3 Ways To Dress Up a Winter Coat!



I don't know about you, but in Missouri it's already jacket weather most days. Winter seems to last forever here in the Midwest, so Emma and I put together three fun ways to dress up a winter coat! With these tips you can add cute details and "spice up" your winter coat throughout the cold weather season. We used this yellow coat c/o Francesca's Collections. It's adorable and warm, while still lightweight. See the above photo for a look at the coat before any accessories are added.


Tip 1: Tie a silk scarf around the collar of your coat. You can keep a small stash of scarves that coordinate with your coat in your closet and wear different ones for different occasions!


Tip 2: Don't forget vintage brooches. I love collecting these enamel brooches! They are perfect for a winter coat because they can be heavy and a coat is durable enough to support them. They're so cute and add the perfect bit of vintage to a winter outfit!


Tip 3:
Add a bow tie. You can add any clip on bow tie to a winter coat. I made this bow myself using this method! If you don't have one, try making one with velvet ribbon for a super cute nod to the 1960s!

Have a lovely day! elsie