Sister Style: Floral Love

Floral tights 1We love florals. Actually, that is an understatement. We L O V E florals. We'll buy anything with a pretty floral pattern from bed sheets to dresses to dishes and more! When Emma spied these matching floral tights she snatched them up and today we're showing you how we both wear florals. Enjoy….
Floral tights 2


Floral tights 3Emma likes to keep it simple so she paired her pretty tights with a beautiful blue dress and coat. I love her knotted belt… so cute! 

Emma's Wearing: Dress c/o dRa clothing, belt/J.Crew, tights/Charlotte Russe, Coat/ModCloth, shoes c/o Ruche and glasses c/o BonLook 

Floral tights 4


Floral tights 5I've never been a minimalist. I admire them, yes… but I am not one. Mixing patterns is one of my favorite games! I paired my floral tights with a fun vintage polka dot dress. Do you like mixing patterns? 

Elsie's Wearing: Dress/Vintage, Cardigan/Target, Belt/ASOS, Tights and sunnies/Charlotte Russe, Shoes c/o ModCloth

Welcome to a brand new week! Love, Elsie + Emma 

  • I have to admit, I usually like your outfits just a tinsy bit better than Emma’s, but today that is reversed! You both look adorable, but I am much more of a minimalist. Love the both tights though!

  • The floral tights are perfection! Who knew they’d look so cute with a polkadot dress of all things?!

    Such creative outfits. ♥

  • I agree with Allison, I’m a bit too nervous to mix such bold patterns but they look wonderful together! What a great way to bring some summer into your wardrobe without legs having to bare the cold quite yet!

  • Love both your looks. If I had to choose a favorite though, it would be the polka dots – your talent for mixing prints is amazing! I would normally be too scared to purchase tights like this but you have me wanting a pair…

  • I don’t have the guts to pull off floral stockings, but you girls are rocking it! I love the dRa dress that Emma’s got on too ((:

  • Floral tights so cute! I love both the outfits but Emmas is more my style. I’m still getting use to pattern mixing Not ready for it yet 😉 Great post!

  • I’ve had my eye on a pair of tights like those black ones for a while now — they are in the window of a downtown shop an I’m TOTALLY bringing them home!

  • oooh! love that black and white jacket on emma! actually the whole outfit is lovely! that dress looks way comfortable. the floral tights are a very unexpected burst, i like the contrast. i also like the robins egg color of elsie’s belt, and the dark sweater. yey! thanx for sharing, you are always inspiring! xopeaceox chella

  • You both look great, but Emma’s look is just swoonworthy! I’m love the soft pastels hiding behind that bold dark coat! Reminds me of how spring just hides under the blanket of winter, just ready to surprise us any minute!

  • I have that aqua ASOS belt – it looks adorable on you Elsie. I wish I had the gumption to mix patterns, but I tend to play it safe and pair a pattern with a solid. xx Melanie

  • You two look so lovely with those floral legs!
    Love both outfits. I’m more an minimalist, but your looks make me want to experiment with different prints! You both have a very unique style. Good job!

    Love, Sari

  • hey elsie!
    I just saw this picture of you on Facebook and though would be nice to show you 🙂

    no worries, it says in portuguese the importance of smiling so don’t take it as an offence or someone stole your picture, is more like a GOOD thing, someone took your picture to write a nice message 😀

    keep up the good work, for ages I follow your work and you inspire a lotttt of people out there in the whole world 😉


  • I totally <3 mixing patterns! Your sunglasses go really well with your hair & sweater, plus they definitely complement the shape of your face. Love seeing what you're up too. New devoted follower right here!

  • I’m with you on the mixing of patterns, and I looooove the polka dots with the floral pattern, so fun. The thing I love about mixing patterns it that I feel like I’m making Art with my clothes, and it makes me smile…like it’s quite funny to me, or just very fun 🙂

  • I love florals… I make sure that I wear something florally everyday. If you check out my blog, you can see that today it is nothing but florals! I love flowers, but I would never grow them, afterall seems pointless to fill my garden with stuff I can’t eat… talk about returns and all that!

