Thanks, Grandma!


OH MY GOSH! This beautiful baby arrived at my doorstep last week. I have been admiring it all week. It's a pear green KitchenAid Mixer and it was our first official wedding gift. Thanks, grandma…. I'm in love! Is it weird that I took a photo kissing it? Seemed like the right thing to do…

My parents & grandmother also gifted us an amazing teal vintage couch! I'll post photos this weekend after we get it moved into the house. sooo excited! 

On the topic of kitchens, what should I make with it first? Lemonade Cookies maybe? Any favorite recipes to share? 

While I'm being all random and stuff, here's a sneak-peek from the next makeover story that will be coming up soon…. 


I'm off to take suki for a walk! XX, elsie 

  • Love that mixer!

    I am also one of the 2% whose photos aren’t showing! πŸ™

  • If I didn’t already have one, it would’ve been on my list of wants for my wedding. I’ve drooled over them for years!

    And no, I don’t think it’s weird to have a photo of you kissing it. I was hugging mine like it was a teddy bear when I got it for Christmas a few years ago.

  • LOVE that kitchen aid mixer….Jon and I got a light blue one for our wedding and I can usually be found making Oreo Cheesecakes in it. πŸ™‚ Hope you enjoy it!

  • I use mine to make butter. Homemade butter is the best! It is really easy and you can add in things like honey, maple syrup, herbs, salt….Yum.

  • How cute!! I would think some good old fashioned chocolate chip cookies are in order, but that’s just me! Tip: use ice cold milk, and keep your batter in the freezer in between batches – it makes them super moist!

    Also, please tell us where you got that gold nail polish! Must have.

  • Such a great gift! Don’t mind kissing the kitchen aid – you’ll lover her even more when she is in use πŸ™‚ I got mine 5 month ago and sice then I bake nearly once a week…

  • ah i love the color of that! i always see the pink one in wiliam sonoma and want it!

    Steffys Pros and Cons

  • Oh, le sigh. This is going to be numero uno on my wedding want list someday, but in orange or aqua. Or maybe pink! So hard to pick colors.

  • hi! the gold polish is OPI! it was a gift from my pal, meg. πŸ™‚

    thanks for the foodie suggestions! i’m so excited to use it!

  • Oh, I am so jealous. I’ve wanted that exact Kitchen Aid for a few years now. The color is GORGEOUS. You better have fun using it! Or I’ll take it! ;] Kidding.

    Do you have that Lemon Cookie recipe posted anywhere? With the changing of seasons, I’m a bit impatient for summer. Lemon Cookies might speed things up!

  • what an adorable mixer! i’ve wanted a kitchen aid for awhile and promised myself when i get one that it has to be in a fun, unique color (not just black or white). congrats and here’s to fabulous baking!

  • i got my KA for christmas, and i literally hugged the box i was so excited. i would say kissing is definitely appropriate.

    i made some meyer lemon sugar cookies a couple of weeks ago that were a-maaaazing. recipe from here, just with meyer lemons instead of regular:

    you have to try bread, too – watching the dough hook do its thing is magical.

  • I took pictures of mine when I got it too (mine’s red). You’d think it was a new baby the way a fawned over it

  • Love the mixer, I don’t bake, but I would just love to have it for my kitchen as a decoration! HA!

    I can’t wait to see the next makeover story…you change lives with them that’s for sure! Love the nail polish! (o;


  • amazing!! lucky girl. i have an old kitchenaid that was my grandma’s. unfortunately it is not pretty, but it still works! i just made some blueberry bars with mine. delish!

  • Congrats on the kitchen aid mixer! We got one as a wedding present and I’ve seriously been obsessed with it since the moment I opened the box! I love turning the thing on and being able to walk away or gently add ingredients while it’s still mixing! It’s baking heaven!

    CONGRATS! =)


  • I LOVE my Kitchenaid! Mine was too, in fact, our first wedding gift (mine is ice blue) from my Grandma also. I can’t imagine my baking life without it now, for reals.

    I have a bunch of yummy cupcake recipes on my blog:

    Also google “NY times chocolate chip cookies” – they are the best choco chip cookies I’ve ever made! Yum!

  • I got my kitchen aide after 10years of marriage! LOL and I’m in love too. I kiss my all the time. lipstick prints on chrome. <3

  • This is a nice, simple cake that I’ve made at least 20 times. It’s always perfect – not too sweet, full of berries (beginning to be the perfect time for it), and immensely eatable. My husband & I polished one off in two days, so the “serves 8” is very loose…

    P.S. Put in as many berries as you can (more than the recipe calls for even). Make the top completely full of them. You’ll be glad you did. Note: I just used strawberries yesterday, but my favorite is a raspberry / strawberry mix with a couple of blackberries thrown in too.

  • I got one for my wedding shower also but mine is white. I rarely use it :

    Yours is such a sweet color!

  • i just got a white one a couple of weeks ago! i wanted pink or purple or teal BUT.. the white one was on sale and i couldn’t beat it!

  • I LOVE this mixer– so appropriate to take a kissing photo. Also love your nails– is that one polish or layers? I think I need it!!

  • Yay! Lucky girl! My 3 bffs in high school all promised we would get each other one hen we get married! I’m hoping for a turquoise one πŸ™‚

  • OOH!! My boyfriend bought me one for our anniversary this past year. I LOVE IT! I have wanted one for sooo long! You are going to be baking and cooking so much with it. The first recipe I used it for was pizza dough. It makes life so easy! Enjoy!

