Aviary Cafe and Creperie: Places I Love










I've had tons of requests to share favorite local spots from my hometown, Springfield Missouri. In the summertime we get lots of amazing out-of-town blog readers and visitors at Red Velvet's local shop and I am always handwriting little lists of 'places to go' for people. I'm excited to share a few of our favorite spots in this coming season! 

Aviary Cafe and Creperie is a new addition in downtown Springfield. I had lunch there with Emma this week and we both loved it! They have a great menu with lots of things we wanted to try. The atmosphere is airy and friendly. They play good music and there is a lot of natural light. It's a pretty dreamy spot! 

Oh… and for those curious, the sunglasses photographed above are from Tumbleweeds. You can see me wearing them in this outfit post


If you're in the Springfield area this summer, go visit Aviary and let me know what you think. XO! elsie 

  • Great post, makes me crave a crepe. I always love your photos, they make me want to be more creative with my own blog. Thanks for always inspiring and blessings on your marriage!!

  • Springfield looks so unexpectedly fun! The Hubs and I almost had to head to Missouri this weekend to pick up an ebay purchase, but it fell through. I’m telling you – the second I enter Missouri at any time in the future, I’m heading to Springfield! First stop – Red Velvet!


  • I LOVE the Aviary and totally thought of you when I went there the first time! My favorite thing in there is that “Please Don’t Leave” mat. I’m so proud to have such awesome places in Springfield!

  • how come you have the most amazing town?! i want to live there! everything always looks so cute! πŸ™‚

  • This place looks great and I love your blog! I just moved to Springfield from Fayetteville, AR. I love thrifting and antiquing but I don’t know where to go in Springfield. Where are your favorite flea markets and thrift stores?

  • I really like the nail polish and rings you are wearing! Where did you buy them?

  • So excited to add this to my roadtrip list! Going to be visiting my glamorous Grammy this summer at Lake of the Ozarks, we’ll be planning a vintage treasure hunt, and a special trip to Springfield so I can visit your shop! Hoooray!


  • Those chairs are wonderful. Speaking as someone that has old lady hands. Your hands are adorable.

  • such a lovely place-I can tell the atmosphere is great just by the pictures! <3 Now I'm in the mood for crepes πŸ™‚

  • My brother will be spending a year in America, and I’m trying to persaude him to pick a uni. near Red Velvet so I can go and visit him and your shop at the same time! This cafe looks like another plus for Springfield.

  • They all look like wonderfull little qualitys of places,that sandwich has just made me very hungry! lovely blog by the way, love from izzy xxx

  • you’re so wonderful at suggesting adorable places in Springfield. Gailey’s was one of my favorite breakfast places EVER. i keep thinking about making their “sweet browns” at home….so delicious.

  • How have I not heard of this place!? It looks amazing…will have to check it out. Where downtown is it? Thanks for sharing!!

  • Okay this has convinced me..i NEED to visit missouri at some point in my life. My plan would be to visit all the lovely places and spend a day in RVA. Better start saving πŸ™‚

  • This place looks amazing! i wish there were cute places like this around here…alas, all i have are casinos around me -_-


  • Hi! The sandwich is cheese & raspberry preserves.

    The nail polish is Violet by Revlon & my stone ring is from Urban Outfitters (this season).

    Thanks for all the kind words! I can’t wait to share another favorite spot this week! XO, elsie

  • My hubby and I visited Aviary this weekend to help celebrate his late birthday day, and it was amazing. Great ambiance, creative menu and tasty local wine. A++ in my book!

  • The pringfield Missouri. In the summertime we obtain lots of remarkable out-of-town blog readers and guests at Red Velvet’s regional store and I am invariably handwriting small registers of ‘places to go’ for people.

  • The new augmentation in downtown Springfield. I had luncheon there with Emma this week and we both loved it! They have a many items with items of things we desired to try. The sky is airy and friendly. They play good tunes and there is many of natural light. It’s a beautiful dreamy spot!

  • Nice pics. You have a very good blog post. I’m taking a trip soon so thanks for giving me an idea to visit this place.

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