How To Style A Summertime Twist



I've recently read a lot of reader requests for easy summer hairstyles. This style is so pretty. It can be styled with a daytime outfit or going out at night! Best of all, it only takes about five minutes to style! 




Step 1-2: Depending on the volume of your hair, separate your locks into 4-6 sections. Twist each section and roll it into a mini bun at the bottom of the back of your scalp. Start with the outermost sections. Pin each section as you twist it with 2-3 bobby pins per bun.  


Steps 3-4: Continue twisting and working your way to the center of the scalp. If you have a gap in between two buns, repin to fill the space. 

Steps 5-6: Pin any long hairs that are still loose. 

Step 7: You've done it! Now, you can wear it like this or add pretty things. 

Steps 8-10: We added a pretty little flower we made with raw silk. It's the perfect summer hairstyle, both pulled together and effortless! 



These twists are perfect for quick styling when you're on-the-go! Be sure to try a variety of accessories like a handmade flower or bow


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