Instagram Inspiration: Things to do with your pretty photos!




Like many of you, I love using instagram! It's so fun, simple, and easy to maintian since (like most people) my phone never leaves my side. It does, however, sadden me that I haven't printed out a single photo from my iPhone.


First up, this amazing instagram wall display (via Apartment Therapy). I love photo photo displays that make you realize how full and beautiful everyday life really is! I can't wait to print my photos out and attempt something inspired by this wall.

Secondly, I saw (via Naomi's twitter) that Blurb is now offering these super cute Instagram mini albums. Now, this is perfect because my BFF took about 1000 phone pics on our wedding day. Enough to fill a whole album? Yes, I'm pretty sure. I'm going to order one ASAP. I might start ordering one each season with our newlywed memories… how sweet! 

Recently, Jeremy and I had a conversation about how much blogging / iPhone / digital photography have changed the way we approach photography. It's so instantly gratifying that I often go a full year without printing any photos at all. I have fewer and few photo albums (much less scrapbooks) in my home. I think that is pretty sad and so these solutions excite me! I want something for my kids to look through when we're old besides my blog…. and no, I'm not pregnant. (joke of the day, sorry I had to… wink!)

Hope these solutions inspire some of you to print our your memories! xo. elsie

PS. my instagram user name is elsiecake XO! 

  • LOVE this, Elsie! My instragrams are so close to my heart and it is sad I haven’t printed them!.

    I have found so much inspiration on your blog. As always, thanks for sharing.

  • I haven’t printed a photo in years. I miss getting photos from Walgreens and fitting them into the best frames.

    You’re right. It’s time to print, paste, and decorate for posterity-even if the babes don’t even exist yet.

  • Wow, that wall display is amazing! Like an updated version of a Polaroid photo wall 🙂 and I love the idea of making a book!

    I feel the same way about digital photography but somehow I don’t mind the lack of physical photos… I like being able to store everything on a hard drive rather than having a ton of photo albums taking up space. But it’s nice to have actual copies to hold too, which is probably one of the reasons film photography and instant cameras are becoming so popular again. Even I dragged out my old Canon SLR with plans to take some film photos soon!

    I love your instagrams :3 I’m so addicted to that app! I’m ‘hyzenthley’ on there <3

  • I love this! I’m so glad you shared because I have tons of instagram photos and I didn’t know about these things 🙂

  • There is a super awesome sites that will turn your instagram photos into stickers, that sounds neat too.

    i’m totally going to follow you on instagram! mine is saraalana

  • There is also an app called Postagram that will print a postcard of your instagram and send it anywhere for 1$.

  • Fabulous!! I love Instagram and discovered it shortly after the birth of my daughter. I have so many sweet pictures of her that need printed 🙂

  • That wall display is amazing! So inspiring for an instagram addict like me.

    Last month I ordered stickers made from my instagram photos through Instagoodies and Artflakes. My orders arrived last week and I loved them so much that I decided to write a quick review.

    Here it is, for those who are interested in turning their photos into stickers:

    Those little mini books from Blurb look like they are made for me, so thank you for sharing!

    I love discovering new people to follow on Instagram, so if you post there please add me too! I’m “scarleta”.

  • last year, i gave up my cell phone and the boyfriend and i recently got internet. we own an old school big box tv but not cable.

    more n more i see the instagram being used and i adore it to the max. so quick n easy and i love vintage photos… i love photoshop, but instagram is so instant! i adore instagram and it sometimes makes me want a cellphone (iphone in particular) again.

    i’ve made an attempt to transfer all my photos to a cd, hoping to print them all b/c family & friends do love looking at photo albums.. not all of them check my blog out (unfortunately)… if all fails.. we can always print a photo book via shutterfly, right?

    have a good rest of the week, elsie 🙂

  • this is such a great post (new follower& fan) i too take a lot, I mean A LOT of photos.. but I actually get them printed through snapfish, they always send emails with promos like 200 prints for $2… and I found some really great diy type albums at papersource, so pretty.

  • I know I’m so excited to do a Blurb book too! Especially since you can import the photos straight from your Instagram account. 🙂 I’ve been stocking up on 12×12 frames during the Aaron Bros penny sale and will be getting 12×12 mosaics printed of my fave square format iPhone photos that I’ve taken. Can’t wait!

  • that a great idea! my new years resolution this year was to print out photos and put them in an album- i have so many memories all in my hardrive! There’s also something cool about holding an actual photo in your hand.

  • Oh, gosh … this is such a good idea! I also love instagram & these look like perfect Christmas gift ideas.

    Kelly @
    Elegantly Academic

  • This is an amazing idea! I love that there’s an easy way to just print everything and have it in an album, I seriously need to start doing that too. Thanks for sharing!

  • i love blurb and instagram! i just ordered an album this morning too, and posted a preview on my blog! it was super fast and easy! i can’t wait to get it!

  • i LOVE this post! you are so right about wanting more photos around the home especially to remember all of the fun moments that you’ve had instead of having them all stashed away in a phone!! love all of these ideas 🙂 i’m still a scrapbook maker at heart! but would LOVE to try one of these projects out!



  • I think that wall of everyday shots is awesome – and indeed a great way of saving memories for future posterity 😉 I don’t do Instagram as I don’t own a mobile (the only reason I’d get one is to join the instagram fun!!), but I would really do this if I was lucky to get the Instax mini I have my eye on for my birthday. Cool 🙂 Great inspiration Elsie, thank you 🙂

  • i love love love the instagram book. that looks amazing & i think i need one in my life asap. also, the wall hanging looks pretty awesome too.