  • PLEASE PLEASE! What nail polish are you wearing?!
    Thanks! (I’m asking for that mixer for my birthday since it doesn’t look like I’ll be registering for wedding presents anytime soon!)

  • Oh, gorgeous! We got a KitchenAid–the cheaper processor though–and it makes the *best* breadsticks ever! Honestly, I think the first thing you should make in it should be bread. It just feels right, and homey, and befitting of your first home as a married couple. Or maybe something with pears?

  • It’s beautiful! And it kind of looks like it’s puckered up and ready for you to give it a kiss. πŸ™‚

  • eek! the nail polish is at my shop and i’m at home today. I’ll check the labels and post about it soon.. maybe a new makeup post!

    XO, elsie

  • OOOO, hurray for wedding gifts! BC Its spring, I would definitely say either something with lemons, or maybe a tart (or little ones so you can play with the variety of fruits coming!).

  • Jealous about the mixer! I don’t even own one now so i wouldn’t know what to do first if i had one…hehe. And congrats on the couch too. It was always one of my favs. So happy for you!

  • I love using my Kitchen Aid to help with a perfect night at home date night – it is so easy to make home made pizza dough when you’ve got a Kitchen Aid pal to help you out! And while the dough is kneading away, you can get all your favourite toppings ready.
    Our pizzas always end up funny looking because we haven’t mastered the stretch and toss, but they are always delicious and its a really fun way to make dinner together!

  • That kitchen aid mixer is super cute. I actually have a vintage kitchen aid mixer, but it’s on its last leg I think. Such a bummer. πŸ™

  • I just bought the green apple Mixer. It’s beautiful. I’ve wanted one for years and finally decided to stop waiting for marriage to get one. It’s not like baking starts when you say I Do. πŸ™‚

  • Congrats on your mixer!! I read a fun article in college on reasons not to rush into marrige and one was “to get the kitchenaid mixer you’ve always wanted!” I told my mom and a week later she sent me a pink handheld kitchenaid mixer in the mail with a note saying that “now the pressure to marry is officially off!” It was so sweet! When I bought my first home last fall, she gave me a turquoise kitchenaid stand mixer as a housewarming gift… now I’ll never “need” to get married.. πŸ™‚

  • Ah! I want a KitchenAide mixer SO BADLY. I am trying to get my fiance to settle on a color with me for our registry, but he’s being a bit grumpy on the subject. He wants a non-colorful one. πŸ™ I’m still working on him, though! haha

  • Yes ditto to the nailpolish color request. I really need to splurge and a Kitchen Aide. I have a Vintage Mixer, but it doesn’t function that great, so it doesn’t get much use. MMMM maybe if I get a great tax return. We’ll see…love the yellow!!!

  • Congratilations! The Kitchen Aid is super!
    You say only 2% of the users are affected to the technical problem of photobucket?
    Lucky me, I am affected, too!

  • Hi there- Just came across your site a couple days ago. NO, it is not weird at all and very adorable. I have been known to kiss my orange expresso maker too πŸ™‚
    Am just seeing your dream job course too. Is this interactive or pretty much self driven? Just curious cause it looks supah!

  • I am so jealous of that mixer! The color is amazing and I have wanted a kitchen aid for years. I will definitely have one on my college graduation wish list.

  • Lucky! I love that color! I wanted a teal or aqua kitchenaid (to which everyone said, what if you get sick of it? REally, come on!) I ended up with a silver one. Boring!

    I can’t wait to see your new makeover story! They are so fun!

  • Q: Am just seeing your dream job course too. Is this interactive or pretty much self driven? Just curious cause it looks supah!
    A: Aubrey, It’s work at your own pace. It’s not interactive. It’s more like an e-book on a really cute private blog!

    Thanks for the kindness, everybody!!! Elsie

  • KitchenAid mixers are the best thing EVER!! I don’t let anyone touch mine. Ha. It’s my baby.

    And cookies are a good first make.

  • Ahhhhh I am SO jeaous!! Dying for that exact same one! Lucky girl πŸ™‚

    P.S LOVE your Jessica Simpson shoes. SO cute

  • I have a red KitchenAid stand mixer, and I definitely love it enough to pose for quick smooch. Congrats on the new edition to your kitchen!

  • the lime color is rad!!! if i was gifted one of those babies, i would kiss it too πŸ™‚

    p.s. love your blog!

  • It’s really not weird to kiss that mixer. I’m a big late-night baker thanks to my work schedule. When the kitchen is a disaster at 1am and everything is covered in goop it never ceases to amaze me how ridiculously easy my KitchenAid is to clean. I may have hugged it once in gratitude.

  • Oh goodness! I just got the Tangerine Kitchenaide mixer as a wedding gift last week. I wish I was allowed to play with all of my new things BEFORE the wedding!

  • My mom gave me her 70’s avocado green Kitchen Aid when she moved in with my sister. I have such fond memories from my childhood which I now get to pass on to my kids through the use of this ol’ thing with them!

    I’m sure you will enjoy yours for years to come and perhaps pass it on as well…

  • It’s really not weird to kiss that mixer. I’ve become a big late-night baker due to my long work hours. At 1am when everything is covered in goop it never ceases to amaze me that the KitchenAid cleans up with a few swipes of the sponge. I often hug it to express my gratitude.

  • extremely jealous, I need to get married so I can coerce someone into buying a kitchen aid mixer, have wanted one for sooooo longgg

  • I would love a makeover from you, Elsie. How do I get one? πŸ˜€

  • I know this is a very old post, but I have the pear Kitchenaid mixer too! I also have a kissing/embracing picture from Christmas lol. It’s so lovely!!

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