! Session 16: Dealing With the Ugly – Ideas to help you get through the rest of your lease. Session 17: Editing and Organizing - Taking out the clutter and replacing it with harmony. 


Room Tour: Ashley Campbell - DIY at it's best in her daughter's bright and cheerful room. Session 19: DIY Chevron Rug - Get in on this trend without spending a fortune. Session 20: Mod Industrial Lighting - An easy option when overhead lighting is driving you crazy. Session 21: Happy Hammock - Taking design outdoors. Step-by-step instructions to creating your new favorite spot in the yard (or your room!). Session 22: Geometric Art – An easy way to reuse an old frame and get a little creative with your wall space. Room Tour: Abbey Hendrickson – Not your traditional play room! Room Tour: Tania Patritti – Her well-organized, colorful studio space. Session 25: Afterthoughts – How long this could take and how not to panic. Bonus: Tips on photographing your space to show it's good side.


For more information or to purchase the class read hereโ™ฅ I'm so proud of Rachel. I've been previewing the course and it's extremely helpful and specific. I am getting married in a few week and one of my summer goals is to redecorate our newlywed home. This class is the perfect mix of information and inspiration for someone like me. I still feel like a beginner in the world of interior design and I really love Rachel's writing style. I that a lot of you enjoy it too! XO, elsie 

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