Bike Love

Public bikes 1Public bikes 2Public bikes 3Public bikes 4Public bikes 5Public bikes 6We're feeling pretty lucky that we've had such a warm week here in Missouri! Biking around in January isn't normal for us. Any day now we will probably get snowed in, but we're gonna enjoy this while it lasts! The first year we started dating we had a picnic in January, so maybe it's a good time to revisit that idea? 

Outfit Details: Mrs. Larson- Dress from my upcoming Spring collection, Cardigan/Target, Boots/Hunter. Mr. Larson- Vest/Urban Outfitters, Scarf + Shoes/Old Navy, Jeans + Belt/J.Crew. Our bikes are c/o Public Bikes and our helmets are from there too (Thanks,Grandma!) ♥ 

  • I scrolled down so fast to see where you got your dress. Looks like I’m gonna have to go laptop to laptop with a thousand other girls who’ll want to buy it when you launch your spring collection! So cute! Love your bike, too. <3

  • a new bike is DEFINITELY on my 2012 wish list! you two are adorable on your matching bikes! love it 🙂

  • I love that your husband doesnt mind all of the ‘photo ops’! I pray that the Lord will send me a man like that one day! I cant put my camera down!!! HAHA

    Always a treat to Keep Up With The Larsons!


  • So cute!!!

    I can’t even begin to tell you how much I look up to Elsie Larson. She is totally my role model. I love everything she does. I always do my hair and make up just like her. She is so beautiful and talented. I remember one time in my all girl impact groups we went around and said if we could be one person in the world who would we be….I of course said Elsie Larson and all the girls looked at me like I was crazy! I am fur sur Elsie’s # 1 fan!!!!


  • You look radiant… thanks for the teaser for your spring collection!!! 😉 We’ll be here, excited and eager to see what you are up to!

  • did you get the 15 degree weather at the beginning of the week? We had a rough week but now the weekend is so gorgeous and chill.. I am so excited. Loving that color of your Hunters and paired with that striped dress even better 🙂


  • So excited about the Spring collection I’m determined to have a Red Velvet dress this year! Can’t wait for more previews!

  • I adore the boots, and that DRESS! I was so excited when I read the outfit details and saw that it will be in the spring collection. HOORAY! It’s darling.

  • I just bought a Public bike yesterday! I got the C7 in Salted Caramel. Can’t wait to pick it up on Thursday!

  • I love the rain boots! It’s been abnormally warm in Arkansas as well! I’m loving it and wishing this sixty degree weather would stick around til summer! Lovely! <3

  • I’m so glad you wear helmets! I know it’s stylish not to, but it’s even less stylish to get in a bicycling accident and be VERY hurt, so it’s great to see that you’re sending the right message!


  • LOVEE the color of your Hunter boots. I was considering getting red ones.. but after seeing yours, I might have to change my mind! 🙂

  • This is precious. I wish I could get my boyfriend to take a bike ride with me. He’s a photographer with balance that isn’t too great though.

    Beautiful pictures!

  • I’m loving that black and white stripe dress with the mustard cardigan! I need to try more out of the box combos like that.

  • Love, love, LOVE that dress! I’ll have to keep my eye out for that spring collection 🙂 Thanks a million for stopping by and commenting on my blog – I’m a long-time admirer of your blog and your shop and it really made my week! Enjoy the warm weather 🙂

  • Totally loving your outfit…so simple yet eyecatching. I have some red Hunter wellies but I am think yours are a fantastic colour!

    Esther xx

  • I could say a million things about this post but I think what got stuck on my mind was: you’re so pretty, Elsie! 🙂 seriously, I’m loving these photos, you’re gorgeous!

  • I know, it’s really mild here in the North of England as well! This time last year we were all snowed in and couldn’t get anywhere… global warming? I don’t know.

  • Can’t wait to see the next collection! I love wearing my flower shop dress from A/W. Thank you for the sneak peek. x

  • Aw, this is really lovely! There’s nothing better than enjoying a bicycle ride in the sun with your other half – I wish we had more sunny weather in the UK so that I could do it more often!
    You both look so happy, it’s a breath of fresh air having an insight into your lives!

    Katie x

  • elsie – you both look so sweet in these photos! i can’t wait to see the new collection (this dress is so simple but SO DREAMY)!

  • Love your hair color… not sure if it brings out your boots best or other way around! 🙂 great photos !

  • great bikes! my boyfriend and i love riding together. in fact, he built my bicycle as a birthday present a couple years ago. i also love seeing your helmets in this post! i feel like every time a blog that i like blogs about biking or bike fashion, there is never a helmet in sight. cycling safety is so important!

  • I did the same thing as Sarah, your second commenter! Can’t wait to see you spring collection! Congrats on your HGTV feature!

  • Just stumbled across this, LOVE your fotos, golly gosh think all my posts start this way on here!!

    Just got my very first bike, well since being away from home and grown up lol, its a Pashley Penny, not sure if you will have heard of them, there a British company, aaaanywho, cant wait to get out and about with my cam and take some bike/outfit pics….roll on Spring.

    This post is lovely and inspirational!

    Sal xxx

  • can you please tell me what colour your hair is in this picture?? It kinda look burgundy or mahogany but i cant tell Thanks!

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  • Hmm, I attempted to vote for #20, but the Share link did not cofrinm my vote, or take me to another page I did not see another option on which to click in order to submit my vote Perhaps I am doing something wrong? Great work Stacy <3 all of these images

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