  • You are so right! Since I’m heading off to college next month I’ve come to realize I have very few tangible pictures to take with me! I’m on a mission to print lots and lots! Thanks for sharing these awesome links! <3

  • I absolutely LOVE to make scrapbooks, especially of holiday adventures. But you are so right, we hardly ever print photos out and make real albums or anything any more. Oh by the way I just wanted to let you know that I borrowed some images of your shop. I hope that’s alright with you guys, if not please let me know. xx

  • I agree, it is kind of sad to not print photos anymore. I still love leafing through the big, messy boxes my parents have of pictures of my brother and I growing up. I feel like my blog is where I store things now and Blogger has a print to book option – although I haven’t tried that yet. Love the giant photo display idea – too bad frames are so pricey!

  • Lately, I’ve seen so many blog talking about Instagram! This make me want to buy i phone more! Well, anyway, beautiful blog you have here 😀

  • My father, every day, reminds us how we have no more printed photos thanks to digital photography. It’s true! The photos of our great great grandparents on our wall will last forever, but I dont know what will happen to all my memories on my computer…

  • This post is brilliant, I have so many lovely (well lovely in my humble opinion haha) instagram photos and other then the few I post on my blog, most of them will never see the light of day! I adore the idea of the wall display, I think I might run this idea by my boyfriend to see if he will let me do something similar in our lounge room. Thanks so much for the inspiration Elsie! x

  • great lead about that blurb book for instagram, i have some great ones but i never thought much of doing anything with them, now I have a good reason to take more! Maybe just a whole one of arm reach photos of my face from the same (good) angle. haha. noooo….not really.

    That was a funny mistake about the expecting blogger today!!

  • This is such a genius idea thanks so much for sharing. I’m on there if any of y’all want to add me my name is dianneohdeer !

    I’m totally going to order one of these, what a great way to keep a summary of your year. Mine is mostly goign to end up being pictures of neighbourhood cats and flowers!

    xx Di

  • Ahh! I wish I’d known about the mini albums sooner. My husband and I are celebrating our first year anniversary this weekend and this would have made a great gift! oh well, next year… =)

  • I don’t have an iphone 🙁 but i really love instagram, i whish theyd make it for android too! I use other programs but this sure is a great idea to display them :)!

  • This is great. I’ll admit, I’ve had my phone since I was 14 and I love it. It hasn’t got internet or all these fancy apps, but I love snapping photos on disposables. There’s nothing like it! Not knowing what you’re going to get until they’re developed, I love that feeling. I feel that’s real life snaps as people usually go through your camera and delete the ones they don’t like of themselves. Which I find sad ): Maybe one day I’ll buy a fancy phone haha xxx

  • Love it! I also just heard of StickyGram that lets you print out stickers of your instagrams. It’s on invite only, and I can’t wait to get started!!

    That Instagram wall display is AMAZING.

    – Mel

  • Thank you for this! As someone not naturally gifted at photograph, instagram has made photography fun for me. I even feel more confident in it. So I’d love to make a mini album too! Yey!

  • Brillant idea, love your blog. Its gorgeous, your gorgeous!(I hate when people correct spelling and grammar but you accidentally wrote that you have enough phone picture to full a whole wedding album, instead of fill a whole album.) Anyways this looks like a cute fun, idea I might cover an entire wall.

  • I often feel the absence of an Iphone painful when I see Instagram projects like these. I think I need one… anyway, but that first idea is super spiffy. And huge. I love that. 😀

  • i’m in the same boat! i haven’t printed pictures out….well….i can’t even remember the last time! i hardly have any pictures in our house. they are all stuck in the computer & phone. the mini album for each season is such a neat idea! i for sure want to remember this. 🙂

  • I love Libby Story’s Tulle Shoulder Button Dress. Its just divine. Hard to choose though. I love all of her stuff.

  • It makes me sad to think my (future) children won’t have albums to look through, like I do at my parents, or grandparents. That is, they won’t if I don’t get on the ball…

  • That’s so cool! Part of me almost thinks it’d be worth getting an iPhone just for instagram. And then another part of me remembers I’m on a budget. 😛

  • Love this! I have found a couple of web services that will print instagram photos but other sites like shutterfly aren’t there yet, so you wouldn’t get the proper square size. I’ curious as to how these other people printed theirs! I’m friends with a professional photographer that used the printer she uses for her clients to print her instagrams, but otherwise, options are limited!

  • Have you heard of the app PostalPix? It let’s you order prints straight from your phone to your mailbox!! It’s so cute to have cute little 4×4 iPhone pictures taped up with washi all over the house!! Thanks for sharing this. <3

  • You should try to make it a habit of developing photos. 🙂 I do it every four months and put the albums out on my coffee table. My friends actually like coming over to see them because I’m the only of us who develops them. There’s something about physically flipping through a photo album that you can’t get flipping through your phone or computer. 🙂

  • I feel the same way! I have less and less printed photos/scrapbooks etc. I haven’t made an album since college! Thanks for sharing!

  • Oh my god. These are such amazing ideas! I love this! A room full of pictures?! Beautiful!

  • Fun! I’m a photo taking gal too…but most of the printed photos are from yeeeeeears ago. Thanks for sharing these ideas. Have you heard about printstagram and postagram? They are fun options too:)

  • i don’t even have an iphone (yet!) and am completely in love with the gigantic wall hanging! what a wonderful visual piece, both up close or from a distance.

  • That wall display rocks! Aside from that wall display, you also gotta love that application! It’s such a great way to turn your photos into something more fabulous. And you can also use that for your business!=)

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  • Where did you find that giant photo frame? It’s amazing!

  • e from that wall display, you also gotta love that application! It’s such a great way to turn your photos into something more fabulous. And you can also use that for your business!=)

  • That wall display rocks! Aside from that wall display, you also gotta love that application! It’s such a great way to turn your photos into something more fabulous. And you can also use that for your business!=)

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