  • Oh Elsie and Emma! I tried being a minimalist, then I found your blog and that went out the window like a breeze! 🙂

  • I LOVE floral patterns! I love them on everything, but especially on my clothes. So I was really excited, that I bought floral thights myself just a week ago.
    I like mixing patterns but I kind of prefer to let the thights be the highlight of my outfit and plan my dress and accesoires around it 😀

  • I LOVE mixing patterns! I feel some more then others has a gift when mixing prints, one being my pal Karen over at Misha LuLu. Her eye for mixing prints leaves me scratching my head saying “how does she do that?”. It’s always fun experimenting, you do a great job of that!

  • I love these pics, so lovely!!! One of my fave things is to mix prints, i a well known for it around these parts, that and my crazy coloured tights!! I love this post so much, i wish more people would mix it up, it makes me so happy when i see you both dressed that way (sad i know!!) And it makes me happy to dress brightly and cheerfully and i do it for that (lol) but also as i hope it brightens other peoples days.

    My top tips with prints would be, to go for a smaller print and a larger print when you mix, to try and have some colour similarities too, and lastly, its nice if you have one thing plain to pull it altogether (and make you not look too mish mash).

    Ah love your blog so much!!!

    Sal xxx

  • I LOVE florals as well! Those tights are great 🙂

    Always nice to see how other people combine this, thanks for sharing!

  • LOVE these tights!! Especially the navy ones, I think. (: Thanks for sharing something fun & new…which now I must try!! xo sj

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  • hubba hubba!! sexy ’70s mama! LOVE that floral print. You look ever so dehugltfil The one dress I can toss on and feel like a prettier version of me is a cotton maxi dress in soft shades of pinks & greens. Makes me feel girly & it’s so comfy! ah, dresses, they make a girl feel … girly & sweet.

  • Hi Brooke my Daughter and I came to your concert at the civic! IT WAS AWESOME thank you so much . Me and my girl made it into a girls weekned road trip and I did not tell her about concert till 7.50pm on the night of concert!! she was sooooo happy could not believe it!! Got her reaction on video!!! Brooke you were amazing and we both thank you for such a blessed evening, a night that me and my girl will never forget!! of course we had to listen to your wonderful new cd all the way home to Kerikeri!! thank you for taking the time out to sign stuff!!! after show . Big hugs from Mum and lela!!!!

  • Hi Brooke,I love flags, i have all your albums and play lots of the songs on the guaitr and piano and i sing them! Your one of my favourite female artist!!! I LOVED this show in Auckland and it was my second one of your amazing shows! I couldn’t believe a actually met you!!Love you Brooke:)Avyaxxxxx

  • i like the first way best, it’s like a scandalous peak at your hibopne! seems perfect for a slouchy summer night. you are wearing your hair down more lately! did you get your bangs re-cut? are you going to keep growing it out? am still still stillllll… growing mine out. egh. i think i am growing out my bangs so they disappear, and then re-layering my hair again to be wispy. i’m on a clothes-buying freeze right now. i spent too much in Hong Kong (BUT FOR GOOD REASON, YOU WOULD HAVE LOVED THE SALES!!! I.T. and Lane Crawford and they were doing this amaaaaaazing promotion with all these designers that they would NEVER do in new york i.e. 50% off your purchase at isabel marant, junya watanabe, comme des garcon, tsumori chisato, a.p.c., lowercase i.t., margiela, etcetc all these wonderful magical was great.anyway, hope you had a good christmas/new years, camille! au revoir

  • This show was absolutely amnziag. Your music truly just keeps getting better and better! Such an awesome, buzzy environment on the night. Thanks so much for being an awesome light. Make sure you come back to lil old Auckland real soon!

  • Nathan sung Sailboats in front of his singing class last night! So stoekd he pulled it off, he’s been practicing for ages. Cant wait for the Villa Maria show so he can sing it with you Brooke, see you soon (keep an eye out for the banner). (O.O)

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  • I have been with my boyfriend for the past 6 years and we have lived totheegr for 4 of those years. People tell us all the time how they think it’s really cool that we still act like we just started dating and how it’s awesome that we are so crazy about each other, and they tell us all the time how they want a marriage like ours!! (but we’re not married..) I am at the point in our relationship where all I can think about is either moving forward (getting married) or moving on. We talk about everything, including getting married. We have friends that are already married and have received their take on the whole marriage thing. I found all the comments on the show this morning really interesting as I have heard everything that people have to say about it some good, some great, some awful but it always comes back to Marriage is what you make it, it isn’t hard, but it isn’t easy either. So after all of it, I want to know what exactly is so terrible about getting/being married?