12 Photos from 2011 (Year In Review)

January 2011Each year I choose one photo from each month to remember some highlights. You can read my 2010 recap too. I must admit this year was incredibly hard to narrow down! From starting a new fashion line, to saying "I do". 2011 was incredibly full of loving moments, hard work and celebrations! January: I was lucky enough to take newborn photos for my pal Katie when her family welcomed the most beautiful baby girl! Family was an important theme in 2011 as I was married to the kindest man, my friends were having babies and my sister and I became closer than ever. 

February 2011February: We launched our first dress collection for Red Velvet! This was one of the biggest dreams-come-true of my life and a huge step for our brand. You can read the full story here. Definitely a life changing memory.

March 2011March: Our shop was featured in Readymade Magazine! Emma and I had lots of cocktail night celebrations this past year. Enjoying each milestone together has been one of the sweetest parts of owning a biz. I love her.

April 2011April: Yikes! We'd better start planning our wedding… haha. We threw together our wedding in about two months. I don't regret a single thing! It was so much fun. A few favorite memories were switching wedding dresses about 10 times, helping my bridesmaids pick dresses, choosing our dance songs with Jeremy and having a week packed with quality time with some of my favorite people on the planet.

May 2011May: I became Mrs. Larson! Our wedding day was everything we dreamed of. I'm proud to say that I had 0 Bridezilla moments… although Emma and I had a memorable fight about gelato flavors. It made a good story, though, don'tcha think? I can honestly say that May was one of the happiest months of my life! 

June 2011June: While we were honeymooning we made lists of newyled traditions to begin! We started re-decorating our newlywed home in June and got into the habit of frequent date nights… it was a lovely month! 

July 2011July: A little bit of much needed girl time! This was a wonderful weekend with my ladies. 

August 2011August: In August I got a little blog-crazy! Emma and I worked super hard to start bringing more frequent DIYs to this blog. It was a fun and challenging month. I love a good challenge, so I remember this month fondly. It was a happy-crazy work month! 

September 2011September: We gave birth to our second dress collection! It was five times larger than the first collection and we had a good night of celebrating after that launch. Woohoo! 

October 2011October: Hooray…. my baby brother married the sweetest lady! It was a day to remember… I love Autumn weddings… and there was PIE!

November 2011November: My fondest memories of November were riding around on our matching bikes, turning 29 and feeling loved. November is always a good month. It just is. 

December 2011December: Jeremy gave me the biggest surprise of my year when we told me we were getting a new puppy. This Christmas can go down in history as the best Christmas of my whole life. It's been puppy time, all the time ever since!

I hope you've enjoyed peeking through my year! Feel free to share your own 12 photos on your blogs too, I'd love to see them. HAPPY NEW YEAR! xo, elsie